Presidential Proclamations

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Date Title
1988-12-05 Youth 2000 Week (Reagan)
1988-12-08 National Burn Awareness (Reagan)
1988-12-23 Martin Luther King Jr Day (Reagan)
1988-12-23 National Commissioned Corps of USPHS Centennial Day (Reagan)
1989-01-06 National Skiing Day (Reagan)
1989-01-06 National Tourism Day (Reagan)
1989-01-18 National Day of Excellence (Reagan)
1989-01-20 National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving
1989-01-21 America Loves Its Kids Month (Reagan)
1989-03-08 Federal Employees Recognition Week
1989-03-17 National Day of Prayer
1989-03-24 Actors' Fund of America Appreciation Month
1989-03-25 Greek Independence Day
1989-04-06 Cancer Control Month
1989-04-06 National Consumers Week
1989-04-07 National POW-MIA Recognition Day
1989-04-10 National Volunteer Week
1989-04-12 Crime Victims Week
1989-04-13 Pan American Day and Week
1989-04-19 National Recycling Month
1989-04-21 Law Day USA
1989-04-28 Bicentennial Celebration of George Washington Inaugural
1989-04-28 Loyalty Day
1989-04-28 National Arbor Day
1989-04-28 National Drinking Water Week
1989-04-28 National Sons of the American Revolution Centennial Day
1989-05-02 Fire Prevention Week
1989-05-02 National Maritime Day
1989-05-05 World Trade Week
1989-05-08 Asian Pacific American Heritage Week
1989-05-10 Mother's Day
1989-05-11 Jewish Heritage Week
1989-05-12 National Farm Safety Week
1989-05-16 National Defense Transportation Day and Week
1989-05-17 Armed Forces Day
1989-05-17 High School ROTC Recognition Day
1989-05-22 National Digestive Disease Awareness Month
1989-05-22 Prayer for Peace Memorial Day
1989-05-24 National Day of Remembrance for Victims of USS Iowa
1989-05-24 National Safe Boating Week
1989-06-07 Flag Day and National Flag Week
1989-06-09 Father's Day
1989-06-14 Baltic Freedom Day
1989-06-15 National Grasslands Week
1989-06-16 National Scleroderma Awareness Week
1989-06-19 National Lighthouse Day
1989-06-23 US Coast Guard Auxiliary Day
1989-06-30 National Literacy Day
1989-07-06 Captive Nations Week
1989-07-07 Bastille Day
1989-07-20 Space Exploration Day
1989-07-26 Lyme Disease Awareness Week
1989-07-28 National POW-MIA Recognition Day
1989-08-07 National Neighborhood Crime Watch Day
1989-08-11 Helsinki Human Rights Day
1989-08-14 National Library Card Sign-up Month
1989-08-14 National Senior Citizens Day
1989-08-14 National Wilderness Week
1989-08-15 National Drive for Life Weekend
1989-08-15 Women's Equality Day
1989-08-29 WWII Remembrance Week
1989-09-05 National Check Up Week
1989-09-05 Uncle Sam Day
1989-09-12 National Alcohol and Drug Treatment Month
1989-09-12 US Coast Guard Bicentennial
1989-09-13 National DARE Day
1989-09-13 National Historically Black Colleges Week
1989-09-14 National Hispanic Heritage Month
1989-09-15 Citizenship Day and Constitution Week
1989-09-21 Emergency Medical Services Week
1989-09-21 General Pulaski Memorial Day
1989-09-21 US Marshals Bicentennial Day
1989-09-22 Gold Star Mothers Day
1989-09-27 Religious Freedom Week
1989-09-29 Child Health Day
1989-09-29 Mental Illness Awareness Week
1989-09-29 National Quality Month
1989-10-02 Minority Enterprise Development Week
1989-10-03 National Health Care Food Service Week
1989-10-04 Raoul Wallenberg Day
1989-10-05 German-American Day
1989-10-05 National Childrens Day
1989-10-05 Veterans Day
1989-10-06 Columbus Day
1989-10-06 Leif Erikson Day
1989-10-10 National School Lunch Week
1989-10-11 National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
1989-10-11 National Job Skills Week
1989-10-13 National Disability Employment Awareness Month
1989-10-13 White Cane Safety Day
1989-10-16 World Food Day
1989-10-18 National Awareness Week for Children with Cancer
1989-10-19 National Forest Products Week
1989-10-19 United Nations Day
1989-10-24 National Red Ribbon Week
1989-10-25 Country Music Month
1989-10-25 National Arab-American Day
1989-10-27 Fire Safety at Home Day
1989-11-01 Gaucher's Disease Awareness Week
1989-11-07 National Glaucoma Awareness Week
1989-11-08 Montana Centennial Day
1989-11-09 National Women Veterans Recognition Week
1989-11-09 Washington Centennial Day
1989-11-14 American Education Week
1989-11-15 National Farm City Week
1989-11-15 National Philanthropy Day
1989-11-16 Hunger Education Month
1989-11-17 Thanksgiving Day
1989-11-20 National Military Families Recognition Day
1989-11-21 National Family Week
1989-11-22 National Family Caregivers Week
1989-11-27 National Alzheimer's Disease Week
1989-12-05 National American Indian Heritage Week
1989-12-05 National Cities Fight Back Against Drugs Week
1989-12-14 Wright Brothers' Day
1990-01-03 Earth Day-2nd Page Only
1990-01-03 National Law Enforcement Training Week
1990-01-16 National Poison Prevention Week
1990-02-08 National Burn Awareness Week
1990-02-08 National Women and Girls in Sports Day
1990-02-12 Vocational-Technical Education Week
1990-02-13 American Heart Month
1990-02-16 258th Anniversary of the Birth of George Washington
1990-02-16 National Visiting Nurse Associations Week
1990-02-21 Save Your Vision Week
1990-02-27 National Quarter Horse Week
1990-02-28 Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act
1990-03-06 National Day of Prayer
1990-03-09 Harriet Tubman Day
1990-03-13 Deaf Awareness Week
1990-03-20 Greek Independence Day
1990-03-20 National Agriculture Day
1990-03-30 US Naval Reserve Month
1990-04-06 National Former POWs Recognition Day
1990-04-06 Pan American Day and Pan American Week
1990-04-10 Cancer Control Month
1990-04-10 National Farm Safety Week
1990-05-02 Be Kind to Animals and National Pet Week
1990-05-03 National Drinking Water Week
1990-05-03 National Tourism Week