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Public Papers

Appointment of John Charles Gartland as a Member of the National Commission for Employment Policy


The President today appointed John Charles Gartland to be a member of the National Commission for Employment Policy for a term expiring September 30, 1992. This is a reappointment. Mr. Gartland will continue serving as Chairman of the Commission.

Since 1979, Mr. Gartland has served as director of Washington affairs for Amway Corp. in Washington, DC. Prior to this, he served as chairman of the Foundation for the Study of Presidential and Congressional Terms, since renamed the Jefferson Foundation, 1977 - 1979; congressional administrative assistant at the Department of the Treasury, 1977; Executive Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury at the Department of the Treasury, 1974 - 1976; and Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Administration, 1973 - 1974. In addition, he has served as a Staff Assistant to the President on the Domestic Council and in the Presidential Advance Office, 1971 - 1973; special assistant to the Deputy Postmaster General at the Post Office Department, 1970 - 1971; and special assistant to the Assistant Postmaster General for Finance and Administration at the Post Office Department.

Mr. Gartland graduated from Villanova University (B.S., 1963), and he received his master's from George Washington University. He was born February 3, 1940, in Cleveland, OH. Mr. Gartland served in the U.S. Navy for 4/2\ years. He is married, has six children, and resides in Potomac, MD.