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Memorandum on Administrative Dismissal of Federal Employees Affected by Hurricane Hugo


Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies

Subject: Administrative Dismissal of Employees Affected by Hurricane Hugo

We have all been deeply moved by the terrible losses so many of our fellow Americans have suffered due to the ravages of Hurricane Hugo.

As a part of our national effort to recover from the effects of this storm, I request heads of executive departments and agencies who have Federal civilian employees in the geographic areas designated disaster areas because of the damage caused by Hurricane Hugo to consider their agency and OPM regulations and where appropriate excuse from duty, without charge to leave or loss of pay, any such employee who can be spared from duty and who is faced with a personal emergency because of the storm. Such excusal from duty should also apply for any employee who is needed for emergency law enforcement, relief, or clean-up efforts authorized by State or local officials having jurisdiction.

George Bush