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Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater on Ronald Reagan's Riding Accident


Following is a statement by Mark Weinberg, press secretary to former President Reagan, issued this afternoon in Los Angeles:

``President Reagan was examined at Bliss Medical Center in Sierra Vista, Arizona, today following a minor riding accident at a private ranch in Mexico. The horse President Reagan was riding bucked wildly several times on a rocky downhill slope and eventually stumbled. X rays taken today revealed no serious injuries, and physicians who examined President Reagan report he is in excellent condition. President Reagan is comfortable and in good spirits and joked that the incident was `my own private rodeo.' At Bliss Medical Center, Mrs. Reagan was visited by June Scobee, wife of Challenger pilot Dick Scobee, who came by to wish the Reagans well and to tell Mrs. Reagan how much she appreciated her support and special kindness at the time of the Challenger accident. President Reagan will return to the ranch today, where he will celebrate Mrs. Reagan's birthday, Thursday, before returning to Los Angeles at the end of the week.''

President Bush was notified of President Reagan's riding accident earlier this afternoon by the Secret Service before he left for afternoon boating. The information was sketchy at that time, but President Bush was assured that President Reagan had received only minor injuries. President Bush is obviously relieved that President Reagan's injuries are minor and that current plans are for President Reagan to be released from the hospital today. President Bush will call President Reagan at the appropriate time. President Bush remains boating at this time, 6:15 p.m., but is expected to return soon to Walker's Point. Mrs. Bush has also been informed of the incident.