Public Papers

Remarks on Arrival in Lansing, Michigan


Thank you, Marti. Listen, this is a big moment. And Marti, thank you for those glowing words. I am pleased to receive the endorsement not only of two key members of the Perot campaign, Marti Plender and Jim Jenkins, but so many other Perot people.

All along in this campaign we've shared a common concern to take immediate action to get our economy moving again. And now we share something else: We agree that my plan is the best plan to jump-start the economy and to create jobs.

We agree, as Ross Perot's national coordinator, Orson Swindle, said this weekend, that a vote for Bill Clinton is a vote for disaster. Bill Clinton will not be able to control this spendthrift Congress. We've got the agenda, and we've got the ideas that will turn this economy around and get the deficit under control. And we can do it without giving Government more of your money to spend. Hold the line on taxes!

You know, some in the media will tell you the election's almost over, but the American people have a very different opinion. And this endorsement, coming at this critical moment, shows we are moving in the right direction, gathering strength, and we are winning the battle of ideas that will take us to victory on November 3d.

Thank you all very much. Thank you for coming out here today.

Note: The President spoke at 2:32 p.m. at the Capital City Airport. In his remarks, he referred to Marti Plender and Jim Jenkins, former key organizers for Ross Perot in the Grand Rapids and Detroit areas.