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White House Statement on Proposed Disaster Relief Legislation


Today the President submitted to the Congress emergency supplemental requests to cover the incremental costs arising from the consequences of Hurricane Andrew and Typhoon Omar. The requests are for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Small Business Administration (SBA), and most of the Cabinet Departments. The requested funds represent a Federal financial response to address the effects of Hurricane Andrew and Typhoon Omar of over .6 billion in budgetary resources.

The requests for emergency and related supplemental appropriations for FY 1992 total ,911.6 million in budget authority and would support additional loan activity of over billion. These funds will be used for a comprehensive range of disaster-related activities including direct assistance to individuals, infrastructure repair, human services, and law enforcement. The additional availability of loans will assist in building and rebuilding homes, facilitate economic recovery through small business loans, and help farmers who have suffered the loss of structures and crops.

In addition to direct emergency and related appropriations, contingent funds of 3 million for FEMA and million in budget authority for SBA (which would support an additional 0 million of new loans) are requested to replenish the depleted contingency funds of these Agencies. Establishment of a disaster-related contingency fund within Funds Appropriated to the President is also requested for 0 million in unanticipated disaster-related needs. These contingent appropriations would become available upon the President's transmittal of subsequent budget requests to the Congress designating each such request as an emergency requirement.

In addition to these emergency funding requirements, 3.9 million in nonemergency funding is requested for the Department of Defense. Of this amount, 5.6 million will be used for replacement of facilities and equipment, cleanup activities, and military personnel support costs stemming from Typhoon Omar in Guam; 7.7 million will be used for similar costs stemming from Hurricane Andrew; and 0.6 million will be used to rebuild the facilities destroyed at Homestead Air Force Base.

The President requested that the legislation in which these funds are provided be kept free of extraneous matters ``in order that there may be a minimum of delay in providing necessary funds to the disaster areas.''

The President has designated all of the requests, other than the three contingency requests and the request for appropriations to the Department of Defense, as emergency requirements pursuant to the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985, as amended.

The details of these requests are described in an attachment.

Note: Detailed descriptions of Agencies' specific programs and budget requests were attached to the statement.