Public Papers

Remarks on Arrival in Greenville, South Carolina


Thank you all very, very much. What a great welcome back to this wonderful State.

Listen, I am so proud that the First Lady of South Carolina is with us, our old friend Iris Campbell. You've got a great Governor, and you've got a great First Lady. And they represent this State with honor and dignity.

Let me also say, one of the things we've got to do, and I'm glad to see these Inglis signs are, we have got to clean House. We have got to get rid of the gridlocked Congress. So elect this good man standing here to the United States House of Representatives. It is time to clean House and change in Washington. Good idea.

Well, let me just tell you, as I look around all 50 States I see South Carolina out there in the lead for jobs and for bringing new investment into this great State. I was so proud to stand with Carroll Campbell over there in Germany to get that announcement of a major new plant coming to South Carolina because those Germans have the same respect I do for the workers in the State of South Carolina. They know that by coming here we can produce the best products in the world, and this is going to save this country of ours, move it right into the future. We are going to be able to export more and create more jobs in the United States of America by the free and open trade policies that I support and that Carroll Campbell supports.

I also want to say something about the tragedy to the south, because when Barbara and I were down there in Homestead, Florida, we saw these hats; people that had been helped here in South Carolina during Hurricane Hugo now reaching out, opening their arms to help others down in Florida. It was a wonderful thing. Your State was helped, and now you are helping the victims of the hurricane down there, Hurricane Andrew. I salute the people of South Carolina and North Carolina who were doing this. It is the best of America: one American reaching out to help another.

Let me just say, we're going to move on now over to the Apple Festival in North Carolina, but I want to say this: I am ready for the fight. We are going to take this battle for a better America to the American people. We are going to win the battle for school choice. It's important that parents can choose where their kids go to school. We are going to win the battle to back up our law enforcement officers and have a little more respect for the victims of crime and a little less for the criminals. We need your help in the Congress for that one. I need Bob up there on that.

We have already helped, thanks to the men and women of South Carolina. I don't think any State did more than South Carolina in Desert Storm. I was proud of each and every one of those people that served.

Having set back aggression there, now we're going to extend our exports, take advantage of this more peaceful world and bring more prosperity to the workers in the United States of America.

So thank you all very much for this wonderful turnout. Thanks for your belief, confidence in the United States. You know, one of the biggest differences I have with Governor Clinton: he talks about America being in decline; I talk about America on the rise, competent, able to solve the problems.

So thank you for this warm welcome back. We will clean out the Democrats, and we will clean out the House. We will leave Governor Clinton in Arkansas, letting him -- struggling with the worst environmental record in the world.

Thank you all very, very much. Thank you very much for the welcome back.

Note: The President spoke at 12:50 p.m. at the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport. In his remarks, he referred to Republican congressional candidate Bob Inglis.