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White House Statement on Additional Disaster Relief for Florida


The President today announced that he has amended his August 24, 1992, declaration of a major disaster in the State of Florida to waive State and local cost sharing requirements, where permitted to do so by law, and to allow reimbursement of 100 percent of eligible public assistance costs exceeding per capita.

This additional relief provided by the President is consistent with a request made by Gov. Lawton Chiles. It was taken in response to the unprecedented damage and destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew. By waiving customary State and local cost sharing requirements, the President can provide maximum Federal assistance to the people of Florida whose lives have been so severely disrupted by this disaster.

This waiver applies to all authorized public assistance. It will provide additional help to the State in its efforts to remove debris from the disaster areas, eliminate immediate threats to public health and safety, and carry out emergency work to save lives. Assistance for temporary housing, crisis counseling, and disaster unemployment will continue to be 100 percent federally funded where allowed under the law.

Note: The amended disaster declaration was attached to this release.