Public Papers

Statement on Publication of Rules Allowing Parental Choice in Child Care


Today we are publishing rules that will allow parents to choose the kind of child care they believe is best for their children. Under these rules, parents receiving child care and development block grant funds will be able to decide what kind of child care their children receive, including care provided by relatives, neighbors, or church-based centers.

New grant programs now provide over .1 billion a year in vouchers and child care assistance that did not exist when I took office. Just as importantly, the child care legislation I initiated has expanded the earned income tax credit so that low-income working families receiving that help can decide how best to care for their children. Providing tax relief for low-income families who work is the best way to help these families end the cycle of poverty. Over the 5-year phase-in of the earned income tax credit expansion, low-income families will receive an additional billion in refundable tax credits.

These rules reflect my commitment that we should trust parents to make the best decisions for their children.