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Nomination of Lou E. Dantzler To Be a Member of the National Commission on America's Urban Families


The President today appointed Lou E. Dantzler, of California, to be a member of the National Commission on America's Urban Families. This is a new position.

Currently Mr. Dantzler serves as executive director of the Challengers Boys and Girls Club in south central Los Angeles. He founded the Challengers Club in 1968 in the aftermath of the Watts riots. The club provides activities, including arts and crafts, sports, health instruction, and field trips to nearly 2,200 members, ages 6 through 17. The success of the Challengers is due in large part to a commitment to strong families and parental involvement. On May 8, 1992, President Bush recognized the Challengers Club as the 766th Daily Point of Light. Mr. Dantzler has received numerous awards for his dedicated work with children, including an NAACP Image Award in 1990, and he was the recipient of the 1991 L.A. Sentinel Outstanding Organization of the Year.

Mr. Dantzler served in the Air Force from 1956 to 1960. He is married, has two children, and resides in Los Angeles, CA.