Public Papers

Statement on the Balanced Budget Amendment


This morning, I met with Members of the House of Representatives, Republicans and Democrats, who earlier this month voted in favor of a balanced budget constitutional amendment. I thanked them for the courage, vision, and responsibility they displayed supporting the balanced budget constitutional amendment. Their votes demonstrated their willingness to stand up to the special interests who perpetuate the status quo of deficit spending. Their votes show they take seriously the intolerable legacy of debt that future generations will inherit if we do not take prompt action to control Federal spending.

The American people overwhelmingly support a balanced budget constitutional amendment. On June 10, we came within just nine votes of achieving the two-thirds majority needed to pass the amendment in the House of Representatives. We came very close to accomplishing our goal. At a minimum, we created an atmosphere in which the Federal Government is watching more carefully how it spends taxpayers' money.

Now we must act to lay the groundwork for the future. I can and will take the compelling case for a balanced budget constitutional amendment to the American people. I seek a permanent partnership for fiscal responsibility that bears no party label. I plan to work closely with Members of Congress from both parties who support the amendment to find the nine missing votes and then raise the issue again. In every way possible, we will press our fight to restrain Federal spending once and for all.