Public Papers

Statement on the Balanced Budget Amendment


Today's vote in the House shows that we are close to realizing a goal that the overwhelming majority of Americans support, adoption of a balanced budget constitutional amendment. The Democratic leadership's proposal was soundly defeated, and our bipartisan amendment came within just nine votes of getting the two-thirds needed to pass.

A balanced budget amendment is absolutely essential to the economic health of America. We cannot continue to burden our children and grandchildren with crippling Federal deficits.

I thank the 280 Members of the House, Republican and Democrat, who stood up to the special interests and voted for America's future. To the 153 Members who voted against balancing the Federal budget, I say this: The will of the American people could not be clearer. We must adopt a balanced budget amendment.

We are within striking distance of winning this fight. I will be discussing with key bipartisan supporters bringing the balanced budget amendment up again as soon as possible and finding those few extra votes needed to pass it.