Public Papers

Statement on the Conclusion of the Presidential Primary Season


When the votes are counted tonight, millions of American voters will have participated in primaries, caucuses, and conventions from New Hampshire to California. This is a uniquely important election year for our country, and I commend every American, Republican, Democrat, or independent, who has made their voice heard by attending a caucus, casting a ballot, or signing a petition.

As November approaches, I believe there will be two questions foremost in the minds of American voters: Who has the best ideas for America? Who do you trust to lead this country? With an unbroken string of primary victories behind us, I will continue to present my credentials and ideas to the American people.

To our supporters, Barbara and I say thank you for your confidence and trust. Tonight we extend a hand to every Republican. To all Americans who share our values and commitment to building a better America, we invite you to join us. Together this November, we can break the Washington lawmaking gridlock and set a new course for the next American century.