Public Papers

Statement on the Verdict in the Los Angeles Police Trial


Yesterday's verdict in the Los Angeles police case has left us all with a deep sense of personal frustration and anguish. Yet it is important that we respect the law and the legal processes that have been brought to bear in this case. Today Los Angeles faces the aftermath of a terrible night of violence in which several people have lost their lives. Yet out of this rage we must find tolerance for each other and adherence to the rule of law that protects the lives and property of everyone. I call upon all citizens to be calm and to abide by the law as the legal process in this case continues. The civil rights of all Americans demand this respect.

I am meeting this morning with the Attorney General of the United States to consider this matter. We will work with Governor Wilson, Mayor Bradley, and others to ensure that all appropriate steps will be taken to maintain law and order and to ensure that the legal process proceeds with due deliberation.