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Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater on the President's Meeting With Prime Minister Jan Olszewski of Poland


The President met for approximately 45 minutes this afternoon with Prime Minister Jan Olszewski of Poland, who is in the United States on a private visit. The President reaffirmed his strong support for the pioneering transformation to democracy and a free market economy in Poland, whose success is all the more important in light of the revolutionary changes farther East.

The two leaders discussed economic and political developments in Poland as well as the larger European security situation. Prime Minister Olszewski outlined his government's economic policies and its commitment to working with the IMF on an agreed reform program. He thanked the President for U.S. support and discussed ways the U.S. could be helpful during the present difficult economic situation in Poland, particularly through encouraging greater trade and investment.

In that context, the Prime Minister welcomed the President's offer, made in a recent letter to President Walesa, to send a mission of U.S. business leaders to Poland with the aim of facilitating some of the many U.S. private investment projects now under negotiation. The President has asked former Deputy Secretary of State John Whitehead to lead the mission and to select a long-term U.S. adviser who would remain in Warsaw to follow up on the mission's recommendations and assist U.S. enterprises in their efforts to find joint venture partners and other investment opportunities.