Public Papers

Statement on Wisconsin Welfare Reform


Last week in Philadelphia, I called for sweeping reform of how Government works. Nowhere is this need more apparent than in our Nation's welfare system. Our current system allows welfare to be a way of life. We must try new ways to get welfare to yield to work.

In our Federal system, States often act as laboratories for innovation. Welfare reform is an example. I am renewing my call to States to come forward with reforms which, like Wisconsin's, replace the assumptions of our current welfare system. We need to explore new incentives for welfare recipients to work and act responsibly in the best interest of their families. That is what underlies Wisconsin's ``Parental and Family Responsibility Project.''

I am committed to facilitating welfare reform by accelerating the approval process for every State with a worthy proposal that asks our help. Today, I am pleased to make good on my promise. Wisconsin's ``Parental and Family Responsibility Project'' has been approved 4 weeks after it was submitted.

Wisconsin is at the forefront of the welfare reform movement. Governor Tommy Thompson is a leader in the process of reform that will make welfare work.