Public Papers

Statement on the Illinois and Michigan Presidential Primary Victories


Tonight the people of Illinois and Michigan have added their voices to the Nation's call for congressional action on our plan to get this economy moving. The March 20th deadline is Friday. To the Democrats on Capitol Hill, I say it again: Pass my plan to get the economy growing and Americans working. Do something good for the American people.

We must reinvent our schools, transform welfare and health care. We need housing that is affordable and plentiful. We need safer neighborhoods and job security. We need to compete internationally for world markets.

The voters of Michigan and Illinois have endorsed my approach to change in America. They have pushed the delegate count to a level where my nomination is virtually assured. As the nominee of the Republican Party, I will seek the support of everyone who believes that we can change America as we changed the world.

Barbara and I thank the voters of Michigan and Illinois for placing their confidence in me. We appreciate the hard work of Governor Edgar in Illinois and Governor Engler in Michigan in making this win possible.