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Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater on the Results of the President's Physical Examination


President Bush today completed a routine physical examination at Bethesda Naval Hospital and is in excellent health. The President's examination lasted approximately 3 hours. The physical was under the direction of Dr. Burton Lee, the President's personal physician.

``President Bush is in extremely sound physical condition,'' Dr. Lee said. ``He keeps fit through a number of physical activities, which we recommend he continue on a regular basis. Today's examination shows him to be in excellent health. He has no significant symptoms related to any of his organ systems.''

In general, the results of the tests are as follows: chest x ray, normal; x rays of hips show mild degenerative osteoarthritis, which has been present for several years; eye and ear examinations, unchanged; electrocardiogram (EKG), normal; urinalysis shows no abnormalities; blood samples all appear normal; allergy tests showed excellent protective antibody levels; and dermatology examination showed no significant problem or change.

A sebaceous cyst on the third finger of his right hand was drained. The President is wearing a Band-Aid on the finger, which he can remove within the next few hours. This cyst has been present for many years and does not present a medical problem.

Assisting Dr. Lee from the physician staff of Bethesda Naval Hospital were Capt. Ralph Sawyer, ophthalmologist; Capt. Kevin O'Connell, urologist; Capt. Harry Parlette, dermatologist; and Capt.'s Cheryl Rosenblatt and William Ebbeling, allergists.