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Public Papers

Statement on the New Hampshire Presidential Primary Victory


I am delighted tonight to have won the New Hampshire primary.

Mindful of New Hampshire's proud history in selecting Presidents, I am indebted to all those in the State who voted for me, and my special thanks go to our able campaign leaders and to the volunteers who worked so hard.

This election was far closer than many had predicted. I think the opponents on both sides reaped the harvest of discontent with the pace of New Hampshire's economy. I understand the message of dissatisfaction. My most immediate task has been to get Congress to enact some very sensible, sound proposals that will help get this Nation's economy going forward.

The message of tonight is that Americans are concerned about the future. I have the right answers, and I will take my case to the voters in the next 8/2\ months. The goal of my campaign is to win reelection in November. I will campaign vigorously in those States whose primaries lie ahead. I am confident of winning our party's nomination and the election.

I want to thank the voters of New Hampshire, as well as Governor Gregg, Senators Rudman and Smith, Congressman Zeliff, Hugh Gregg, Gordon Humphrey, and the rest of my leadership team.

Once again, I am pleased to have finished first in New Hampshire. Now, on to the South.