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Remarks at the Bush-Quayle Campaign Welcome in Derry, New Hampshire


The President. It is great to be here. Thank you all very much. And Governor, first may I thank Governor Gregg and Kathy for their leadership and terrific support. I'm just delighted to have him as the head of this campaign in New Hampshire. We're very, very lucky. And may I salute Governor Jock McKernan of Maine and his marvelous wife, Congresswoman Olympia Snowe, who are with us tonight. He's doing a great job for that State. And then from Massachusetts, our new and great Governor, Bill Weld, and Paul Cellucci, first-class job as Lieutenant Governor.

And of course, the man so well-known not just for his leadership in New Hampshire but for his leadership, sound, sensible leadership in Washington, Warren Rudman. I'm just delighted to be at his side. And may I salute Congressman Bill Zeliff and thank him for his support. And also, Mayor Dowd, the mayor of this wonderful town, he and his wife doing a superb job in the political leadership. And you met the visiting friends, those Congressmen that were with me, Congressmen Regula and Hobson and Dick Shulze from Pennsylvania. They've had to move on.

But now, first of all, thanks to the parents, the students, and the staff of Pinkerton Academy for opening the gym for tonight's event. And thanks to the Shaw Brothers for sending a little music our way. And of course, my thanks to Arnold, Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know, he and I have been out on the campaign trail before several years ago, now again today. But he's working on a new film about Congress; he calls it ``The Procrastinator.'' [Laughter] You know, I might just take a tip from ``Kindergarten Cop.'' When Congress doesn't behave, take away their recess, and let's get something done for the country.

But thanks to all of you here for coming from four corners of the State of New Hampshire to Derry on this Saturday night. And we've come here for one reason: Together we are going to win an election on Tuesday.

Audience members. Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

The President. And in about 9 months from now, with your help, we're going to win an election in November. Make no mistake about that.

We've got much to be proud of and many challenges still ahead of us. But the remarkable changes of these last 3 years have shown without a doubt the United States of America is the undisputed leader of the world. And from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the last gasp of imperial communism, from the four decades of the cold war to the 40 days of Desert Storm, America has led the way. And America has changed the world.

And now the change and the challenge, as it has before, it's come home. And time after time, we've lifted ourselves up. And time after time, we've asked more of ourselves, more of each other. And each time, America met the challenge. And this time, America will do it again.

Next Tuesday, New Hampshire makes its choice. You take part in this State's proud tradition as first in the Nation. And you know this is serious business. You understand the importance of your vote. You go to the polls not to send a signal, not to register a protest; you go to the polls to elect the President of the United States of America.

The first order of business in our country and in this election is the economy. And count on this: We are getting this economy moving again, and we will get New Hampshire back on the road to recovery. Three weeks ago I laid out a two-part plan to New Hampshire and to the Nation: a short-term to jump start our economy, long-term to keep us competitive and strong into the next century. And I want, and the country needs, both parts of this program enacted by the Congress this year. It is just that important.

My plan boosts investment, and it gives incentives to businesses to buy equipment and upgrade their plants and hire more workers. And it helps restore the value of real estate, gets the housing market going again, gives a ,000 tax credit to first-time homebuyers. And our plan takes an ax to 246 Government programs because Government is too big and it spends too much. And I need Congress to pass it.

The Democrats have a different idea, as you saw coming out of the Ways and Means Committee the other day. But there's one thing my plan doesn't do: It won't raise taxes on the American families who are overtaxed as it is.

And you know what I think, my plan is just what the economy ordered. When it comes down to me and the other candidates, from the left or from the right, here's the only difference that counts: I have a plan, and they don't have a clue.

Everyone knows we've got to work fast -- --

Audience members. Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

The President. Everyone knows we've got to work fast to get the economy on its feet, but some are pushing protectionism, escape from economic reality. And they say they're going to play defense, they're going to fight back. Sounds tough, until you think about it. It's not the schoolyard bully; it's the boy who wants to take his ball and go home and get off the playing field. America is not that kind of country. And our national symbol is not the ostrich; it's the eagle.

Never in this Nation's history, never in this Nation's long history has America turned its back on a challenge. To succeed economically at home, you've got to lead economically abroad. You see, I believe in the American worker. We'll go head to head with anyone. The American worker can outthink, outproduce, outperform the competition anywhere, anytime.

Audience members. Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

The President. These are the things that Tuesday is about, the course we set for our country and the future we build for our kids -- --

[At this point, AIDS activists interrupted the President's remarks.]

May I just make a comment because these people, understandably, are concerned about AIDS. But unfortunately, because of their tactics, they sometimes hurt their own cause. But let me just give you a figure here. It's a very serious problem. When I came into office the first year, an increase, we spent .3 billion; this year, .9 billion. We are going to whip that disease. We're doing everything we can. And we're going to keep on until we succeed.

Sure, this is a tough race -- --

Audience members. We want Bush! We want Bush! We want Bush!

The President. Sure, this is a tough race, but I've been in tough races before. And yes, the stakes are high, not just for me but for you and our country as well. And I know the voters of New Hampshire. And you've been subjected to a lot of this negative campaigning that Senator Rudman talked about. You've seen the ads, the kind that only tear people down and, I believe, turn people off. Well, I am confident that you understand that this election isn't about who can trash another's candidacy in a 30-second spot.

New Hampshire voters have even been told some flat-out lies about the plan I sent to Congress. Here it is. Here's the bill I sent to the United States Congress immediately after the State of the Union. And in it are provisions for student loans deductions and, perhaps most importantly, tax relief for America's families with children. It's in this plan. It's before the Congress. And it's all right here. It gives me another opportunity to say to the Congress: Pass this plan; pass the whole plan. We need action by Congress.

Next Tuesday matters because you don't just choose a candidate, you choose a future. You set the course this country will follow for the next 5 years. And here's what I know about this country's future. No matter how tough times are now, America's best day always lies ahead. I believe that now. I believe it every day I live because that's the great glory of the United States of America.

And I felt it today from Nashua to New Boston. The people of New Hampshire, like citizens all across this country, are ready to move ahead, ready to move forward to meet a new American destiny. Everyone sees the need for change. Everyone feels the excitement. Everyone is impatient to begin. Everyone, that is, except the crowd that controls the Congress, the liberal Democrats who still control both Houses of the United States Congress.

So, you won't be surprised to hear what's happening to this action plan, the part to jump-start this economy. And here it is here, seven key points. The Democrats who control the Ways and Means Committee pulled a back-room stunt and tried to make this plan disappear. Thank goodness I kept a copy.

I'm a patient man. I know Congress can't pass my plan overnight, and that's why I gave them 52 days. And I know they say the deadline is arbitrary; they say the deadline is too early; they say the deadline is unfair. You know what I say? The deadline is March 20th, and the American people want action.

I cannot get this job done without your help. And so, Tuesday my request is this: Send this President, who's done his very best, who's turned this world around, who's working for economic recovery all across our country, send this President back to Washington for 4 more years.

Thank you, New Hampshire, for your trust and your support. And may God bless the United States of America. Thank you very much.

Note: The President spoke at 6:46 p.m. at Pinkerton Academy. A tape was not available for verification of the content of these remarks.