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Remarks at a Community Welcome in New Boston, New Hampshire


Thank you for that warm welcome to New Boston. I was talking to Darlene a minute ago, and we were reminiscing. And it does seem like old times. I've been here several times before. And let me just get right to the point. I came here to thank you, but I also came here to ask for your vote so I will be President of the United States for 4 more years.

Let me not only thank Darlene Goodin, our chairman here, who is doing a superb job day in and day out, but also Governor Gregg, the Governor of this State, who is my campaign leader; Governor Weld, next-door neighbor down in Massachusetts, a new Governor doing a superb job for that State where I was born, I'll tell you. And may I salute former Governor John Sununu, my friend with us here today, and also Senator Humphrey. He served with distinction in Washington, and now he's serving in the senate here. He believes in a government close to the people. I salute him; delighted to have this support.

And I heard a little bit of music, and I want to thank the principal of this school, Rick Matthews, I believe he's here with us today, for arranging all of this and also thank Dr. Jamrog and the fifth and sixth graders who did that marvelous work with the band back there. Thank you all.

I want to talk to you briefly about the economy. But before that I want to know if Jeremy Forest is here. Jeremy, where are you? Right over there; right here in the front row. Now, you guys can't see him in the back, but let me tell you a little about this guy. Jeremy Forest is one of, I believe it's 11 junior high students from all across New England who has been put into this Initiative For Understanding Between American and Soviet Youth. This is an ambassador of good will to the new Commonwealth of Independent States in Russia over there. And we're delighted, I'm delighted he's here. I single him out because it is, I think, interesting to know.

And these Congressmen that are up here from Washington, these distinguished Representatives who are my dear friends, who you were introduced to earlier on, they know what I'm about to say is true. We have moved a long way. We have won the cold war. We have beaten down the aggressor in Kuwait, that was Mr. Saddam Hussein. And now guys like Jeremy can go over there and interact with the young people in the Commonwealth of Independent States, and we can talk about friendship instead of nuclear war. And I think that is a blessing for the United States of America.

Well, I'm glad to be here on a positive, upbeat note. And let me just say I think the people here might be getting just a little bit tired of all the negative campaigns, all the attack-dog advertisements coming at them from left and right. The people of New Hampshire are positive. They don't like always trying to tear down the other guy. And so, I'm going to continue to keep on a positive note.

I must say as a competitor, you know, I get kicked around too much. But that's all right. They're coming at me from deep left field and deep right field. And I've been out there to Fenway Park; I know what it's like. Stay the course. Stand up and say what you are for.

And let me tell you what I am for. I'm going to continue with a positive campaign. And first, on the economy, we've got to get this economy moving again. And I have sent a comprehensive plan to the United States Congress. Now, I asked John Sununu to carry it for me. Here it is. I won't ask everybody to read one. Look at the size of this thing. This is a comprehensive plan. It is now before the House; it is now before the Senate. It is a message that we need. We need this passed. And it is all here.

And yesterday, I'm told that we got shot at from a couple of quarters up here. People and the New Hampshire voters were subjected to flat, let me call them outright lies about this plan. This plan includes many things, including deductions for student loans. But the one I want to mention, perhaps most important to every family here, is a tax relief provision for families with children. We need it. We've got it paid for in that plan, and we ought to pass it.

And so, don't listen to those negative ads that say it's not there; it is. And I want this whole program passed by the end of this session of Congress. And I think if we had more people like Bill Zeliff and Warren Rudman and Bob Smith in the Congress, we could get it passed. But please keep the pressure on the United States Congress.

Then, in addition to this major overall plan, I've broken out seven of my proposals that would have the greatest immediate effect on stimulating the economy. And these are important in a State where real estate has been on its back, homebuilding has been sluggish if not almost imperceptible.

And here's what it does, here's the background. Interest rates are now low. Inflation is now low. The economy is poised for recovery. And the way to help the people in the State who desperately need help is to get Congress to set aside politics just long enough to pass this part of this plan, the incentives, the seven incentives in the plan.

Now, let me give you one key provision. Young people ought to be interested in this, a ,000 tax credit to help people buy their first home. It would get the homebuilding industry moving. And it is here. The head of the National Home Builders was up here saying if there was any single proposal that would help turn homebuilding around, it is this proposal of the President of the United States. And in New Hampshire it would mean 1,000 new housing starts, 2,000 construction jobs.

I also have in this plan, we have in this plan an investment tax allowance. We have in it a much-needed capital gains tax cut so that businesses can hire more people, get more people put to work.

But here's the key point: This is not campaign rhetoric. What this thing is -- let me just tell you, New Hampshire homebuyers and homebuilders can be on the move as early as this spring. And it can help business get new equipment, hire more people as early as this spring. This is a solid action plan. It can only help the people of New Hampshire now if Congress acts now. And you know your legislature, the State legislature, what, meets for 45 days a year? Well, I gave Congress a deadline of March 20th. That's 52 days to pass these seven little incentives that would really help this economy. There's nothing flashy here. All we need is action.

And we gave them the legislation. I've showed you the bill. And let me tell you what the Democrats back in Washington did just this week. On Wednesday, the Ways and Means Committee Democrats voted against this plan twice, and then Thursday, in a closed-session meeting, they surfaced a scheme that raises taxes. They say, tax the rich. That hits the little guy over and over again. And we do not need to raise taxes; we need to put incentives into this economy.

So my plea is, don't vote for some gimmick. Don't vote for some shadowy promise. Here's a plan that is before the Congress right now, and it can start moving this economy out of the doldrums faster than any other answer. So I ask for your support.

Now, lastly, you've probably heard the call around here for economic isolation. Some would build a wall around America. That's wrong-headed. That's head in the sand, not the America that you and I know. Theirs is an America, those that would do that, whether they're on the Democrat side or the Republican side, those who would say protection and isolation are running scared. America is not a country to run scared. We are the leader of the free world. We need to stay involved in international trade, not get protection going again in this country.

Let me tell you what this means to your neighbors in New Boston. Thirty-five thousand jobs in this State depend on exports, selling abroad. We start to put up walls of protection, other people do the same thing, and those 35,000 jobs go down the drain. We cannot go back to the failed days of isolation and protection. And as long as I'm President we will not go back. Our exports are moving, and they have helped the New Hampshire economy. And with our plan in effect, they'll help it even more. Help me fight against protection and isolation.

And so, on Tuesday New Hampshire is going to have a lot to say about who is the next President of the United States. You're going to be asked to make a serious vote. Who has the experience? Who has the demonstrated leadership to stand up and do right? And I believe that I am the person that has the leadership. I hope I demonstrated that when we kicked Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. And he'd still have been there if you had listened to some of my opponents, still been there.

So, I know I'm in a tough race, but I've been in tough races before, many of you at my side in those battles. And the stakes are high not just for me, but they are high for our country. And I need your help. And I am up here to proudly say I want to be your President and to humbly say I ask for your support. Give me that support so we can get this country moving on the economic front and keep us the leader of the world on the international front.

I'm told that, Judd was telling me and others today, that we've been subjected here to a lot of negative advertisements. The voters have been subjected to millions of dollars of these negative attacks, the kind that just tear people down by name and turn people off, I think. But I am confident that the people of New Hampshire understand what this election is about. It's not about who can trash another person's candidacy in some 30-second spot. It's about who can lead this country, who can continue to lead the free world. And what it's really about is setting a direction of this country for the next 4 years.

And again, I need your support to continue this job. Thank you all. And may God bless our great country, the United States of America. Thank you very much.

Note: The President spoke at 11:58 a.m. at New Boston Central Elementary School.