Public Papers

Teleconference Remarks to the March for Life Rally


I admire your conviction and dedication as you watch out for the most helpless members of our human family.

The most compelling legacy of this Nation is Jefferson's concept that all are created equal. It doesn't say ``born equal.'' He says ``created.'' From the moment the miracle of life occurs, human beings must cherish that life, must hold it in awe, must preserve, protect, and defend it. It's there in our Declaration of Independence that we are created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness.

I want to reaffirm my dedication and commitment to the simple recognition that all life is a precious gift, that each human being has intrinsic dignity and worth. We are making progress towards this recognition, and I will continue to oppose and fight back attempts by Congress to expand Federal funding for abortions.

Much remains to be done as we reflect upon the gift of life. So, let us redouble our efforts, both in public and private sector, to encourage alternatives such as adoption.

And on a personal note, I find the figures on the numbers of pregnancies that are terminated by abortion simply unconscionable.

So, thank you for what you're doing, for your heartfelt, selfless work. For 19 years you've been tirelessly committed to a righteous cause. And I am out there with you in spirit. And may God bless you all.

Thank you very much.

Note: The President spoke at 12:13 p.m. from the Oval Office at the White House to rally participants gathered on The Mall.