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Nomination of D. Allan Bromley To Be Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy


The President today announced his intention to nominate D. Allan Bromley to be Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. He would succeed William R. Graham.

Since 1972 Dr. Bromley has been a Henry Ford II Professor of Physics at Yale University in New Haven, CT. Since 1960 he has served in several capacities at Yale University, including chairman of the physics department, 1970 - 1977; director of the A.W. Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory, 1963 to present; professor of physics, 1961 to present; associate director of the Heavy Ion Accelerator Laboratory, 1960 - 1963; and associate professor, 1960 - 1961. Prior to this, he served as a senior research officer and section head of Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd., in Chalk River, Ontario, Canada, 1958 - 1960, and associate research officer, 1955 - 1957. He has served as assistant professor in the physics department of the University of Rochester, 1953 - 1954, and as an instructor, 1952 - 1953.

Dr. Bromley graduated from Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario (B.S., 1948; M.S., 1950) and the University of Rochester (M.S., 1951; Ph.D., 1952). He has been a recipient of the National Medal of Science, 1988. He has served as a member of the White House Science Council, 1981 to present, and as a member of the Advisory Board for the National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Foundation. Dr. Bromley was born May 4, 1926, in Westmeath, Ontario, Canada. He is married, has two children, and resides in New Haven, CT.