Public Papers

Statement on the Supreme Court Nomination of Clarence Thomas


On the eve of the confirmation hearings for Judge Clarence Thomas' nomination to the Supreme Court, I want to emphasize once again the distinguished record and character of this man. In the weeks since his selection, Judge Thomas has faced criticism from many quarters with dignity, restraint, and strength of character. I know that he will demonstrate the same qualities during the hearings.

Today, I telephoned Senator Joseph Biden and Senator Strom Thurmond to express my appreciation for the manner in which they had conducted the confirmation process and to reiterate my strong feelings about the wisdom and talent of Judge Clarence Thomas. Senator Biden and Senator Thurmond, as majority and minority leaders of the Judiciary Committee, are committed to a fair and honorable hearing.

When I nominated Judge Clarence Thomas, the administration applied no litmus test on specific issues that might come before the Supreme Court. We did not question Judge Thomas on possible decisions or cases that could come before the Court. Similarly, I have confidence that the Judiciary Committee will want to preserve the independence of the Court as it explores the record of Judge Thomas.

I look forward to the early confirmation of Judge Clarence Thomas.