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Remarks Following Discussions With Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom


The President. I don't think we're having a press conference, but I want to just take this opportunity to say how much General Scowcroft and I have enjoyed a visit with the former Prime Minister. Over an hour, she shared with us her views on the Soviet Union, having returned from a very interesting and very constructive trip not so long ago. We are anticipating a meeting today of Mr. Yeltsin, and this debrief or my picking her brains, as I did, is extraordinarily helpful in that context, as in many other contexts.

But Margaret, I just want to thank you for popping in, and you are welcome at any time.

Mrs. Thatcher. Thank you very much, Mr. President, I've enjoyed it enormously. They're historic days: democracy has come to the Soviet Union. It now has to be backed up by full economic reform, with everyone pulling together. Thank you very much. Thank you so much.

Note: The President spoke at 8:10 a.m. on the South Lawn at the White House. In his remarks, he referred to Brent Scowcroft, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, and Boris Yeltsin, President of the Republic of Russia. A tape was not available for verification of the content of these remarks.