Public Papers

Statement on the Uruguay Round Multilateral Trade Negotiations


The United States went to Brussels prepared to conclude ambitious market-opening agreements in all areas of the Uruguay round.

Unfortunately, the Brussels meeting has ended without result due to the inability of nations with substantial economic strength -- the European Community (EC), Japan, and Korea -- to negotiate fundamental agricultural reform. This is all the more disappointing given the very constructive attitude taken by many developing countries, particularly many of our friends in Latin America.

The United States remains committed to maintaining and strengthening the multilateral trading system and to a timely and successful conclusion of the round. We will do all we can to bring this about while continuing to insist upon agreements that genuinely liberalize trade. Accordingly, it is our hope that participants, especially the EC, will take this opportunity to reflect upon their position on agriculture and develop the political will to negotiate real market-opening agreements while there is still time to do so.