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Nomination of Alfred A. DelliBovi To Be Under Secretary of Housing and Urban Development


The President today announced his intention to nominate Alfred A. DelliBovi to be Under Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He would succeed Carl D. Covitz.

Since 1987 Mr. DelliBovi has been Administrator of the Urban Mass Transportation Administration at the Department of Transportation in Washington, DC. He has served as Deputy Administrator, 1984 - 1987, and as Regional Administrator in New York, 1981 - 1984. Mr. DelliBovi served four terms as a member of the New York State Assembly, 1971 - 1978, and director of the public relations unit, 1969 - 1971.

Mr. DelliBovi graduated from Fordham College (B.A., 1967) and Baruch College (M.P.A., 1973). He is married, has two children, and currently resides in Burke, VA.