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Remarks to a Fundraising Luncheon for New Mexico Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Bond


Well, Frank, thank you very, very much; and thank all of you for that warm response. As you know, and as Frank so generously said, there is business here keeping me in Washington; it relates to the Federal budget and my determination to get this deficit down so we will no longer continue to mortgage the future of our kids. And I can assure you that no one willingly ever misses a chance to visit New Mexico. Having spent 12 years of my life right next to Eunice and Hobbs, I feel I know the State well. But I wanted to say that it's a pleasure to have this opportunity to speak by this satellite -- here I am, I'm not quite sure whether I'm on the telephone or on the television. [Laughter]

But, nevertheless, I'm delighted to be talking to you. And, Frank, once again, a thousand apologies for not being with you today. But we've got some very able proponents: Jack Kemp, an outstanding Secretary of Housing. What a job he's done taking the message of hope and opportunity to all America.

And of course, the same is true of my old, dear friend, with whom I served in Congress, Manuel Lujan. Manuel knows the West. He knows how New Mexico has this terribly important part of the West. He's advancing our fight against drug use on public lands. And he's doing an outstanding job for his country, and I'm proud to have him in our Cabinet.

And that brings me to one of my earliest advisers in my quest for the Presidency in '88, Garrey Carruthers, your able Governor. Came to Maine and sat down with me and told me exactly the line and the approach we should take to help solve the problems of education and crime. And he gave me the same sound advice that he's given the people of New Mexico over the years, putting the State on the path to progress and prosperity. And Garrey, I'll always be grateful to you. Thank you for your wonderful service to that State and, indeed, to your country.

And now for the man of the hour, Frank Bond. Twelve short days from now, New Mexico is going to come to a crossroads. And New Mexico doesn't have to retrace its steps. You can reach forward; you can keep on the forward path that Garrey has set out. You can reach forward to the future, and you can make New Mexico of the 1990's a land of progress and possibility for all. You know, there's no doubt in my mind about the man who can lead the way. New Mexico will move forward with Frank Bond.

Let's just take a quick look, because I've been reviewing Frank's record and following with keen interest -- education to start with. He knows that the key to competitiveness tomorrow is in our classrooms today. He's sure of that. And he favors choice, and he favors the same approach as we do. And I want to see fewer mandated educational programs from Washington and more control in the hands of Governors like Frank Bond will be.

On the environment -- I'm hoping, incidentally, to have on my desk very soon a clean air bill that's a good one. And I look forward to signing it. But I can take a lesson from Frank. He's a fourth generation New Mexican. The love of the land comes just as natural to him as breathing. And again, you can count on him to help New Mexico pursue wise wildlife and water and land use policies, to help preserve New Mexico's national treasures for generations to come. He's a sound environmentalist. He knows that growth and a sound environmental policy can come together to benefit all people of New Mexico.

And then on the economy -- it is the key issue this year, I think, for New Mexico and, I believe, for all America. And Frank knows what works, how to generate new opportunities and new incentives for investment in new markets. And all that adds up to one thing -- incentives, opportunities, investment, new markets -- it all adds up to new jobs for New Mexico.

We've got to do our part to promote economic growth right here in Washington. And that starts with the budget and an end to this long and frustrating fiscal fiasco. And I can tell you right now, Congress wouldn't be in this mess if we had more Republicans in the Congress, and electing Republicans is what this November 6th is all about.

And nothing's changed. The question is: Do we want to continue the Democratic policies of tax and spend, or do we want a Congress that knows that cutting spending and a strong economy is the way to go? It is critical that we get a budget in place, put our house in order here at home, especially now with the challenge that we face in the Persian Gulf.

You know, let me just say a word about this, and I put this in a very much of bipartisan spirit because -- as Jack Kemp can tell you, as Manuel Lujan can tell you -- we have had strong bipartisan support, crossing the party aisle all the time, for our policy in the Gulf. We all know that Saddam Hussein's outlaw act threatens grave consequences. What is at stake is far more than a matter of economics or oil. What is at stake is the principle at the very heart of international order and whether aggression pays or whether aggression is punished. Our position is that a bully of a neighbor must not be permitted to take over a smaller country -- a member of the United Nations, a member of the Arab League -- and I am determined that that aggression will not stand.

You know, I've talked to all the Joint Chiefs, and every single one of them has told me that we have never had finer young men and women -- more highly motivated, better trained -- than we have right now serving in Armed Forces both at home and abroad. And so, I would say that the brave young men and women are teaching us a lesson, in some ways, about what it means to love liberty, the precious freedom that gives America its meaning. They are filling out their absentee ballots and sending them in from the sands of Saudi Arabia to the 50 States inside the United States.

And thus, I would urge not all of you there alone but everybody in the State of New Mexico, every citizen, to get out and vote. And simply put it this way: Do not take democracy for granted. You know, this November 6th is critical, and I need you to send New Mexico's strong Republican team back here to Washington.

[Senator] Pete Domenici -- what a fantastic job he's doing for the country as well as the State of New Mexico. And both Joe Skeen and Steve Schiff are superb Members of the United States Congress. You've got to send them back here. And then, again, to the man of the hour. New Mexico really needs a leader for the nineties that it can count on. You've been spoiled, in my view, with Garrey Carruthers there at the helm. He's proven over and over again what strong leadership can do. But now we're in a new decade, we're moving into the nineties, and it is absolutely essential that New Mexico's next governor be Frank Bond.

Once again, my thanks to Jack Kemp and to Manuel Lujan and to the Governor. And my respects, Frank, to you. My apologies for missing what I know is an exciting event. Give my precious Columba a big hug when she comes there to campaign for you on behalf of our entire family. And now back to you. And to all of you, my most sincere thanks.

Note: President Bush spoke at 2:17 p.m. in Room 450 of the Old Executive Office Building, and his remarks were broadcast via satellite to the Pavilion of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Albuquerque, NM. In his remarks, he referred to President Saddam Hussein of Iraq; Senator Pete V. Domenici; and Columba Bush, his daughter-in-law.