Public Papers

Memorandum on the Combined Federal Campaign


Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies

Americans who make serving others central to their life and work are part of our kinder, gentler Nation. This commitment is displayed through no better example than Federal employees contributing every year to the Combined Federal Campaign. Public servants working in nearly every corner of the globe not only contribute to the campaign, but many spend countless hours in leadership roles each year to assure that the campaign is a huge success. I am asking you to become part of the team of Federal employees who, voluntarily, give a part of themselves through their leadership of the Combined Federal Campaign.

Secretary of the Interior Manuel Lujan, Jr., has agreed to serve as Chairman of the 1990 Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area. I am asking that you support Secretary Lujan by personally serving as Chairman of the campaign in your agency and appointing a top official as your Vice Chairman. Please confirm with Secretary Lujan your willingness to serve and provide him with the name of your designated Vice Chairman.

Your involvement and visible support are essential to a successful 1990 campaign. Please join me in encouraging Federal employees everywhere to become a part of this important effort.

George Bush