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Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater on the Iraqi Offer To Give Oil to Developing Countries


Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's latest statement is a transparent attempt to deflect the focus of world attention from his blatant aggression against another country. Such maneuvers have not worked in the past and will not work this time. The international community is united in its strong determination to overcome the Iraqi aggression. U.N. Security Council Resolution 661 makes quite clear that all commodities and products originating in Iraq or Kuwait are prohibited from importation anywhere. It does not delineate between free exchanges or those paid for. Sanctions are complete, comprehensive, and binding on all nations. In addition, U.N. Security Council Resolution 665, which calls upon states to use measures as may be necessary to enforce sanctions, would still apply.

It is an affront to all countries for Saddam to think that they would sacrifice the principles of freedom and nonaggression for the Iraqi oil or the oil that he has taken through his naked aggression against Kuwait. Saddam's isolation in the world is complete, and the world community will not be deterred from its determination to have sanctions achieve the complete, immediate, and unconditional withdrawal of Iraq from Kuwait.