Public Papers

Statement on the House of Representatives Action on Clean Air Legislation


I congratulate the House of Representatives on passage of the Clean Air Amendments of 1990 last night. The overwhelming backing it received shows that the American people strongly support steps to reduce acid rain, smog, and air toxics emissions. I am particularly pleased that the legislation is similar in approach, structure, and content to the bill the administration submitted last summer.

The bill includes an acid rain program that will permanently reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 10 million tons while employing an innovative emissions trading system; a new program to promote clean alternative fuels in cars, trucks, and buses; and a new standard to use the best technology to cut air toxics emissions. Such provisions represent major steps forward in breaking the logjam which has existed for too long on the subject of clean air.

I especially want to congratulate Chairman Dingell, Congressman Lent, and Congressman Waxman, and the administration team of Governor Sununu, Administrator Reilly, and Roger Porter for helping to steer the legislation through the House.

While the administration remains opposed to certain provisions, such as the Wise amendment, we are confident that these can and will be addressed in conference. We look forward to working with conferees from the House and the Senate to produce quickly a final package that will help bring cleaner air to all Americans.