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Nomination of Kate Leader Moore To Be an Assistant Secretary of Transportation


The President today announced his intention to nominate Kate Leader Moore to be Assistant Secretary of Transportation (Budget and Programs). She would succeed Janet Hale.

Since January 1989 Miss Moore has been a policy consultant in the Office of Policy Development of the Executive Office of the President. Prior to this she was deputy director for planning in the office of policy development for the office of the President-elect, 1989, and deputy director of domestic policy for Bush-Quayle '88. Prior to this she was director of the Office of Policy, Planning, Research, and Budget for the National Endowment for the Arts, 1981 - 1988. She has also served as Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff at the White House, 1981; media coordinator for the Reagan-Bush Committee, 1980; and director of the advocate speakers program for the George Bush for President Committee, 1980. She was assistant product manager for Post Cereals for General Foods Corp., 1977 - 1980, and sales and promotion manager for Bellerophon Books, 1973 - 1975.

Miss Moore graduated from Yale College (B.A., 1973) and Stanford Graduate School of Business (M.B.A., 1977). She was born in Los Angeles, CA, and currently resides in Washington, DC.