Public Papers

Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater on Peace Corps Programs in Eastern Europe


The President is pleased to note that today in Warsaw the United States and Poland signed a formal agreement for a Peace Corps program in Poland. Under the program, which was arranged in response to a request from the Polish Government, 60 American volunteers will go to Poland in June to provide English language training.

Under a similar agreement with Hungary, signed on February 14, the Peace Corps will send another 60 volunteers to Hungary in June. Czechoslovakia has also requested a Peace Corps English language program, and the President has asked Director of the Peace Corps Paul Coverdell to go to Prague soon to lay the groundwork for such a program. As the Peace Corps expands its activities into Eastern Europe, it will also offer assistance in such areas as the environment, computer training, and small business development.

The President welcomes these programs, which will be of direct benefit to the emerging democracies as they rejoin Europe and the community of democratic states.