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Memorandum on the 1990 Census


Memorandum for the Secretary of Commerce and the Director of the Office of Personnel Management

Subject: Recruitment of Temporary Census Employees for the 1990 Census

Since the first decennial census was conducted in 1790, special procedures have been used for the recruitment of temporary census employees distinct from the normal Government hiring process. Due to the large number of workers who must be recruited for a limited period of time, it would be excessively cumbersome and costly to comply with the hiring requirements applicable to most Government employees. In recruiting for the 1990 census, the Bureau of the Census must draw from a labor pool smaller proportionately nationwide than that available for past censuses and therefore needs maximum flexibility in its employment authority.

It is my intention to encourage recruiting from as many sources as possible in order to secure a large corps of qualified workers who are mindful of the Bureau's obligation to conduct the most accurate census practicable. To facilitate this process, and to encourage local hiring for the census district offices, I am directing the following action:

1. The positions of temporary census employees in the Bureau of the Census in the Department of Commerce for the purpose of conducting the 1990 decennial census shall be excluded from the coverage of section 2302 of title 5 of the United States Code, based on my determination that such action is necessary and warranted by conditions of good administration.

2. The Secretary of Commerce, in consultation with the Director of the Office of Personnel Management, shall develop and implement a supplemental recruiting plan that permits referrals from elected officials, Federal, State, and local agencies, civic organizations, minority and women's groups, and other appropriate sources.

3. The Director of the Office of Personnel Management is hereby delegated the authority to implement this memorandum.

4. This memorandum shall be effective immediately for a period not to exceed the conclusion of the 1990 decennial census.

George Bush