You may browse the WHORM list by scrolling through the pages or type key words into the search box to locate specific topics. Note that the search only examines titles in the WHORM Category Name column. It does not search underlying finding aids. If the Available column is Yes, click on the hyperlink to view the finding aid for that category. If the Available column indicates FOIA Required, please call or email the Archives Department at the George Bush Library to file a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) for the category (or categories) you wish to examine.

Category Name Availabile?
AF Alphabetical File Contact Library
AG Agriculture YES
AG001 Marketing: Protection Programs YES
AG002 Research Programs YES
AG003 Subsidies, Agricultural YES
AG004 Surplus, Agricultural YES
AT Atomic - Nuclear Energy YES
BE Business-Economics YES
BE001 Domestic Trade YES
BE001-01 Consumers YES
BE002 Economic Controls YES
BE003 Industry YES
BE003-01 Aerospace Industry YES
BE003-02 Chemicals YES
BE003-03 Coal Industry YES
BE003-04 Communications Industry YES
BE003-05 Construction-Housing Industry YES
BE003-06 Food and kindred Products YES
BE003-07 Furniture Industry YES
BE003-08 Lumber-Wood- Paper YES
BE003-09 Machinery Industry YES
BE003-10 Metals Industry YES
BE003-11 Petroleum Industry YES
BE003-12 Plastics-Rubber Industry YES
BE003-13 Service Industry YES
BE003-14 Textiles-Apparel and Leather Industry YES
BE003-15 Transportation YES
BE003-16 Electronics YES
BE003-17 Miscellaneous YES
BE004 National Economy YES
BE004-01 Cost of Living FOIA Required
BE004-02 Inflation FOIA Required
BE004-03 National Income- Product Data FOIA Required
BE004-04 Recessions-Depressions FOIA Required
BE005 Patents-Inventions-Copyrights-Trademarks FOIA Required
BE006 Small Business FOIA Required
CA Civil Aviation YES
CA001 Accidents-Safety YES
CA002 Aircraft Development YES
CA003 Airports YES
CA004 Decisions YES
CA005 Miscellaneous (Including Routes, Navigation & Air Subsidies) YES
CA006 FOIA Required
CA007 Miscellaneous YES
CM Commodities YES
CM001 Chemicals YES
CM002 Coal YES
CM003 Food and Kindred Products YES
CM003-01 Alcoholic and Other Beverages YES
CM003-02 Dairy Products YES
CM003-03 Fruits and Vegetables YES
CM003-04 Grain-Mill Products-Livestock Fee YES
CM003-05 Livestock YES
CM003-06 Meat-Seafood-Poultry YES
CM004 Furniture YES
CM005 Lumber-Wood-Paper YES
CM006 Machinery (Motors) YES
CM007 Metal Products YES
CM008 Miscellaneous Manufactures YES
CM009 Guns and Related Products YES
CM010 Petroleum (Gas-Oil) YES
CM011 Plastic-Rubber Products YES
CM012 Stone-Clay and Glass Products YES
CM013 Textile-Apparel and Leather Products YES
CM014 Tobacco YES
CM015 Transportation Equipment (Finished Product) YES
CM016 Electronics YES
CO Countries - Geographic Areas YES
CO001 Continental - Geographic Areas YES
CO001-01 Africa YES
CO001-02 Antarctica - Arctic YES
CO001-03 Asia FOIA Required
CO001-04 Communist Bloc YES
CO001-05 Europe YES
CO001-06 Far East FOIA Required
CO001-07 Middle East FOIA Required
CO001-08 North America YES
CO001-09 South America, Central America, Latin America YES
CO002 Afghanistan YES
CO003 Albania, People's Socialist Republic of FOIA Required
CO004 Algeria, Democratic and Popular Republic of YES
CO005 Andorra FOIA Required
CO006 Angola, People's Republic of YES
CO007 Antigua and Barbuda, State of FOIA Required
CO008 Argentine Republic FOIA Required
CO009 Australia FOIA Required
CO010 Austria, Republic of YES
CO011 Azores FOIA Required
CO012 Bahamas, Commonwealth of the YES
CO013 Bahrain, State of YES
CO014 Bangladesh YES
CO015 Barbados YES
CO016 Belgium YES
CO017 Benin, People's Republic of YES
CO018 Bermuda YES
CO019 Bhutan YES
CO020 Bolivia, Republic of YES
CO021 Botswana YES
CO022 Brazil, Federative Republic of FOIA Required
CO023 Belize YES
CO024 Bulgaria YES
CO025 Burma, Socialist Republic of the Union of FOIA Required
CO026 Burundi YES
CO027 Cameroon YES
CO028 Canada YES
CO029 Canary Islands FOIA Required
CO030 Cape Verde, Republic of YES
CO031 Central African Republic YES
CO032 Chad, Republic of YES
CO033 Chile FOIA Required
CO034 China YES
CO034-01 China, Republic of (Formosa - Taiwan) FOIA Required
CO034-02 China, People's Republic of (Red China) YES
CO035 Colombia FOIA Required
CO036 Congo, People's Republic of the YES
CO037 Cost Rica, Republic of YES
CO038 Cuba, Republic of FOIA Required
CO039 Cyprus, Republic of YES
CO040 Czechoslovakia, Socialist Republic FOIA Required
CO041 Denmark YES
CO042 Dominican Republic YES
CO043 Fiji YES
CO044 Ecuador YES
CO045 Egypt, Arab Republic of YES
CO046 El Salvador, Republic of YES
CO047 Equatorial Guinea YES
CO048 Estonia YES
CO049 Ethiopia YES
CO050 Finland FOIA Required
CO051 France FOIA Required
CO052 Gabon Republic YES
CO053 Gambia, The YES
CO054 Germany (reunited as of 10/3/90) YES
CO054-01 Germany, Democratic Republic of (East) YES
CO054-02 Germany, Federal Republic of (West) (Bonn) YES
CO055 Ghana, Republic of YES
CO056 Greece Hellenic Republic YES
CO057 Greenland YES
CO058 Grenada YES
CO059 Guadeloupe FOIA Required
CO060 Guatemala, Republic of YES
CO061 Guinea, Republic of YES
CO062 Guinea - Bissau, Republic of YES
CO063 Guyana, Republic of YES
CO064 Haiti, Republic of YES
CO065 Honduras, Republic of YES
CO066 Hong Kong, Republic of YES
CO067 Hungary, Hungarian People's Republic YES
CO068 Iceland, Republic of FOIA Required
CO069 India YES
CO070 Indonesia, Republic of YES
CO071 Iran YES
CO072 Iraq, Republic of YES
CO073 Ireland FOIA Required
CO074 Israel FOIA Required
CO075 Italy, Italian Republic FOIA Required
CO076 Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) YES
CO077 Jamaica YES
CO078 Japan YES
CO079 Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of FOIA Required
CO080 Kenya YES
CO081 Cambodia FOIA Required
CO082 Korea FOIA Required
CO082-01 Korea, People's Democratic Republic of (North) FOIA Required
CO082-02 Korea, Republic of (South) FOIA Required
CO083 Kuwait, State of YES
CO084 Laos, People's Democratic Republic YES
CO085 Latvia YES
CO086 Lebanon, Republic of YES
CO087 Lesotho, Kingdom of YES
CO088 Liberia, Republic of YES
CO089 Libya, Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya FOIA Required
CO090 Liechtenstein YES
CO091 Lithuania YES
CO092 Luxembourg YES
CO093 Macao FOIA Required
CO094 Madeiro FOIA Required
CO095 Madagascar, Malagasy Republic of YES
CO096 Malawi, Republic of YES
CO097 Malaysia YES
CO098 Maldives, Republic of YES
CO099 Mali, Republic of YES
CO100 Malta, Republic of YES
CO101 Martinique FOIA Required
CO102 Mauritania, Islamic Republic of YES
CO103 Mauritius YES
CO104 Mexico (United Mexican States) YES
CO105 Monaco FOIA Required
CO106 Mongolia (Outer Mongolia) People's Republic YES
CO107 Morocco YES
CO108 Mozambique, People's Republic of YES
CO109 Nauru FOIA Required
CO110 Nepal YES
CO111 Netherlands YES
CO112 New Caledonia FOIA Required
CO113 New Zealand YES
CO114 Nicaragua FOIA Required
CO115 Niger, Republic of YES
CO116 Nigeria, Federal Republic of FOIA Required
CO116-01 Biafra, Republic of FOIA Required
CO117 Norway YES
CO118 Oman, Sultanate of YES
CO119 Pakistan, Islamic Republic of FOIA Required
CO120 Palestine, Islamic Republic of YES
CO121 Panama, Republic of FOIA Required
CO122 Papua New Guinea YES
CO123 Paraguay, Republic of YES
CO124 Peru, Republic of YES
CO125 Philippines YES
CO126 Poland, Polish People's Republic YES
CO127 Portugal, Republic of YES
CO128 Qatar, State of FOIA Required
CO129 Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) YES
CO130 Romania, (Rumania) Socialist Republic of YES
CO131 Rwanda, Republic FOIA Required
CO132 San Marino, Republic of FOIA Required
CO133 Sao Tome and Principe, Democratic Republic of YES
CO134 Saudi Arabia YES
CO135 Senegal, Republic of YES
CO136 Seychelles, Republic of YES
CO137 Sierra Leone, Republic of YES
CO138 Sikkim FOIA Required
CO139 Singapore, Republic of YES
CO140 Somalia, Democratic Republic FOIA Required
CO141 South Africa, Republic of YES
CO142 South Pacific Islands FOIA Required
CO143 Namibia YES
CO144 Aden FOIA Required
CO145 Spain YES
CO146 Spanish Sahara FOIA Required
CO147 Sri Lanka, Democratic Socialist Republic of YES
CO148 Sudan, Republic of YES
CO149 Suriname, Republic of YES
CO150 Swaziland, Kingdom of YES
CO151 Sweden YES
CO152 Switzerland YES
CO153 Syrian Arab Republic YES
CO154 Tanzania (Tanganyika) YES
CO155 Thailand YES
CO156 Tibet YES
CO157 Togo, Republic of YES
CO158 Tonga, Kingdom of YES
CO159 Trieste FOIA Required
CO160 Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of YES
CO161 Trucial States FOIA Required
CO162 Tunisia, Republic of FOIA Required
CO163 Turkey, Republic of FOIA Required
CO164 Uganda, Republic of FOIA Required
CO165 Russia YES
CO166 United Arab Emirates FOIA Required
CO167 United Kingdom FOIA Required
CO168 Burkina Faso (Upper Volta) FOIA Required
CO169 Uruguay, Oriental Republic of YES
CO170 Vatican City FOIA Required
CO171 Venezuela, Republic of FOIA Required
CO172 Vietnam, Socialist Republic FOIA Required
CO173 Anguilla FOIA Required
CO174 Western Samoa, Independent State of FOIA Required
CO175 Yemen, Arab Republic FOIA Required
CO176 Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of FOIA Required
CO177 Zaire, Republic of YES
CO178 Zambia, Republic of FOIA Required
CO179 Djibouti, Republic of FOIA Required
CO180 Comoros, Federal and Islamic Republic of FOIA Required
CO181 Transkei, Republic of FOIA Required
CO182 Solomon Islands FOIA Required
CO183 Tuvalu FOIA Required
CO184 Dominica, Commonwealth of FOIA Required
CO185 St. Lucia FOIA Required
CO186 Gilbert Islands FOIA Required
CO187 Kiribati, Republic of FOIA Required
CO188 St. Vincent and the Grenadines FOIA Required
CO189 Vanuatu (New Hebrides) Republic of FOIA Required
CO190 Palau FOIA Required
CO191 St. Christopher and Nevis FOIA Required
CO192 Brunei Darussalam FOIA Required
CO193 Aruba FOIA Required
CO194 Marianna Islands, Northern FOIA Required
CO195 Marshall Islands, Republic of, effective, 10/21/86 FOIA Required
CO196 Micronesia, Federated States of, effective, 11/3/86 FOIA Required
DI Disasters YES
DI001 Accidents YES
DI002 Natural Disasters YES
ED Education YES
ED001 Libraries-Facilities YES
ED002 Scholarships-Fellowships-Grants YES
ED003 Teachers-Teaching Methods, Educational Programs YES
FA Federal Aid YES
FA001 Airport Construction YES
FA002 Arts YES
FA003 Education YES
FA004 Housing YES
FA005 Public Health YES
FA006 Revenue Sharing YES
FA007 Transportation YES
FE Federal Government YES
FE001 Ceremonials - Protocol YES
FE001-01 Deaths-Funerals YES
FE001-02 Wreath laying YES
FE002 Declaration of Independence-Constitution YES
FE002-01 Presidential Powers - Succession - Term of Office YES
FE003 Executive Orders YES
FE004 Heraldry - Flags - President's Seal YES
FE005 Management Improvement Program YES
FE006 National Emblems YES
FE007 National Energy YES
FE008 Libraries-Museums, Presidential YES
FE008-01 Library (Incumbent President) YES
FE009 Proclamations YES
FE010 Records and Archives YES
FE010-01 Access to Records - Documents YES
FG Federal Government YES
FG001 President of the United States YES
FG001-01 Delegations of Authority YES
FG001-02 Personal Representative of the President YES
FG001-03 Inaugurations YES
FG001-04 Transition to Incoming Administration YES
FG001-05 Handwriting - Holographs, Presidential YES
FG001-06 Appointments - Interviews, Meetings with, Presidential YES
FG001-07 Appointments Granted, Presidential YES
FG001-08 Presidential Telephone Calls YES
FG002 Former Presidents YES
FG002-01 Washington, George YES
FG002-02 Adams, John YES
FG002-03 Jefferson, Thomas YES
FG002-04 Madison, James YES
FG002-05 Monroe, James YES
FG002-06 Adams, John Quincy YES
FG002-07 Jackson, Andrew YES
FG002-08 Van Buren, Martin YES
FG002-09 Harrison, William H. YES
FG002-10 Tyler, John YES
FG002-11 Polk, James K. YES
FG002-12 Taylor, Zachary YES
FG002-13 Fillmore, Millard YES
FG002-14 Pierce, Franklin YES
FG002-15 Buchanan, James YES
FG002-16 Lincoln, Abraham YES
FG002-17 Johnson, Andrew YES
FG002-18 Grant, Ulysses S. YES
FG002-19 Hayes, Rutherford B. YES
FG002-20 Garfield, James A. YES
FG002-21 Arthur, Chester A. YES
FG002-22 Cleveland, Grover YES
FG002-23 Harrison, Benjamin YES
FG002-24 McKinley, William YES
FG002-25 Roosevelt, Theodore YES
FG002-26 Taft, William Howard YES
FG002-27 Wilson, Woodrow YES
FG002-28 Harding, Warren G. YES
FG002-29 Coolidge, Calvin YES
FG002-30 Hoover, Herbert C. YES
FG002-31 Roosevelt, Franklin D. YES
FG002-32 Truman, Harry S. YES
FG002-33 Eisenhower, Dwight D. YES
FG002-34 Kennedy, John F. YES
FG002-35 Johnson, Lyndon B. YES
FG002-36 Nixon, Richard M. YES
FG002-37 Ford, Gerald R. YES
FG002-38 Carter, James Earl, Jr. YES
FG002-39 Reagan, Ronald Wilson YES
FG005 Executive Branch YES
FG006 Executive Office of the President YES
FG006-01 White House Office YES
FG006-02 Administration, Office of YES
FG006-03 Chief of Staff YES
FG006-04 Counsel to the President YES
FG006-05 Office of Management and Budget YES
FG006-06 National Security Council YES
FG006-07 Policy Development YES
FG006-08 Presidential Personnel YES
FG006-09 Office of Science and Technology YES
FG006-10 United States Trade Representative, Office of YES
FG006-11 Central Intelligence Agency YES
FG006-12 Council of Economic Advisers YES
FG006-13 Council of Environmental Quality YES
FG006-14 President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board YES
FG006-15 President's Intelligence Oversight Board YES
FG006-16 Senior Interagency Group on International Economic Policy YES
FG006-17 Office of National Drug Control Policy FOIA Required
FG006-18 Office of Cabinet Affairs FOIA Required
FG010 Cabinet FOIA Required
FG010-01 Cabinet Meetings FOIA Required
FG010-02 Cabinet Councils FOIA Required
FG010-03 Domestic Policy Council FOIA Required
FG010-04 Economic Policy Council FOIA Required
FG011 Department of State FOIA Required
FG011-04 Office of Protocol FOIA Required
FG011-05 Security and Consular Affairs, Bureau of FOIA Required
FG011-06 Nicaraguan Humanitarian Assistance Office (NHAO) FOIA Required
FG011-07 Board of Foreign Service FOIA Required
FG011-08 Office of Foreign Missions FOIA Required
FG012 Department of Treasury FOIA Required
FG012-01 Comptroller of the Currency, Office of the FOIA Required
FG012-02 Customs Service, U.S. FOIA Required
FG012-03 Engraving and Printing, Bureau of FOIA Required
FG012-04 Environmental Financing Authority FOIA Required
FG012-05 Federal Financing Bank FOIA Required
FG012-06 Fiscal Services FOIA Required
FG012-07 Internal Revenue Service FOIA Required
FG012-08 Mint, Bureau of the FOIA Required
FG012-09 Saving Bonds Division, Untied States FOIA Required
FG012-10 Secret Service, U.S. FOIA Required
FG013 Department of Defense FOIA Required
FG013-01 White House Communications Agency (Defense Communications Agency (DCA)) FOIA Required
FG013-02 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) FOIA Required
FG013-03 Defense Mapping Agency FOIA Required
FG013-04 Defense Research and Engineering FOIA Required
FG013-05 Defense Supply Agency FOIA Required
FG013-06 Joint Chiefs of Staff YES
FG013-07 Defense Security Assistance Agency FOIA Required
FG013-08 National Security Agency/Central Security Service FOIA Required
FG014 Department of the Army FOIA Required
FG014-01 Chief of Staff, Army FOIA Required
FG014-02 Civil Defense, Office of FOIA Required
FG014-03 Corps of Engineers FOIA Required
FG014-04 National Guard Bureau FOIA Required
FG014-05 Soldiers' and Airmen's Home, U.S. FOIA Required
FG014-06 Surgeon General FOIA Required
FG014-07 General Counsel, Army FOIA Required
FG015 Department of the Navy FOIA Required
FG015-01 Chief of Naval Operations, Office of FOIA Required
FG015-02 Marine Corps FOIA Required
FG015-03 Medicine and Surgery, Bureau of FOIA Required
FG015-04 Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Preserves, Office of FOIA Required
FG016 Department of the Air Force FOIA Required
FG016-01 Chief of Staff, Air Force FOIA Required
FG016-02 Civil Air Patrol FOIA Required
FG017 Department of Justice YES
FG017-01 Antitrust Division FOIA Required
FG017-02 Community Relations Service FOIA Required
FG017-03 Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) FOIA Required
FG017-04 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) FOIA Required
FG017-05 Immigration and Naturalization Service FOIA Required
FG017-06 Law Enforcement Assistant Administration YES
FG017-07 Legal Counsel, Office of FOIA Required
FG017-08 Parole Commission, United States FOIA Required
FG017-09 Prisons, Bureau of FOIA Required
FG017-10 Solicitor General FOIA Required
FG017-11 United States Attorneys FOIA Required
FG017-12 United States Marshals FOIA Required
FG017-13 Office of Justice Assistance, Research and Statistics FOIA Required
FG017-14 Justice Statistics, Bureau of FOIA Required
FG017-15 National Institute of Justice FOIA Required
FG017-16 Foreign Claims Settlement Commission FOIA Required
FG017-17 United States Sentencing Commission FOIA Required
FG017-18 Inspector General, Department of Justice FOIA Required
FG017-19 Victims of Crime, Office of FOIA Required
FG018 Department of the Interior FOIA Required
FG018-01 Department of the Interior FOIA Required
FG018-03 Fish and Wildlife Service, United States FOIA Required
FG018-04 Geological Survey FOIA Required
FG018-05 Indian Affairs, Bureau of FOIA Required
FG018-06 Land Management, Bureau of FOIA Required
FG018-07 Mines, Bureau of FOIA Required
FG018-08 Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration FOIA Required
FG018-09 National Park Service FOIA Required
FG018-10 Outdoor Recreation, Bureau of FOIA Required
FG018-11 Reclamation, Bureau of FOIA Required
FG018-14 Territorial Affairs, Office of FOIA Required
FG018-15 Water Research and Technology, Office of FOIA Required
FG018-16 Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, Office of FOIA Required
FG018-17 Inspector General, Office of, (Interior) FOIA Required
FG019 Department of Agriculture FOIA Required
FG019-01 Agricultural Research Service FOIA Required
FG019-02 Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service FOIA Required
FG019-03 Commodity Credit Corporation FOIA Required
FG019-04 Farmers Home Administration FOIA Required
FG019-05 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation FOIA Required
FG019-06 Federal Extension Service FOIA Required
FG019-07 Foreign Agricultural Service FOIA Required
FG019-08 Forest Service FOIA Required
FG019-09 Rural Electrification Administration FOIA Required
FG019-10 Rural Telephone Bank FOIA Required
FG019-11 Soil Conservation Service FOIA Required
FG019-12 Federal Grain Inspection Service FOIA Required
FG019-13 Inspector General, Office of, USDA FOIA Required
FG020 Department of Commerce FOIA Required
FG020-01 Bureau of Economic Analysis FOIA Required
FG020-02 Census, Bureau of FOIA Required
FG020-03 Domestic and International Business Administration FOIA Required
FG020-04 Economic Development Administration FOIA Required
FG020-06 Foreign Direct Investments, Office of FOIA Required
FG020-08 Minority Business Development Agency FOIA Required
FG020-09 National Institute of Standards and Technology FOIA Required
FG020-11 Nation Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration FOIA Required
FG020-12 Patent and Trademark Office (Includes Board of Appeals) FOIA Required
FG020-14 United States Travel and Tourism Administration FOIA Required
FG020-15 Inspector General, Office of, DOC FOIA Required
FG021 Department of Labor FOIA Required
FG021-01 Bureau of Labor Statistics FOIA Required
FG021-02 Employment and Training Administration FOIA Required
FG021-03 Labor - Management Services Administration FOIA Required
FG021-04 Employment Standards Administration FOIA Required
FG021-05 Occupational Safety and Health Administration FOIA Required
FG021-06 Federal Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health FOIA Required
FG021-07 Inspector General, Office of, DOL FOIA Required
FG022 Department of Health and Human Services FOIA Required
FG022-02 Consumer Affairs, Office of FOIA Required
FG022-04 Human Development, Office of FOIA Required
FG022-05 Inspector General, HHS FOIA Required
FG022-07 Interagency Committee on Emergency Medical Services FOIA Required
FG022-09 National Cancer Institute FOIA Required
FG022-10 Public Health Service (NIH) YES
FG022-11 Social Security Administration FOIA Required
FG022-12 Social and Rehabilitation Service FOIA Required
FG022-13 Health Care Financing Administration FOIA Required
FG023 Department of Housing and Urban Development FOIA Required
FG023-01 New Community Development Corporation FOIA Required
FG023-03 Federal Housing Administration FOIA Required
FG023-05 Government National Mortgage Association FOIA Required
FG023-07 Inspector General, Office of, HUD FOIA Required
FG023-08 Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank FOIA Required
FG024 Department of Transportation FOIA Required
FG024-01 Coast Guard FOIA Required
FG024-02 Federal Aviation Administration FOIA Required
FG024-03 Federal Highway Administration FOIA Required
FG024-04 Federal Railroad Administration FOIA Required
FG024-05 Highway Traffic Safety Administration, National FOIA Required
FG024-06 St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation FOIA Required
FG024-07 Urban Mass Transportation Administration FOIA Required
FG024-08 Inspector General, Office Of, DOT FOIA Required
FG024-09 Maritime Administration (Since 8/6/81) FOIA Required
FG025 Department of Energy FOIA Required
FG025-01 Economic Regulatory Administration FOIA Required
FG025-02 Energy Information Administration FOIA Required
FG025-03 Energy Research, Office of FOIA Required
FG025-04 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FOIA Required
FG025-05 Inspector General, Office of, DOE FOIA Required
FG025-06 Leasing Liaison Committee FOIA Required
FG025-07 Alaska Power Administration FOIA Required
FG025-08 Bonneville Power Administration FOIA Required
FG025-09 Southeastern Power Administration FOIA Required
FG025-10 Southwestern Power Administration FOIA Required
FG025-11 Office of Minority Economic Impact FOIA Required
FG025-12 Office of Alcohol Fuels FOIA Required
FG025-13 Western Area Power Administration FOIA Required
FG025-14 Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management FOIA Required
FG026 Department of Education FOIA Required
FG026-01 Civil Rights, Office of (DED) YES
FG026-02 Educational Research and Improvement, National Advisory Council FOIA Required
FG026-02 National Advisory Council on Educational Research and Improvement FOIA Required
FG026-03 Elementary and Secondary Education, Office of FOIA Required
FG026-05 General Counsel, Office of (DED) FOIA Required
FG026-06 Inspector General, Office of (DED) FOIA Required
FG026-07 Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education FOIA Required
FG026-08 Office of Postsecondary Education FOIA Required
FG026-09 Office of Vocational and Adult Education FOIA Required
FG026-10 National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs FOIA Required
FG026-11 Advisory Panel on Financing Elementary and Secondary Education FOIA Required
FG026-12 National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research FOIA Required
FG026-13 National Council on the Handicapped FOIA Required
FG026-14 National Institute of Education FOIA Required
FG026-15 Rehabilitation Services Administration FOIA Required
FG026-16 Institute of Museum Services Board FOIA Required
FG026-17 National Advisory Committee on International Studies FOIA Required
FG026-18 President's Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges FOIA Required
FG026-19 President's Advisory Committee on Education Excel. For Hispanic Americans FOIA Required
FG027 Department of Veterans Affairs YES
FG027-01 Inspector General, Department of Veterans Affairs FOIA Required
FG030 Legislative Branch FOIA Required
FG031 Congress of the United States, The FOIA Required
FG031-01 Legislative Leadership/Meetings FOIA Required
FG032 House of Representatives FOIA Required
FG033 House Committees FOIA Required
FG033-01 Agriculture FOIA Required
FG033-02 Appropriations FOIA Required
FG033-03 Armed Services FOIA Required
FG033-04 Banking, Finance, And Urban Affairs FOIA Required
FG033-05 Budget FOIA Required
FG033-06 District of Colombia FOIA Required
FG033-07 Education and Labor FOIA Required
FG033-08 Government Operations FOIA Required
FG033-09 House Administration FOIA Required
FG033-10 Interior and Insular Affairs FOIA Required
FG033-11 Foreign Affairs FOIA Required
FG033-12 Interstate and Foreign Commerce FOIA Required
FG033-13 Judiciary FOIA Required
FG033-14 Merchant Marine and Fisheries FOIA Required
FG033-15 Post Office and Civil Service FOIA Required
FG033-16 Public Works and Transportation FOIA Required
FG033-17 Rules FOIA Required
FG033-18 Science and Technology FOIA Required
FG033-19 Small Business FOIA Required
FG033-20 Standards of Official Conduct FOIA Required
FG033-21 Veteran Affairs FOIA Required
FG033-22 Ways and Means FOIA Required
FG033-23 Energy and Commerce FOIA Required
FG034 Speaker of the House FOIA Required
FG035 Senate FOIA Required
FG036 Senate Committee FOIA Required
FG036-02 Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry FOIA Required
FG036-03 Appropriations FOIA Required
FG036-04 Senate Committee on Armed Services YES
FG036-05 Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs FOIA Required
FG036-06 Budget FOIA Required
FG036-07 Commerce, Science and Transportation FOIA Required
FG036-08 Energy and Natural Resources FOIA Required
FG036-09 Finance FOIA Required
FG036-10 Foreign Relations YES
FG036-11 Governmental Affairs FOIA Required
FG036-12 Labor and Human Resources FOIA Required
FG036-13 Judiciary, Senate Committee on FOIA Required
FG036-14 Environment and Public Works FOIA Required
FG036-16 Small Business FOIA Required
FG036-17 Rules and Administration, Senate Committee FOIA Required
FG036-18 Veterans Affairs, Senate Committee FOIA Required
FG037 Select and Special Committees of the House and Senate FOIA Required
FG038 Vice President FOIA Required
FG038-01 Former Vice Presidents (Includes Spouses) FOIA Required
FG038-02 Vice President's Staff FOIA Required
FG039 Joint Committees of Congress FOIA Required
FG039-01 Atomic Energy, Joint Committee on FOIA Required
FG039-02 Congressional Operations, Joint Committee on FOIA Required
FG039-03 Defense Production, Joint Committee on FOIA Required
FG039-04 Economic Committee, Joint Committee on FOIA Required
FG039-05 Internal Revenue Taxation, Joint Committee on FOIA Required
FG039-06 Library, Joint Committee on FOIA Required
FG039-07 Printing, Joint Committee on FOIA Required
FG040 Architect of the Capitol FOIA Required
FG041 Botanic Garden FOIA Required
FG042 Capitol Page School FOIA Required
FG043 Capitol Police FOIA Required
FG044 Congressional Budget Office FOIA Required
FG045 General Accounting Office FOIA Required
FG046 Government Printing Office FOIA Required
FG047 Library of Congress FOIA Required
FG047-01 American Folklife Center FOIA Required
FG048 Copyright Royalty Tribunal FOIA Required
FG050 Judicial Branch YES
FG051 Supreme Court of the United States YES
FG052 Courts of Appeals, U.S. YES
FG053 District Courts, U.S. YES
FG054 Court of Claims, United States YES
FG055 United States Court of Appeals for the Federal District, YES
FG056 United States Court of International Trade YES
FG057 Court of Military Appeals, United States YES
FG058 United States Tax Court YES
FG059 Courts of the District Colombia YES
FG059-01 District of Colombia Court of Appeals YES
FG059-02 Superior Court of the District of Colombia YES
FG060 Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts YES
FG061 Federal Judicial Center YES
FG062 United States Court of Veterans Appeals YES
FG065 Independent Agencies, Boards and Commissions FOIA Required
FG066 Action FOIA Required
FG066-02 Vista FOIA Required
FG066-03 Voluntary Action, Office of FOIA Required
FG066-04 National Voluntary Service Advisory Council FOIA Required
FG067 Administrative Conference of the United States FOIA Required
FG068 Advertising Council FOIA Required
FG069 Advisory Board on Parks, Historic Sites, Buildings, and Monuments FOIA Required
FG070 Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations FOIA Required
FG071 Advisory Committee on Federal Pay FOIA Required
FG072 Advisory Council on Historic Preservation FOIA Required
FG073 Agricultural Policy Committee FOIA Required
FG074 American Battle Monuments Commission FOIA Required
FG075 American National Red Cross FOIA Required
FG077 Appalachian Regional Commission FOIA Required
FG078 Board of Foreign Scholarships FOIA Required
FG079 Board of Geographic Names FOIA Required
FG080 Board for International Broadcasting FOIA Required
FG081 Board for International Food and Agricultural Development FOIA Required
FG082 Business Council FOIA Required
FG084 Cabinet Committee on Construction FOIA Required
FG093 Commission on Civil Rights YES
FG094 Commission on Executive, Legislative and Judicial Salaries FOIA Required
FG095 Commission on Federal Paperwork FOIA Required
FG096 Commission of Fine Arts FOIA Required
FG097 Commission on Highway Beautification FOIA Required
FG098 Commission on Postal Service FOIA Required
FG099 Commission on Presidential Scholars FOIA Required
FG100 Commission on the Review of National Policy Toward Gambling FOIA Required
FG101 Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe FOIA Required
FG102 Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States FOIA Required
FG103 Committee on for the Preservation of the White House FOIA Required
FG104 Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Severely Handicapped FOIA Required
FG105 Commodity Futures Trading Commission FOIA Required
FG106 Communications Satellite Corporation FOIA Required
FG108 Consumer Product Safety Commission FOIA Required
FG109 Corporation for Public Broadcasting FOIA Required
FG110 Defense Manpower Commission FOIA Required
FG111 Delaware River Basin Commission FOIA Required
FG112 Development Coordination Committee FOIA Required
FG114 District of Colombia FOIA Required
FG115 District of Colombia Commission on Judicial Disabilities FOIA Required
FG116 District of Colombia Judicial Nominating Commission FOIA Required
FG117 District of Colombia Law Revision Commission FOIA Required
FG118 East - West Foreign Trade Board FOIA Required
FG119 Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation FOIA Required
FG120 Endangered Species Scientific Authority FOIA Required
FG122 Environmental Protection Agency FOIA Required
FG122-01 Inspector General, Office of, EPA FOIA Required
FG123 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission FOIA Required
FG123-01 Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinating Council FOIA Required
FG124 Export Administration Review Boards FOIA Required
FG125 Export Expansion Advisory Committee FOIA Required
FG126 Export - Import Bank of the United States FOIA Required
FG127 Farm Credit Administration FOIA Required
FG128 Federal Communications Commission FOIA Required
FG129 Federal Council on the Aging FOIA Required
FG130 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FOIA Required
FG131 Federal Election Commission FOIA Required
FG133 Federal Executive Boards FOIA Required
FG134 Federal Home Loan Bank Board YES
FG135 Federal Interagency Committee on Education FOIA Required
FG136 Federal Labor Relations Authority FOIA Required
FG136-01 Federal Service Impasses Panel FOIA Required
FG137 Federal Maritime Commission FOIA Required
FG138 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service FOIA Required
FG138-01 National Labor Management Panel FOIA Required
FG139 Federal Metal and Nonmetallic Mine Safety Board of Review FOIA Required
FG140 Federal National Mortgage Association FOIA Required
FG142 Federal Regional Council FOIA Required
FG142-01 Under Secretaries Group for Regional Operations FOIA Required
FG143 Federal Reserve System, Board of Governors FOIA Required
FG144 Federal Safety Council FOIA Required
FG145 Federal Trade Commission FOIA Required
FG148 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission FOIA Required
FG149 General Services Administration (GSA) FOIA Required
FG149-01 Advisory Committee, Federal Buildings, National Capital Region FOIA Required
FG149-02 Federal Supply Service FOIA Required
FG149-03 National General Service Public Advisory Council FOIA Required
FG149-04 Property Management and Disposal Service FOIA Required
FG149-05 Public Buildings Service FOIA Required
FG149-06 Transportation and Communications Service FOIA Required
FG149-07 Information Security Oversight Offices FOIA Required
FG149-08 Inspector General, Office of, GSA FOIA Required
FG150 Geothermal Energy Coordination and Management Project FOIA Required
FG152 Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation Board of Trustees FOIA Required
FG153 Hopi-Navajo Land Settlement Interagency Committee FOIA Required
FG154 Indian Claims Commission FOIA Required
FG156 Interagency Classification Review Committee FOIA Required
FG157 Interagency Committee on Handicapped Employees FOIA Required
FG158 Interagency Economic Adjustment Committee FOIA Required
FG159 Inter-American Foundation FOIA Required
FG159-01 Inter-American Foundation, Board of Directors FOIA Required
FG160 Interdependent Committee on Internal Security FOIA Required
FG162 Interagency Committee for the Purchase of U.S. Saving Bonds FOIA Required
FG163 Interstate Commerce Commission FOIA Required
FG164 Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin FOIA Required
FG165 James Madison Memorial Commission FOIA Required
FG166 Joint Federal - State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska FOIA Required
FG167 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Coordinating Council FOIA Required
FG167-01 National Advisory Committee, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency FOIA Required
FG168 Legal Services Corporation, Board of Directors of the FOIA Required
FG171 Marine Mammal Commission FOIA Required
FG173 National Academy of Sciences YES
FG174 National Advisory Commission on Low Income Housing FOIA Required
FG175 National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere FOIA Required
FG176 National Advisory on Adult Education FOIA Required
FG177 National Advisory on Educational Professions Development FOIA Required
FG178 National Advisory Council on Education of Disadvantaged Children FOIA Required
FG179 Extension and Continuing Education, Advisory Council on FOIA Required
FG180 National Advisory Council on Equality of Ed. Opportunity FOIA Required
FG181 National Advisory Council Indian Education FOIA Required
FG182 National Advisory Council on International Mon. and Fin. Policies FOIA Required
FG183 National Advisory Council on Supplementary Center and Services FOIA Required
FG184 National Council on Vocational Education FOIA Required
FG185 National Aeronautics and Space Administration YES
FG185-01 Inspector General, Office of, NASA FOIA Required
FG186 National Alliance of Business FOIA Required
FG187 National Capital Planning Commission FOIA Required
FG189 National Commission on Electronic Fund Transfers FOIA Required
FG190 National Commission on Individual Rights FOIA Required
FG191 National Commission on Libraries and Information Science FOIA Required
FG192 National Commission on Manpower Policy FOIA Required
FG196 National Commission on Supplies and Shortages FOIA Required
FG197 National Commission on Water Quality FOIA Required
FG198 National Corporation of Housing Partnerships FOIA Required
FG199 National Council on Federal Disaster Assistance FOIA Required
FG201 National Council on Quality in Education FOIA Required
FG202 National Credit Union Administration YES
FG202-01 National Credit Union Board YES
FG203 National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities FOIA Required
FG203-01 Federal Council on the Arts and Humanities FOIA Required
FG203-02 National Endowment for the Arts FOIA Required
FG203-03 National Endowment for the Humanities FOIA Required
FG204 National Historical Publications and Records Commission FOIA Required
FG205 National Home Ownership Foundation FOIA Required
FG206 National Institute of Building Sciences FOIA Required
FG207 National Labor Relations Board FOIA Required
FG208 National Mediation Board FOIA Required
FG209 National Park Foundation FOIA Required
FG210 National Railroad Passenger Corporation FOIA Required
FG210-01 Financial Investment Advisory Panel FOIA Required
FG211 National Science Foundation FOIA Required
FG211-01 National Science Board FOIA Required
FG212 National Study Commission on Recs. And Docs. Of Federal Officials FOIA Required
FG213 National Transportation Policy Study Commission FOIA Required
FG214 National Transportation Safety Board FOIA Required
FG217 Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) FOIA Required
FG218 Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission FOIA Required
FG221 Overseas Private Investment Corporation FOIA Required
FG226 Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation FOIA Required
FG227 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation FOIA Required
FG228 Permanent Committee of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise FOIA Required
FG229 President's Biomedical Research Panel FOIA Required
FG230 President's Cancer Panel YES
FG232 President's Commission on Executive Exchange (To Terminate) 9/20/91 FOIA Required
FG233 President's Commission on White House Fellowships FOIA Required
FG234 President's Committee on Employees of People with Disabilities FOIA Required
FG235 President's Committee on Mental Retardation FOIA Required
FG236 President's Committee on the National Medal of Science FOIA Required
FG238 President's Committee on Urban Development and Neighborhood Revitalization FOIA Required
FG240 President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports FOIA Required
FG240-01 Citizen's Advisory Committee on Physical Fitness and Sports FOIA Required
FG240-02 Conference on Physical Fitness and Sports FOIA Required
FG242 President's Interagency Committee on Export Expansion FOIA Required
FG245 Rail Public Counsel, Office of the FOIA Required
FG246 Railroad Retirement Board FOIA Required
FG247 Renegotiations Board FOIA Required
FG248 Sinai Interagency Board FOIA Required
FG249 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) FOIA Required
FG250 Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) FOIA Required
FG251 Selective Service System FOIA Required
FG251-01 National Selective Service Appeals Board FOIA Required
FG252 Small Business Administration FOIA Required
FG252-01 National Small Business Advisory Council FOIA Required
FG252-02 Inspector General, SBA FOIA Required
FG253 Smithsonian Institution FOIA Required
FG253-01 Arts, Advisory Committee on; John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts FOIA Required
FG253-02 Joseph H. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden FOIA Required
FG253-03 National Air and Space Museum FOIA Required
FG253-04 National Armed Forces Museum Advisory Board FOIA Required
FG253-05 National Gallery of Art FOIA Required
FG253-06 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars FOIA Required
FG254 Southern Interstate Nuclear Board FOIA Required
FG255 Student Loan Marketing Association FOIA Required
FG256 Susquehanna River Basin Commission FOIA Required
FG257 Tahoe Regional Planning Agency FOIA Required
FG258 Task Forces FOIA Required
FG258-01 Presidential Task Force on Regulatory Relief FOIA Required
FG258-02 Automobile Industry, Task Force on FOIA Required
FG258-03 Immigration and Refugee Policy, Task Force on FOIA Required
FG258-04 Aircraft Crew Complement, Task Force on FOIA Required
FG258-05 Coordination Task Force on Federalism FOIA Required
FG258-06 Task Force on Telecommunications Policy (Commerce Department) FOIA Required
FG258-07 Puerto Rican Problems, Task Force on FOIA Required
FG258-08 Arts and Humanities, Presidential Task Force on the, FOIA Required
FG258-09 Military Manpower Task Force FOIA Required
FG258-10 Communications Task Force FOIA Required
FG258-11 Social Security, Task Force on FOIA Required
FG258-12 Entitlements, Task Force on FOIA Required
FG258-13 Revenue Enhancements, Task Force on FOIA Required
FG258-14 President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives, FOIA Required
FG258-15 Legal Equity for Women, Task Force on FOIA Required
FG258-17 President's Task Force on Victims of Crime FOIA Required
FG258-18 Civil Rights Organization, Task Force YES
FG258-19 International Private Enterprise Task Force FOIA Required
FG258-20 Acid Precipitation, Task Force on FOIA Required
FG258-21 Food Assistance, Task Force on FOIA Required
FG258-22 Presidential Task Force on Project Economic Justice FOIA Required
FG258-23 Task Force on Adoption FOIA Required
FG258-24 Task Force on Market Mechanisms FOIA Required
FG259 Tennessee Valley Authority FOIA Required
FG260 Trade Policy Committee FOIA Required
FG260-01 Trade Negotiations Committee FOIA Required
FG261 United Service Organization FOIA Required
FG264 United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency FOIA Required
FG267 United States International Trade Commission (USITC) FOIA Required
FG268 United States Metric Board FOIA Required
FG269 United States Postal Service FOIA Required
FG269-01 United States Postal Service Board OF Governors FOIA Required
FG269-02 Postal Service Advisory Council FOIA Required
FG269-03 Postal Rate Commission FOIA Required
FG269-04 Postmasters - Post Offices FOIA Required
FG270 United States Railway Association FOIA Required
FG271 United States Sinai Support Mission FOIA Required
FG272 United States Territorial Expansion Memorial Commission FOIA Required
FG276 Veterans Affairs FOIA Required
FG277 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority FOIA Required
FG278 Water Resources Council FOIA Required
FG279 Western Interstate Nuclear Board FOIA Required
FG280 Woodrow Wilson Memorial Commission FOIA Required
FG281 National Commission on Unemployment Compensation FOIA Required
FG282 National Health Resources Advisory Board FOIA Required
FG284 Presidential Advisory Board on Ambassadorial Appointments FOIA Required
FG286 United States Circuit Judge Nominating Commission FOIA Required
FG288 Strategy Council (Drug Abuse) FOIA Required
FG289 National Commission on Employment and Unemployment Statistics FOIA Required
FG290 Committee on Selection of Federal Judicial Officers FOIA Required
FG294 Statistical Policy Coordination Committee FOIA Required
FG297 Advisory Committee on Balanced National Growth and Development FOIA Required
FG298 United Stated Information Agency (USIA) , 8/24/82 YES
FG298-01 Voice of America (Broadcasting Service) YES
FG299 United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy FOIA Required
FG300 President's Advisory Committee for Women FOIA Required
FG302 National Commission on Air Quality FOIA Required
FG304 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission FOIA Required
FG309 President's Commission on Pension Policy FOIA Required
FG310 Interagency Coordinating Council FOIA Required
FG313 Judicial Nominating Commission of Puerto Rico FOIA Required
FG314 Veterans Federal Coordinating Committee Council FOIA Required
FG317 Regulatory Council FOIA Required
FG317-01 Regulatory Analysis Review Group FOIA Required
FG318 Merit Systems Protection Board FOIA Required
FG319 Office of Personnel Management (OPM) FOIA Required
FG319-01 Government Ethics, Office of YES
FG319-02 Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee FOIA Required
FG319-03 Office of Personnel Management, Inspector General FOIA Required
FG320 Special Panel on Appeals for Discriminatory Cases FOIA Required
FG321 National Consumer Cooperative Bank Board of Directors FOIA Required
FG321-01 Office of Self-Help Development and Technical Assistance FOIA Required
FG322 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy FOIA Required
FG323 Endangered Species Committee FOIA Required
FG324 Interagency Committee on Handicapped Research FOIA Required
FG325 Mid Atlantic Regional Commission FOIA Required
FG326 Mid-South Regional Commission FOIA Required
FG327 Mid-America Regional Commission FOIA Required
FG328 Architectural and Transportation Barrier Compliance Board FOIA Required
FG329 Interagency Committee on Refugee Affairs FOIA Required
FG330 Advisory Committee on Libraries and Information Service FOIA Required
FG331 Federal Emergency Management Agency FOIA Required
FG331-01 United States Fire Administration FOIA Required
FG331-02 Federal Disaster Assistance Administration FOIA Required
FG331-03 Federal Preparedness Agency FOIA Required
FG331-04 Flood Insurance Administration FOIA Required
FG331-05 Inspector General, FEMA FOIA Required
FG331-05 Federal Insurance Administration FOIA Required
FG333 National Commission for Employment Policy FOIA Required
FG334 Executive Group to Combat Fraud and Waste in Government FOIA Required
FG336 President's Export Council FOIA Required
FG337 Interagency Committee on Women's Business Enterprise FOIA Required
FG338 National Alcohol Fuels Commission FOIA Required
FG339 National Academy of Peace and Conflict Resolution FOIA Required
FG340 Office of Inspector for Alaska Gas Transportation System FOIA Required
FG340-01 Executive Policy Board FOIA Required
FG341 President's Commission on Study of Ethical Problems, etc. FOIA Required
FG342 Untied States International Development Cooperation Agency FOIA Required
FG342-01 Institute for Scientific and Technological Cooperation FOIA Required
FG342-02 Council on International Scientific and Technological Cooperation FOIA Required
FG342-03 Agency for International Development - Terminated, 5/15/92 YES
FG342-04 United States Trade and Development Program FOIA Required
FG343 Federal Legal Council FOIA Required
FG344 Commission on the Review of the Federal Impact Aid Program FOIA Required
FG345 Northern Mariana Islands Commission on Federal Law FOIA Required
FG346 Emergency Management Council FOIA Required
FG348 Consumer Affairs Council FOIA Required
FG348 Korean War Veterans Memorial Advisory Board FOIA Required
FG349 Panama Canal Commission FOIA Required
FG349-01 Panama Canal Commission Supervisory Board FOIA Required
FG350 National Advisory Community Investment Board FOIA Required
FG351 President's Commission for National Agenda for the Eighties FOIA Required
FG352 Untied States Holocaust Memorial Council FOIA Required
FG352-01 Citizens Committee on Conscience FOIA Required
FG353 National Commission on Alcoholism and Alcohol - Related Programs FOIA Required
FG355 Advisory Committee on Small and Minority Bus. Ownership (Terminated 2/26) FOIA Required
FG356 State Planning Council on Radioactive Waste Management FOIA Required
FG358 President's Committee on International Labor Organization FOIA Required
FG360 Motor Carrier Ratemaking Study Commission FOIA Required
FG361 United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation, Board of Directors FOIA Required
FG361-01 Inspector General (synthetic Fuels Corporation) FOIA Required
FG362 Supplemental Health Insurance Panel FOIA Required
FG364 Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians FOIA Required
FG365 Tahoe Federal Coordinating Council FOIA Required
FG366 National Commission on Student Financial Assistance FOIA Required
FG368 President's Economic Policy Advisory Board FOIA Required
FG369 Native Hawaiian Study Commission FOIA Required
FG370 President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency FOIA Required
FG370-01 Coordinating Conference of Council of Integrity and Efficiency FOIA Required
FG370-02 Executive council on Integrity and Efficiency (ECIE) FOIA Required
FG371 Presidential Advisory Committee on Federalism FOIA Required
FG372 President's Commission on Hostage Compensation FOIA Required
FG374 Alaska Land Use Council FOIA Required
FG377 National Productivity Advisory Committee (Extended) FOIA Required
FG378 Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board FOIA Required
FG379 National Commission on Social Security Reform FOIA Required
FG380 Peace Corps, (since 12/29/81) FOIA Required
FG380-01 Peace Corps Advisory Council FOIA Required
FG381 Property Review Board (federal Real Property Board) FOIA Required
FG382 Presidential Commission on Drunk Driving FOIA Required
FG383 President's Committee on the Arts and The Humanities FOIA Required
FG384 President' Private Sector Survey on Cost Control FOIA Required
FG385 President's National Security Telecommunications Adv. Committee FOIA Required
FG386 United States German Tricentennial Commission FOIA Required
FG387 President's Commission on Strategic Forces FOIA Required
FG388 Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economies FOIA Required
FG389 President's Council for International Youth Exchange FOIA Required
FG390 African Development Foundation, Board f Directors FOIA Required
FG391 National Advisory commission on Resource Conservation, Etc, FOIA Required
FG392 Presidential Commission on Conduct of U.S. - Japan Relations FOIA Required
FG393 Commission on Organized Crime FOIA Required
FG394 Textile Import Program, Interagency Working Group FOIA Required
FG395 President's Advisory Committee on Women's Business Ownership FOIA Required
FG396 President's Advisory Council on Private Sectors Initiatives FOIA Required
FG397 President's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness FOIA Required
FG398 National Bipartisan Commission on Central America FOIA Required
FG399 Cultural Property Advisory Committee FOIA Required
FG400 President's Advisory Committee on Mediation and Conciliation FOIA Required
FG401 Presidential Advisory Council on the Peace Corps FOIA Required
FG402 President's Council on Management Improvement FOIA Required
FG403 Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Funs, Board OF Trustees FOIA Required
FG404 Federal Old Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund, Board of Trustees FOIA Required
FG405 Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund Board of Trustees FOIA Required
FG406 National Commission on Space FOIA Required
FG407 National Commission on Agricultural Trade and Export Policy FOIA Required
FG408 Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission FOIA Required
FG409 President's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Nuclear Weapons, etc. FOIA Required
FG410 President's Commission on American Outdoors FOIA Required
FG411 Chemical Welfare Review Commission FOIA Required
FG412 Arctic Research Commission YES
FG413 National Council on Public Works Improvement FOIA Required
FG414 United States Institute of Peace, Board of Directors YES
FG415 commission on the Bicentennial of the Untied States FOIA Required
FG416 Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission FOIA Required
FG417 National Afro-American History and Culture Commission YES
FG418 Commission on the Ukraine Famine FOIA Required
FG419 Technical Review Group on Inertial Confinement Fusion FOIA Required
FG420 National Archives and Records Administration (Since 4/1/85) FOIA Required
FG421 President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management FOIA Required
FG422 President's Child Safety Partnership FOIA Required
FG423 Presidential Board of Advisors on Private Sector Initiatives FOIA Required
FG424 National Graduate Fellows Program Fellowship Board FOIA Required
FG425 State Justice Institute Board of Directors FOIA Required
FG426 National Commission On Innovation and Productivity FOIA Required
FG427 Presidential Commission on Space Shuttle Challenger Accident FOIA Required
FG428 Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad FOIA Required
FG429 National Critical Materials Council FOIA Required
FG430 Commission on Merchant Marine and Defense FOIA Required
FG431 Commission for the Study of Alt. To the Panama Canal FOIA Required
FG432 National Commission on Agricultural Finance FOIA Required
FG433 United States International Narcotics Control Commission FOIA Required
FG434 Advisory Board For Radio Broadcasting to Cuba YES
FG435 Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board FOIA Required
FG436 President's Special Review Board FOIA Required
FG437 Commission on Education of the Deaf FOIA Required
FG439 Aviation Safety Commission FOIA Required
FG440 National Drug Policy Board FOIA Required
FG441 National Summit Conference on Education FOIA Required
FG442 Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority FOIA Required
FG443 National Dam Safety Review Board FOIA Required
FG444 President's Commission on Compensation for Federal Executives FOIA Required
FG445 Dwight D. Eisenhower Centennial Commission FOIA Required
FG446 Presidential Commission On AIDS YES
FG447 Coordinating Committee for Sub-Saharan Africa FOIA Required
FG448 Goldwater, Barry, Scholarship and Executive Education Foundation FOIA Required
FG449 Low Income Opportunity Board FOIA Required
FG450 Interagency Council on the Homeless FOIA Required
FG451 President's Commission on Privatization FOIA Required
FG452 National Economic Commission FOIA Required
FG453 National Commission on Agriculture Policy FOIA Required
FG454 Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native FOIA Required
FG455 International Cultural and Trade Center commission FOIA Required
FG456 Working Group on Financial Markets FOIA Required
FG457 Farm and Credit System Assistance Board, Board of Directors FOIA Required
FG458 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Association Interim Board FOIA Required
FG459 National Commission on Migrant Education FOIA Required
FG460 James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation FOIA Required
FG461 National Commission on Children FOIA Required
FG462 National Commission on Child and Youth Deaths FOIA Required
FG463 Commission on Agricultural Workers FOIA Required
FG464 Commission on Railroad Retirement Reform FOIA Required
FG465 Defense Nuclear facilities Safety Board FOIA Required
FG466 Council on Competitiveness YES
FG467 National Space Council, Establishing YES
FG468 Commission on Alternative Utilization of Military Facilities FOIA Required
FG469 Interagency Trade Data Advisory Committee FOIA Required
FG470 President's Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism FOIA Required
FG471 President's Education Policy Advisory Committee FOIA Required
FG472 National Commission On Superconductivity (E.O.12661) FOIA Required
FG473 President's Advisory Comm. Points of Light Foundation (terminated: 6/18/90) FOIA Required
FG474 Advisory Commission on Conferences in Ocean Shipping FOIA Required
FG475 National Committee on Responsibilities for Financing Post. Education FOIA Required
FG476 President's Drug Advisory Council FOIA Required
FG477 National Commission on Agriculture and Rural Development Policy FOIA Required
FG478 President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology FOIA Required
FG479 Resolution Trust Corporation YES
FG479-01 Resolution Trust Corporation, Inspector General FOIA Required
FG479-02 Resolution Trust Corporation, Oversight Board FOIA Required
FG480 Federal Housing Finance Board, Directors of the FOIA Required
FG481 National Indian Gaming Commission FOIA Required
FG482 Interagency Commission on Alternative Motor Fuels FOIA Required
FG483 President's Advisory Commission on the Public Service FOIA Required
FG484 President's Council on Rural America FOIA Required
FG485 Trade Promotion Coordination Committee FOIA Required
FG486 President's Commission on the Federal Appointment Process FOIA Required
FG487 President's Commission on the Environmental Quality FOIA Required
FG488 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission YES
FG489 National Nutrition Monitoring Advisory Council YES
FG490 Federal Pay Council, 6/5/91 FOIA Required
FG491 National Commission Judicial Discipline and Removal FOIA Required
FG492 Untied States Office of Special Counsel, established 1/1/79 FOIA Required
FG493 Council on Federal Recycling and Procurement Policy, 10/31/91 FOIA Required
FG494 National Commission on America's Urban Families FOIA Required
FG495 Board of Trustees/Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation FOIA Required
FG496 National Council on Surface Transportation Research, 12/18/91 FOIA Required
FG497 National Security Education Board, Established, 12/4/91 FOIA Required
FG498 The High Resolution Information System Advisory Board, Established, 2/14/92 FOIA Required
FG499 Western War Policy Review Comm., Established under this Act in 92 FOIA Required
FG500 Office of Nuclear Waste Negotiator, Established in 1987 FOIA Required
FG999 Federal Agencies, Proposed FOIA Required
FI Finance YES
FI001 Accounting - Audits YES
FI001-01 Collections - Receipts - User Fees YES
FI001-02 Disbursements - Expenditures - Deficit Spending YES
FI001-03 Irregularities, Financial (Anti-Deficiency Act) YES
FI002 Banks - Banking YES
FI003 Bonds - Stocks - Investments YES
FI004 Budget - Appropriations YES
FI004-01 Allocations YES
FI004-02 Estimates, Budget YES
FI005 Credit and Loans YES
FI005-01 Agricultural Loans YES
FI005-02 Housing Loans YES
FI005-03 Schools - Student Teacher YES
FI005-04 Small Business Loans YES
FI005-05 Transportation Loans [Empty] YES
FI006 Funds - Accounts YES
FI007 Interest Rates YES
FI008 Monetary Systems YES
FI009 Public Debt YES
FI010 Taxation YES
FI010-01 Excise Tax - Estate Tax - Gift Tax - Excess Profits YES
FI010-02 Income Tax YES
FI010-03 Real Estate Tax and Personal Property YES
FI010-04 Sales Tax YES
FO Foreign Affairs FOIA Required
FO001 Buildings and Grounds, U.S. Embassies FOIA Required
FO001-01 War Crimes FOIA Required
FO002 Diplomatic Affairs - Consular Relations FOIA Required
FO002-01 Personal - Special Rank of Ambassador or Minister FOIA Required
FO003 Economic - Technical Development FOIA Required
FO003-01 International Waterways FOIA Required
FO003-02 Mutual Security FOIA Required
FO004 Financial Relations FOIA Required
FO004-01 Balance of Payments FOIA Required
FO004-02 Loans - Funds FOIA Required
FO004-03 International Investments FOIA Required
FO005 Information - Exchange Activities FOIA Required
FO005-01 Educational FOIA Required
FO005-02 Scientific - Cultural - Business Exchange Activity FOIA Required
FO005-03 Publicity, International FOIA Required
FO006 International Conferences FOIA Required
FO006-01 NATO Summit in Belgium, 5/29-30/89 FOIA Required
FO006-02 Economic Summit, Paris, France, 7/14-16/89 YES
FO006-03 Mid-Mediterranean Meeting of President Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev, Malta Summit, 12/2-3/89 YES
FO006-04 Economic Summit, Houston, Texas, 7/9-11/90 FOIA Required
FO006-05 Drug Summit, Colombia, 2/15/90 YES
FO006-06 United States-Soviet Summit, 5/30-6/3/90 YES
FO006-07 NATO Summit, London, England 7/4-6/90 FOIA Required
FO006-08 Helsinki Summit, U.S.-U.S.S.R. Summit, Helsinki, 9/8/90 FOIA Required
FO006-09 Pacific Island Summit, Honolulu, Hawaii, 10/27/90 FOIA Required
FO006-10 Paris Summit, Paris, France, 11/19/90 (CSCE Summit) FOIA Required
FO006-11 Economic Summit, London, England, 7/15-17/91 YES
FO006-12 U.S. - USSR Summit, Moscow, USSR, 7/30-31/91 YES
FO006-13 Middle East Peace Conference, Madrid, Spain, 10/29-30/91 YES
FO006-14 NATO Summit, 11/7-8/91 YES
FO006-15 Drug Summit, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. 2/26/92-2/27/92 YES
FO006-16 UNCED, (Earth Summit), 1992 YES
FO006-17 Economic Summit, Munich, Germany, 7/6-8/92 FOIA Required
FO006-18 Helsinki Summit Meeting of the CSCE, 7/9-10/92 FOIA Required
FO007 International Law FOIA Required
FO008 International Travel FOIA Required
FO008-01 Foreign Travel of Administration Officials FOIA Required
FO008-02 Letters of Introduction, Travel FOIA Required
FO008-03 Passports - Visas FOIA Required
FO009 Treaties FOIA Required
GI Gifts FOIA Required
GI001 Gifts from the President FOIA Required
GI002 Gifts to the President FOIA Required
GI003 Gifts to or from the U.S. FOIA Required
HE Health YES
HE001 Diseases - Disabilities YES
HE001-02 Alcoholism YES
HE001-03 Cancer YES
HE001-04 Heart Disease YES
HE001-05 Mental Disorders YES
HE001-06 Physically Handicapped YES
HE002 Doctors - Dentists - Nurses YES
HE003 Nutrition - Hunger YES
HE004 Health, Services YES
HE004-01 Chronic Diseases - Health of Aged FOIA Required
HE004-02 Environmental - Occupational Health FOIA Required
HE005 Hospitals YES
HE006 Medicines - Drugs - Serums YES
HE006-01 Narcotics YES
HE007 Pollution Control - Sanitary Services YES
HE007-01 Air Pollution YES
HE007-02 Sewage Systems YES
HE007-03 Water Pollution - Water Purification YES
HE007-04 Acid Rain YES
HE008 Radiological Health - Radon YES
HI Highways - Bridges YES
HO Holidays YES
HO001 Armed Forces Day YES
HO002 Bill of Rights - Human Rights Day, Week, Year YES
HO003 Boy-Girl Scout Week YES
HO004 Captive Nations Week YES
HO005 Chinese New Year YES
HO006 Christmas - New Years YES
HO006-01 Christmas Greetings (Received - Sent) (Heads of State) YES
HO007 Citizenship Day - Constitution Week YES
HO008 Columbus Day, Christopher YES
HO009 Crime Prevention Week, National YES
HO010 Day of Prayer YES
HO011 Defense Week, National FOIA Required
HO012 Drug Abuse Prevention Week YES
HO013 Easter YES
HO014 Education Week, American/Education Day, USA YES
HO015 Father's Day YES
HO016 Fire Prevention Week YES
HO017 Flag Day, Week YES
HO018 Historic Preservation Week, National YES
HO019 Inauguration Day YES
HO020 Independence Day, July 4th YES
HO020-01 Independence Day Greetings - Heads of State & Representatives YES
HO021 Jefferson's Birthday, Thomas FOIA Required
HO022 Jewish Holidays (Chanukah, Hanukah, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, New Years, 7 Holy Days) YES
HO023 Labor Day FOIA Required
HO024 Law Day YES
HO025 Library Week, National YES
HO026 Lincoln's Birthday YES
HO027 Memorial Day YES
HO028 Mental Health Day/Week/Month YES
HO029 Mothers' Day YES
HO030 Pulaski Day, General YES
HO031 Red Cross Month, Day YES
HO032 Saint Patrick's Day YES
HO033 Secretaries Week/Day YES
HO034 Thanksgiving Day YES
HO035 Trade Week, World (E Star Awards) YES
HO036 United Nations Day, Week YES
HO037 Veterans Day YES
HO038 Volunteer Related, General FOIA Required
HO039 Washington's Birthday, George YES
HO040 Women's Equality Day YES
HO041 Women's Week/Day, Federal FOIA Required
HO042 Child Health Day YES
HO043 Leif Erikson Day YES
HO044 National School Lunch Week YES
HO045 White Cane Safety Day YES
HO046 National Disability Employment Awareness Month YES
HO047 National Forest Products Week YES
HO048 Wright Brothers Day YES
HO049 Martin Luther King Jr. Day YES
HO050 National Safe Boating Week YES
HO051 Pan American Day-Week YES
HO052 Cancer Control Month YES
HO053 Loyalty Day YES
HO054 National Farm Safety Week YES
HO055 National Arbor Day YES
HS Housing FOIA Required
HU Human Rights YES
HU010 Equality YES
HU011 Education, Equal YES
HU012 Employment, Equal YES
HU013 Ethnic Origin Groups YES
HU013-10 Arab - American YES
HU013-20 Asian-American Groups YES
HU013-21 Chinese-American Groups YES
HU013-22 Japanese-American Groups YES
HU013-30 African-American Groups YES
HU013-40 Canadian - American YES
HU013-50 Eastern European - American YES
HU013-51 Hungarian - American YES
HU013-52 Lithuanian - American YES
HU013-53 Polish-American Groups YES
HU013-54 Russian - American YES
HU013-60 Jewish-American Groups YES
HU013-70 Latin - American - Hispanics YES
HU013-71 Chicano Groups YES
HU013-80 Puerto Rican - American YES
HU013-90 Western European - American YES
HU013-91 Franco - American YES
HU013-92 German - American FOIA Required
HU013-93 Greek - American YES
HU013-94 Italian-American Groups YES
HU013-95 Irish-American Groups YES
HU013-96 Spanish - American YES
HU013-99 Other Ethnic Origin Groups YES
HU014 Housing, Right to YES
HU015 Voting Rights YES
HU016 Women YES
HU020 Freedoms YES
HU021 Civil Disturbances - Riots YES
HU030 Genocide YES
HU040 Ideologies YES
IM Immigration-Naturalization YES
IN Indian Affairs YES
IS Insurance YES
IS001 Accident-Hospital-Medical-Health-Medicare YES
IS002 Disaster-Flood-Fire-Marine YES
IS010 Health Care Costs YES
IT International Organizations FOIA Required
IT001 African Development Bank FOIA Required
IT002 Asian Development Bank FOIA Required
IT003 Canada - U.S. Inter-parliamentary Conference FOIA Required
IT004 Central Treaty Organization FOIA Required
IT005 Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe FOIA Required
IT006 Customs Cooperation Council FOIA Required
IT007 Eighteen - Nation Disarmament Committee FOIA Required
IT008 Common Market FOIA Required
IT009 European Space Research Organization FOIA Required
IT010 Food and Agriculture Organization FOIA Required
IT011 Free Europe, Inc. YES
IT012 General Agreement on Tariff and Trade FOIA Required
IT013 Great Lakes Fishery Commission FOIA Required
IT014 Hague Conference on Private International Law FOIA Required
IT015 Inter-American Commission of Women FOIA Required
IT016 Inter-American Defense Board FOIA Required
IT017 Inter-American Development Bank FOIA Required
IT018 Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission FOIA Required
IT019 Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration FOIA Required
IT020 Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization FOIA Required
IT021 International Arbitral Tribunal FOIA Required
IT022 International Atomic Energy Agency FOIA Required
IT023 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development FOIA Required
IT024 International Boundary Commission, U.S. and Canada FOIA Required
IT025 International Boundary and Water Commission, U.S. - Mexico FOIA Required
IT026 International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes FOIA Required
IT027 International Civil Aviation Organization FOIA Required
IT028 International Coffee Organization FOIA Required
IT029 International Commission of Control and Supervision FOIA Required
IT030 International Commission for Conservation of Atlantic Tuna FOIA Required
IT031 International Commission for Northwest Atlantic Fisheries FOIA Required
IT032 International Commission for Peace, United States - Finland FOIA Required
IT033 International Commission for Scientific Exploration Of Medical Science FOIA Required
IT034 International Committee of the Red Cross FOIA Required
IT035 International Conference on Vietnam FOIA Required
IT036 International Council for the Exploration of the Sea FOIA Required
IT037 International Council of Scientific Unions FOIA Required
IT038 International Development Association FOIA Required
IT039 International Finance Corporation FOIA Required
IT040 International Hydrographic Bureau FOIA Required
IT041 International Institute for Cotton FOIA Required
IT042 International Joint Commission, United States and Canada FOIA Required
IT043 International Labor Organization FOIA Required
IT044 International Monetary Fund FOIA Required
IT045 International North Pacific Fisheries Commission FOIA Required
IT046 International Office of Epizootic FOIA Required
IT047 International Pacific Halibut Commission FOIA Required
IT049 International Secretariat for Volunteer Service FOIA Required
IT050 International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium FOIA Required
IT051 International Telecommunications Satellite Organization FOIA Required
IT052 International Telecommunications Union FOIA Required
IT054 International Whaling Commission FOIA Required
IT055 International Wheat Council FOIA Required
IT056 Inter-parliamentary Union Investment Bank FOIA Required
IT057 Japan - United States Friendship Commission FOIA Required
IT058 Joint Brazil - United States Defense Commission FOIA Required
IT059 Joint Committee on U.S. - Japan Cultural and Education Cooperation FOIA Required
IT060 Joint Mexican - United States Defense Commission FOIA Required
IT061 Joint U.S. - Canada Committee on Trade and Economic Affairs FOIA Required
IT062 Joint U.S. - Japan Committee on Trade and Economic Affairs FOIA Required
IT063 Joint United States - Philippine Commission FOIA Required
IT064 Joint US/USSR Committee for Cooperative Studies of the World Oc. FOIA Required
IT065 Kennedy Memorial Trust in the United Kingdom FOIA Required
IT066 International Organization of Legal Metrology FOIA Required
IT067 North Atlantic Treaty Organization FOIA Required
IT067-01 European Command, NATO FOIA Required
IT067-01 Atlantic Ocean Command, NATO FOIA Required
IT067-01 Channel Committee and Allied Channel Command, NATO FOIA Required
IT067-02 North Atlantic Council, NATO FOIA Required
IT067-03 Committee on Challenges of the Modern Society FOIA Required
IT067-04 North Atlantic Assembly FOIA Required
IT068 North Pacific Fur Seal Commission FOIA Required
IT069 Organization of African Unity FOIA Required
IT070 Organization of American States FOIA Required
IT070-01 Inter-American Economic an Social Council FOIA Required
IT070-02 Inter-American Committee for the Alliance of Progress FOIA Required
IT070-03 Inter-American Children's Institute FOIA Required
IT070-04 Inter-American Council for Education, Science and Culture FOIA Required
IT070-05 Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture FOIA Required
IT071 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development FOIA Required
IT071-01 Development Assistance Committee FOIA Required
IT072 Pan American Health Organization FOIA Required
IT072-01 Pan American Sanitary Bureau FOIA Required
IT073 Pan American Railway Congress Association FOIA Required
IT074 Pan American Union FOIA Required
IT076 Permanent Engineering Board (U.S. - Canada - Columbia River) FOIA Required
IT077 Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses FOIA Required
IT078 Permanent Joint Board on Defense, United States and Canada FOIA Required
IT079 Polish-American Trade Committee FOIA Required
IT080 Postal Union of the Americas and Spain FOIA Required
IT081 Romanian-American Economic Commission FOIA Required
IT082 Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission FOIA Required
IT083 South Pacific Commission FOIA Required
IT085 United International Bureau for Protection of Intellectual Property FOIA Required
IT086 Secretariat, United Nations YES
IT086-01 Children's Fund FOIA Required
IT086-02 Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-03 Conference on Law of the Sea, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-04 Development Program, U.N.. FOIA Required
IT086-05 Disarmament Commission, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-06 Economic Commission for Africa FOIA Required
IT086-07 Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East FOIA Required
IT086-08 Economic Commission for Europe FOIA Required
IT086-09 Economic Commission for Latin America, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-10 Economic and Social Council, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-11 European Office of the United Nations and Other International Organizations FOIA Required
IT086-12 General Assembly, U.N. YES
IT086-13 Human Rights, Commission on, U.N. YES
IT086-14 International Court of Justice, U.N. YES
IT086-15 International Law Commission YES
IT086-16 International Refugee Organization FOIA Required
IT086-17 Narcotic Drugs Commission, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-18 Peace Observation Commission, U.N. YES
IT086-19 Population Commission, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-20 Program for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders FOIA Required
IT086-21 Relief Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East FOIA Required
IT086-22 Security Council YES
IT086-23 Social Commission, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-24 Statistical Commission, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-25 Status of women, Commission on, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-26 Trusteeship Council, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-27 United States Mission to the United Nations YES
IT086-28 Industrial Development Organization, U.N. FOIA Required
IT086-29 United States Commission/Improving Effectiveness of U.N. YES
IT087 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations FOIA Required
IT087-01 40th Anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty FOIA Required
IT088 U.S. - Chinese (PRC) Trade Commission FOIA Required
IT089 U.S. - DRVN Democratic Republic of Vietnam FOIA Required
IT090 U.S. - Iranian Joint Commission on Cooperation FOIA Required
IT091 U.S. - Mexican Joint Committee on Emergency Planning FOIA Required
IT092 U.S. - Mexico Commission for Border Development FOIA Required
IT093 United Stated Mission to North Atlantic Treaty Organization FOIA Required
IT094 United States National Commission to UNESCO FOIA Required
IT095 U.S. - USSR Joint Commercial Commission FOIA Required
IT096 U.S. - USSR Joint Commission on Science and Technology FOIA Required
IT097 U.S. - USSR Joint Committee on Cooperation in Environmental Protection FOIA Required
IT098 United States - USSR Incidents-at-Sea Consultative Committee FOIA Required
IT099 U.S. - USSR Joint Committee on Agricultural Cooperation FOIA Required
IT100 United States - USSR Trade and Economics Council FOIA Required
IT101 Universal Postal Union FOIA Required
IT102 World Health Organization FOIA Required
IT103 World Intellectual Property Organization FOIA Required
IT104 World Meteorological Organization FOIA Required
IT105 World Tourism Organization FOIA Required
IT106 African Development Fund FOIA Required
IT107 International Fertilizer Development Center FOIA Required
IT108 International Fund for Agricultural Development FOIA Required
IT109 United States Mission to the Organization of American States YES
IT110 United States Mission to the Organization to the International Atomic Energy Agency YES
IT111 U.S. Mission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development FOIA Required
IT112 United States Mission to the European Office of the U.N. YES
IT113 United States Mission to the European Communities YES
IT114 United States - China Joint Economic Committee FOIA Required
IT115 International Energy Agency FOIA Required
IT116 U.S. - Japan Economic Relations Group FOIA Required
IT117 U.S. - Panama Canal Consultative Committee FOIA Required
IT118 U.S. - Panama Joint Commission on the Environment FOIA Required
IT119 International Maritime Satellite Organization FOIA Required
IT120 Iran - US Claims Tribunal FOIA Required
IT121 U.S. - PRC Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade FOIA Required
IT122 Multinational Forces and Observers Organization (MF)) FOIA Required
IT123 International Food Policy Research Institute FOIA Required
IT124 North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (Inc. Council) FOIA Required
IT124-01 North American Commission (NASCO) FOIA Required
IT124-02 West Greenland Commission (NASCO) YES
IT124-03 North-East Atlantic Commission (NASCO) FOIA Required
IT125 International Criminal Police Organization FOIA Required
IT126 Inter-American Investment Corporation FOIA Required
IT127 U.S. - India Fund for Cultural, Educational and Scientific FOIA Required
IT128 Pacific Salmon Commission FOIA Required
IT129 Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency FOIA Required
IT130 Organization of Eastern Caribbean States FOIA Required
IT130 Eastern Caribbean States, Organization of FOIA Required
IT131 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) FOIA Required
IT132 North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) FOIA Required
IT133 North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC) 5/19/92 FOIA Required
IT134 Open Skies Consultative Commission, 8/12/92 FOIA Required
IV Invitations YES
IV089 Invitations, 1989 YES
IV090 Invitations, 1990 YES
IV091 Invitations, 1991 YES
IV092 Invitations, 1992 YES
IV093 Invitations, 1993 YES
IV094 Invitations, 1994 YES
IV097 Invitations, 1997 YES
JL Judicial-Legal Matter YES
JL001 Amnesty-Clemency-Pardons YES
JL001-01 Pardon Applications(approved) YES
JL001-02 Pardon Applications (Disapproved YES
JL002 Civil Matters YES
JL002-01 Anti-Trust Cases YES
JL002-02 Special Prosecutor/Independent Counsel YES
JL003 Criminal Matters YES
JL003-01 Assassination-Attempted Assassination YES
JL003-02 Hijacking-Skyjacking YES
JL003-03 Kidnapping-Hostages YES
JL004 Decisions-Opinions-Interpretations YES
JL004-01 Attorney General's Opinion YES
JL004-02 Comptroller General Opinions YES
JL004-03 Judicial Opinion YES
JL005 Juvenile Delinquency YES
JL006 Law Enforcement-Police Matters YES
JL006-01 Secret Service Protection YES
JL007 Lawyers-Legal Aid YES
JL008 Missing persons YES
JL009 War Claims - Alien Property YES
LA Labor- Management Relations(Non-Government) YES
LA001 Boards-Panels(Labor) YES
LA001-01 Emergency Boards-Commissions YES
LA001-02 Inquiry, Board of FOIA Required
LA002 Conditions-Employment-Unemployment YES
LA002-01 Aged Employment FOIA Required
LA002-02 Handicapped Labor YES
LA002-03 Youth Employment YES
LA003 Unions-Fair Labor Standards YES
LA004 Migratory-Seasonal Labor YES
LA005 Strikes-Work Stoppages-Arbitration YES
LA005-01 Aerospace Strikes YES
LA005-02 Chemicals and Allied Products, Strikes YES
LA005-03 Coal, Strikes YES
LA005-04 Communication, Strikes FOIA Required
LA005-05 Construction-Housing Strikes FOIA Required
LA005-06 Food and Kindred Products, Strikes YES
LA005-07 Furniture Strikes YES
LA005-08 Lumber-Wood-Paper Strikes YES
LA005-09 Machinery Strikes YES
LA005-10 Metals Strikes YES
LA005-11 Petroleum Strikes YES
LA005-12 Plastics-Rubber, Strikes YES
LA005-13 Services Strikes YES
LA005-14 Textiles-Apparel-Leather Products, Strikes YES
LA005-15 Transportation Strikes YES
LA005-16 Miscellaneous FOIA Required
LA006 Wages-Hours YES
LA007 Welfare-Pensions-Retirement YES
LE Legislation YES
LE001 Private Relief Bills YES
LE002 Vetoes and Repeals YES
LG Local Government YES
MA Medals - Awards YES
MA001 All America Cities Award YES
MA002 Francis, Bellamy Flag Award YES
MA003 Boy-Girl of the Year YES
MA004 Brotherhood Awards (All) YES
MA005 Businessman Awards (All) YES
MA006 Career Service Awards YES
MA007 Robert J., Collier Trophy YES
MA008 Congressional Gold Medal YES
MA009 Congressional Space Medal of Honor YES
MA010 Courage Award YES
MA011 Distinguished and Public Service Awards (All) YES
MA012 Driver of the Year YES
MA013 Employer of the Year Awards (All) YES
MA014 Family of Man Award YES
MA015 Farm Family of the Year YES
MA016 Father of the Year YES
MA017 Enrico Fermi Award YES
MA018 Arthur S. Flemming Award YES
MA019 Foreign Service Awards (All) YES
MA020 Freedom Awards (All) YES
MA021 Robert, Goddard Memorial Trophy YES
MA022 Golden Door Award YES
MA023 Goodwill Worker of the Year, National YES
MA024 Clifford B. Harmon Trophy YES
MA025 Heart of the Year Award YES
MA026 Gardiner Greene Hubbard Gold Medal YES
MA027 Humanitarian Awards (All) YES
MA028 John F. Kennedy Awards (All) YES
MA029 Albert Lasker Medical Research Award YES
MA030 Ernst Orlando Lawrence Memorial Award YES
MA031 Life Saving Medals (All) YES
MA032 Man of the Year Awards (All) YES
MA033 Medal of Science Award, National YES
MA034 Military Service Awards (All) YES
MA035 Mother of the Year Awards YES
MA036 Alfred B. Nobel Prize YES
MA037 Olympic and Pan American Games Award YES
MA038 Outstanding Handicapped Federal Employees of the Year Award YES
MA039 Paperwork Management Award YES
MA040 George Foster Peabody Broadcasting Award YES
MA041 Peace Corps Certificates YES
MA042 Physical Fitness Awards (All) YES
MA043 Presidential Citizens Medal YES
MA044 Presidential "E" Awards for Export Service YES
MA045 Presidential Quality & Management Improvement Award 10/5/89 YES
MA046 Presidential Prizes for Innovation in Research & Development YES
MA047 President's Safety Award YES
MA048 Presidential Scholars Award YES
MA049 President's Cups Regatta YES
MA050 President's Environmental Merit Awards YES
MA051 President's Trophy YES
MA052 Joseph Pulitzer Prize YES
MA053 Eleanor Roosevelt Awards (All) YES
MA054 Franklin Roosevelt Awards (All) YES
MA055 National Security Medal YES
MA056 Teacher of the Year Award YES
MA057 Volunteer Awards (All) YES
MA058 George Washington Honor Medal Awards YES
MA059 Women of the Year (All) YES
MA060 Incentive Awards YES
MA061 Commander-in-Chief's Award for Installation Excellence YES
MA062 Thomas A. Edison Prize YES
MA063 President's Environment and Conservation Challenge Awards,5/21/91 YES
MC Meetings - Conferences YES
MC001 Governor's Conferences YES
MC002 Mayor's Conferences YES
MC003 Briefings- Conferences, White House YES
ME Messages YES
ME001 Messages Sent to Individuals YES
ME001-01 Anniversaries (Wedding) YES
ME001-02 Birthday Greetings YES
ME001-03 Messages Condolence/Death YES
ME001-04 Illness/Get Well YES
ME001-05 Wedding Congratulations YES
ME002 Messages (Sent to Groups/Organizations) Contact Library
ME002-01 Churches, Synagogues YES
ME002-02 Colleges, Schools, Universities, Libraries YES
ME002-03 Messages Sent to Government Groups (Foreign and Domestic) FOIA Required
ME002-04 Hospitals-Health Care-Institutions YES
ME002-05 Labor Unions/Trade Groups-Professional Associations YES
ME002-06 Newspaper-Magazines-Radio-TV Stations YES
ME002-07 Trade Fairs-Missions-Centers-Expositions-Exhibitions YES
ME003 Messages Denied YES
ND National Security - Defense FOIA Required
ND001 Aircraft, Military FOIA Required
ND001-01 Non-Military Use of Aircraft FOIA Required
ND002 Civil Defense FOIA Required
ND003 Communications - Electronics FOIA Required
ND004 Defense Mobilization FOIA Required
ND004-01 Manpower, Military FOIA Required
ND004-02 Materials, Military FOIA Required
ND005 Health - Medical, Military FOIA Required
ND006 Intelligence FOIA Required
ND007 Military Personnel FOIA Required
ND007-01 Casualties - Burials, Military YES
ND007-02 Conduct - Deportment - Behavior FOIA Required
ND007-03 Housing - Quarters, Military FOIA Required
ND007-04 Courts - Martial FOIA Required
ND007-05 Pay - Allowances - Pensions FOIA Required
ND007-06 Promotions - Demotions - Nominations (Appointed by the President) FOIA Required
ND007-07 Separations - Discharges - Retirements FOIA Required
ND008 Preparedness, Military FOIA Required
ND009 Properties - Installations FOIA Required
ND009-01 Air Force Bases FOIA Required
ND009-02 Army Bases FOIA Required
ND009-03 Navy - Marine Bases FOIA Required
ND010 Reserve Forces - National Guard FOIA Required
ND011 Security, Military FOIA Required
ND011-01 Classified Information FOIA Required
ND011-02 Personnel Security, Military YES
ND012 Service Schools FOIA Required
ND012-01 Air Force Academy FOIA Required
ND012-02 Air War College FOIA Required
ND012-03 Armed Forces Staff College FOIA Required
ND012-04 Army War College FOIA Required
ND012-05 Coast Guard Academy FOIA Required
ND012-06 Industrial College of the Armed Forces FOIA Required
ND012-07 Merchant Marine Academy FOIA Required
ND012-08 Military Academy FOIA Required
ND012-09 National War College FOIA Required
ND012-10 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences FOIA Required
ND012-10 Naval Academy FOIA Required
ND012-11 Naval War College FOIA Required
ND013 Ships - Submarines FOIA Required
ND014 Supplies - Logistics FOIA Required
ND015 Vehicles - Wheel - Track - Amphibious FOIA Required
ND016 Wars - Conflicts FOIA Required
ND017 Warfare FOIA Required
ND018 Weapons - Ordinance - Munitions YES
ND019 Conscription - Induction - Draft - Deferment - UMT FOIA Required
NR Natural Resources YES
NR001 Commissions-Committees-Compacts YES
NR002 Fish-Wildlife YES
NR003 Forests YES
NR004 Land YES
NR005 Minerals YES
NR006 Oil - Natural Gas YES
NR006-01 Naval Petroleum Reserves FOIA Required
NR007 Rivers - Waters - Harbors YES
NR007-01 Water Projects YES
NR008 Recycling YES
OS Outer Space YES
OS001 Space Flight YES
PA Parks-Monuments YES
PA001 Cemeteries YES
PA002 Memorials-Monuments YES
PA003 Parks-Reservations YES
PC Peace YES
PE Personnel Management (Civil Service) YES
PE001 Employee Relations - Activities (Federal) YES
PE001-01 Political Activities by Federal Personnel FOIA Required
PE002 Employment - Appointments FOIA Required
PE002-01 Schedule C Appointments YES
PE003 Health - Safety YES
PE004 Hours of Duty, Federal Employees YES
PE005 Insurance, Federal Employees FOIA Required
PE006 Investigations, Federal Personnel FOIA Required
PE007 Leave, Federal Employees FOIA Required
PE008 Salaries - Wages FOIA Required
PE008-01 Cabinet Salary FOIA Required
PE008-02 Congressional Salary FOIA Required
PE008-03 Federal Civil Service Employees Salary FOIA Required
PE008-04 Judicial Salary FOIA Required
PE008-05 Presidential Salary FOIA Required
PE008-06 Vice President's Salary FOIA Required
PE009 Separations, Federal Personnel FOIA Required
PE010 Training - Orientation YES
PL Political Affairs FOIA Required
PL001 Conventions, Political FOIA Required
PL002 Fundraising - Expenditures FOIA Required
PL003 Messages, Political (Sent or Denied) FOIA Required
PL004 Patronage FOIA Required
PL005 Political Parties FOIA Required
PL005-01 Communist Party FOIA Required
PL005-02 Democratic Party FOIA Required
PL005-03 Independent Party FOIA Required
PL005-04 Republican Party FOIA Required
PL005-05 Socialist Party FOIA Required
PL006 Publicity - Publications, Political FOIA Required
PL007 Debates, Political Candidates FOIA Required
PL008 Voting, Political FOIA Required
PO Postal Service FOIA Required
PP Presidential Personal FOIA Required
PP001 Articles - Books - Booklets (written by The President) FOIA Required
PP002 Articles - Books - Booklets (Written about the President and Family) FOIA Required
PP003 Contributions by the President FOIA Required
PP004 Doubles of the President FOIA Required
PP005 Family, Presidential FOIA Required
PP005-01 First Lady FOIA Required
PP005-02 Bush, George W. (Junior) (Son) FOIA Required
PP005-03 Bush, John (Jeb) (Son) FOIA Required
PP005-04 Bush, Neil (son) FOIA Required
PP005-05 Bush, Marvin (Son) FOIA Required
PP005-06 Leblond, Dorothy (Doro) Bush (daughter) FOIA Required
PP005-07 Bush, Dorothy (Mother) FOIA Required
PP005-08 Bush, Prescott (Brother) FOIA Required
PP005-09 Ellis, Nancy Bush (Sister) FOIA Required
PP005-10 Bush, Jonathan (Brother) FOIA Required
PP005-11 Bush, William (Bucky) (Brother) FOIA Required
PP006 Income Tax, President's FOIA Required
PP007 Summonses and Subpoenas (Presidential) FOIA Required
PP008 Insurance President's FOIA Required
PP009 Memberships, Presidents' FOIA Required
PP009-01 Memberships - Accepted FOIA Required
PP009-02 Memberships - Declined FOIA Required
PP010 Messages Received by the President FOIA Required
PP010-01 Birthday, Message Received by the President FOIA Required
PP010-02 Condolence - Sympathy, Message Received by the President FOIA Required
PP010-03 Election - Nomination - Primaries (Message Received) FOIA Required
PP010-04 Holiday, Message Received by the President FOIA Required
PP010-05 Inaugural - Anniversary Messages Received by the President FOIA Required
PP010-06 Wedding Anniversary Messages Received by the President FOIA Required
PP010-07 Special First Family Event Messages Received By President FOIA Required
PP011 Named in Honor of the president FOIA Required
PP012 Personal Data, Presidential FOIA Required
PP012-01 Degrees Tendered or Conferred on the President FOIA Required
PP012-02 Education, President's FOIA Required
PP012-03 Genealogical Data, Presidential FOIA Required
PP012-04 Health, President's FOIA Required
PP012-05 Homes, President FOIA Required
PP012-06 Medals - Citation - Decorations- Awards FOIA Required
PP012-07 Military Service, President's FOIA Required
PP012-08 Religious Affiliation, President's FOIA Required
PP012-09 Trust Fund - Financial Affairs FOIA Required
PP012-10 Wearing Apparel, President's FOIA Required
PP012-11 Biographies, Presidential FOIA Required
PP013 Post - Administration Suggestions, Presidential FOIA Required
PP014 Preferences - Hobbies FOIA Required
PP014-01 Anecdotes - Jokes, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-02 Arts - Artists - Painting, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-03 Bible Passages, Prayers, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-04 Books - Authors - Poetry - Prose - Fiction FOIA Required
PP014-05 Card Games, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-06 Dancing President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-07 Flowers President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-08 Food - Recipes - Cooking, President's Favorite/Unfavorite FOIA Required
PP014-09 Motion Pictures - Theatre, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-10 Music - Composers, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-11 Numismatics, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-12 Pets, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-13 Philately, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-14 Photography, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-15 Quotations, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-16 Sports, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP014-17 Writing, President's Favorite FOIA Required
PP015 Voting, President's FOIA Required
PQ Procurement-Disposal YES
PR Public Relations FOIA Required
PR001 Administration Appreciation Letters (outgoing) FOIA Required
PR002 Administration Complaints - Criticism FOIA Required
PR003 Administration Support (Incoming) FOIA Required
PR004 Anonymous - Illegible Communications FOIA Required
PR005 Autographs - Photographs - Holographs, Presidential FOIA Required
PR005-01 Autographs FOIA Required
PR006 contests - Essays FOIA Required
PR007 Exhibits - Fairs - Expositions FOIA Required
PR008 Graphics FOIA Required
PR009 Lists of Names - Mailing Lists FOIA Required
PR010 Motion Pictures - Film Strips - Recordings YES
PR011 Pens, Ceremonial FOIA Required
PR012 Petitions - Resolutions - Multiple Signatures FOIA Required
PR012-01 Petitions - Resolutions from State Officials FOIA Required
PR012-02 Petitions - Resolutions from Local Government Officials FOIA Required
PR013 Presidential Favors, Requests for FOIA Required
PR013-01 Children, Requests to the President from FOIA Required
PR013-02 Donations/Gifts from the President, Requests for FOIA Required
PR013-03 Dedications to the President FOIA Required
PR013-04 Entertain, Request to FOIA Required
PR013-05 Excerpts, presidential FOIA Required
PR013-06 Forewords, Requests for Presidential FOIA Required
PR013-07 Impersonations of the President YES
PR013-08 Opinions - Statements - Questionnaires - Articles FOIA Required
PR013-09 President's Name - Likeness FOIA Required
PR013-10 Sell to the President, Request to FOIA Required
PR013-11 Sit for Portrait Painters - Sculptors FOIA Required
PR013-12 Sponsorship, Request for Presidential FOIA Required
PR013-13 Pushing of Button, Request for FOIA Required
PR013-14 Flags Flown over the White house, Request for FOIA Required
PR013-15 Gifts, Request for Presidential FOIA Required
PR014 Public Opinion Polls YES
PR015 Publicity FOIA Required
PR015-01 Broadcasts - Telecasts FOIA Required
PR015-02 Presidential News Summary FOIA Required
PR015-03 Press Accreditation - Passes FOIA Required
PR015-04 Press Briefings FOIA Required
PR016 Seminars - Lectures - Forums - Debates - Symposiums FOIA Required
PR017 Requests for Speakers FOIA Required
PU Publications FOIA Required
PU001 Federal Agency Publications FOIA Required
PU001-01 Congressional Directory FOIA Required
PU001-02 Congressional Record FOIA Required
PU001-03 Federal Register FOIA Required
PU001-04 Public Papers of the President's FOIA Required
PU001-05 Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents FOIA Required
PU001-06 Releases (White House) FOIA Required
RA Real Property YES
RA001 Acquisitions-Requirements-Real Property YES
RA002 Buildings-Plant Management YES
RA002-01 Capitol YES
RA002-02 Guest Houses-Blair House YES
RA002-03 Vice President's House YES
RA003 Disposal-Surplus-Real Property YES
RE Recreation-Sports YES
RE001 Baseball-Softball YES
RE002 Basketball YES
RE003 Bathing-Swimming YES
RE004 Boating YES
RE005 Bowling-Billiards-Pool FOIA Required
RE006 Boxing-Wrestling-Karate-Judo YES
RE007 Cards-Checkers-Chess YES
RE008 Dancing FOIA Required
RE009 Egg Rolling YES
RE010 Football YES
RE011 Golf YES
RE012 Gymnastics YES
RE013 Hockey YES
RE014 Hunting-Fishing YES
RE015 Olympic Games YES
RE016 Racing YES
RE017 Riding YES
RE018 Rifle-Pistol Matches YES
RE019 Skating-Skiing YES
RE020 Soccer YES
RE021 Tennis YES
RE022 Track-Field Meets FOIA Required
RE023 Walking-Jogging YES
RM Religious Matters YES
RM003 Jewish YES
RM010 Bibles YES
RM020 Prayer-Prayer Periods YES
RM022 Orthodox Jews YES
RM030 Religions-Denominations YES
RM031 Catholic YES
RM032 Hindu YES
RM033 Jewish YES
RM034 Moslem (Muslim) YES
RM035 Protestant Groups YES
RM035-01 Adventist Bodies YES
RM035-02 Baptist Bodies YES
RM035-03 Eastern Orthodox Churches YES
RM035-04 Episcopalian YES
RM035-05 Friends YES
RM035-06 Jehovah's Witnesses YES
RM035-07 Latter Day Saints (Mormons) YES
RM035-08 Lutheran Bodies YES
RM035-09 Mennonites YES
RM035-10 Methodist Bodies YES
RM035-11 Presbyterian Bodies YES
RS Reports-Statistics FOIA Required
SA Safety-Accident Prevention YES
SA001 Fire Safety YES
SA002 Highway Traffic Safety YES
SA003 Industrial Occupational Safety YES
SA004 Marine Safety YES
SA005 Mine Safety YES
SC Sciences YES
SO Social Affairs YES
SO001 Breakfast, White House YES
SO002 Dinner, White House YES
SO003 Luncheons, White House YES
SO004 Receptions, White House YES
SO005 Teas-Garden Parties-Concerts, White House YES
SP Speeches YES
SP100 Inaugural Address, President's YES
SP1000 Airport Welcome Remarks, Shreveport, Louisiana 9/22/92 YES
SP1000 Airport Welcome Remarks - Shreveport, Louisiana, 9/22/92 YES
SP1001 Airport Welcome Address - Greenville, Mississippi, 9/22/92 YES
SP1001 Airport Welcome Remarks, Greenville, Mississippi 9/22 YES
SP1002 Memphis Welcome Remarks - Memphis, Tennessee, 9/22/92 YES
SP1002 Memphis Welcome Remarks, Memphis Tennessee 9/22 YES
SP1003 To Address the Business Community, Greensboro, NC., 9/23 YES
SP1003 Small Business Initiatives Event, Greensboro, North Carolina, 9/23/92 YES
SP1004 Penn State Welcome, State College, Pennsylvania, 9/23 YES
SP1004 Remarks at Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania, 9/23/92 YES
SP1004 Remarks at Victory 92' Meeting, State Col., PA., 9/23/92 YES
SP1005 Schaumberg/Chicago-Illinois Speeches, 9/25 YES
SP1005-[2] Working Family Speech, Chicago, IL., 9/25(SP1005-02) YES
SP1005-01 Presidential Remarks - Motorola Plant, Schaumberg, Illinois, 9/25/92 YES
SP1005-02 [1] Presidential Remarks - National Technology Initiative, Chicago, Illinois, 9/25/92 YES
SP1005-02 [2] Working Family Speech, Chicago, Illinois, 9/25/92 YES
SP1005-1 Remarks Motorola Employees, Schaumberg, Il., 9/25(SP100-01) YES
SP1005-2 Remarks-National Technology Initiative, Chicago, 9/25(SP1005-02) YES
SP1006 Speeches on TR232, 9/26 YES
SP1006-01 TR232, Remarks at Send Off Rally, Columbus, Ohio, 9/26/92 YES
SP1006-02 TR232, Remarks at Marysville, Ohio, 9/26/92 YES
SP1006-03 TR232, Remarks at Arlington Picnic, Arlington, Ohio, 9/26/92 YES
SP1006-04 TR232, Remarks at Train Stop, Bowling Green, Ohio, 9/26/92 YES
SP1006-1 Remarks-Send-Off-Rally, Columbus, OH., 9/26(SP1006-01) YES
SP1006-2 Remarks in Maryville, Ohio, 9/26(SP1006-02) YES
SP1006-3 Remarks at Arlington Picnic, Ohio, 9/26(SP1006-03) YES
SP1007 Speeches on TR233, 9/26 YES
SP1007-01 TR233, Remarks at Plymouth Welcome Rally, Plymouth, Michigan, 9/26/92 YES
SP1007-02 TR233, Remarks at Train Stop, Wixom, Michigan, 9/27/92 YES
SP1007-03 TR233, Remarks at Train Stop, Holly, Michigan, 9/27/92 YES
SP1007-04 TR233, Remarks at Train Stop, Grand Blanc, Michigan, 9/27/92 YES
SP1008 Remarks at DeSalle Catholic Church, Fox Park, Missouri, 9/28/92 YES
SP1009 Remarks at East Dallas Community Crime Event, Dallas, Texas, 9/28/92 YES
SP1010 Remarks on TR236, 9/26 YES
SP1010-01 TR236, Airport Welcome Remarks - Tri-City Regional Airport, Bristol / Blountville, Tennessee YES
SP1010-02 TR236, Welcome Remarks - Alcoa, Tennessee, 9/29/92 [Empty] YES
SP1010-03 TR236, Welcome Remarks - Chattanooga, Tennessee, 9/29/92 YES
SP1010-04 TR236, Welcome Remarks - Clarksville, Tennessee, 9/29/92 [Empty] YES
SP1010-05 TR236, Welcome Remarks - Tennessee Stump, Nashville, Tennessee, 9/30/92 YES
SP1011 Speeches on TR 237,9/30 YES
SP1011-01 TR237, Remarks to Law Enforcement Community, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 9/30/92 [Empty] YES
SP1011-02 TR237, Presidential Remarks - Welfare Reform, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, 9/30/92 YES
SP1011-03 TR237, Law Enforcement Endorsements, New Jersey, New Jersey, 9/30/92 YES
SP1012 Speeches on TR 238, 102-5/92 YES
SP1012-01 TR238, Presidential Remarks - Law Enforcement Community, Boston, Massachusetts, 10/2/92 [Empty] YES
SP1012-02 TR238, Presidential Remarks - Top of the World Retirement Community, Clearwater, Florida, 10/3/92 YES
SP1012-03 TR238, Presidential Remarks - Campbell Housing and School, Homestead, Florida, 10/3/92 [Empty] YES
SP1012-04 TR238, Presidential Remarks - Florida Stump, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 10/3/92 YES
SP1012-05 TR238, Presidential Remarks - Florida Stump, Saint Mark's Church, Orlando, Florida, 10/3/92 YES
SP1012-06 TR238, Children's Health Care Event, Wilmington, Delaware, 10/5/92 YES
SP1013-01 [1] TR239, NAFTA Signing Ceremony, San Antonio, Texas, 10/7/92 YES
SP1013-01 [2] TR239, Welcome Remarks - San Antonio, Texas, 10/8/92 [Empty] YES
SP1013-02 [1] TR239, Presidential Remarks - Port of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, 10/8/92 YES
SP1013-02 [2] TR239, Louisiana Law Enforcement Endorsements, New Orleans, Louisiana, 10/8/92 YES
SP1013-03 TR239, Presidential Remarks - Victory '92 National Fundraiser, Houston, Texas, 10/8/92 YES
SP1013-04 TR239, National Police Endorsement, Cincinnati, Ohio, 10/9/92 YES
SP1014-01 TR240, Presidential Remarks - Post-Debate Rally, Saint Louis, Missouri, 10/11/92 YES
SP1014-02 [1] TR240, Remarks to Springfield Firefighters, Ben Franklin Memorial Bill Signing, Yes Springfield, Pennsylvania, 10/12/92 YES
SP1014-02 [2] TR240, Presidential Remarks - Springfield Rally, Springfield, Pennsylvania, 10/12/92 YES
SP1014-03 TR240, Presidential Remarks - Michigan Business and Farmer Endorsements, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 10/12/92 YES
SP1015 Post-Debate Rally - Richmond, Virginia, 10/15/92 YES
SP1016 Presidential Remarks - Middlesex Community College, Edison, New Jersey, 10/16/92 YES
SP1017-01 [1] TR243, Presidential Debate, East Lansing, Michigan, 10/19/92 YES
SP1017-01 [2] TR243, Talking Points - Post-Debate Rally, East Lansing, Michigan, 10/19/92 YES
SP1017-02 TR243, WSB-TV, George Bush Interview, Atlanta, Georgia, 10/20/92 YES
SP1017-03 TR243, Norcross Whistle Stop, Norcross, Georgia, 10/20/92 YES
SP1017-04 TR243, Stump Speech - Gainesville, Georgia, 10/19/92 YES
SP1017-05 TR243, Stump Speech - Cornelia, Georgia, 10/20/92 YES
SP1017-06 TR243, Presidential Remarks - Spartanburg, South Carolina, 10/20/92 YES
SP1017-07 TR243, Whistle Stop - Gastonia, North Carolina, 10/21/92 YES
SP1017-08 TR243, Whistle Stop - Kannapolis, North Carolina, 10/21/92 YES
SP1017-09 TR243, Stump Speech - Thomasville, North Carolina, 10/21/92 YES
SP1017-10 TR243, Stump Speech - Burlington, North Carolina, 10/21/92 YES
SP1017-11 TR243, Stump Speech - Raleigh, North Carolina, 10/20/92 YES
SP1017-12 TR243, Welcome Remarks - Vineland, New Jersey, 10 /22/92 YES
SP1017-13 TR243, Airport Remarks - Trenton, New Jersey, 10/22/92 YES
SP1017-14 TR243, Welcome Remarks - Ridgewood, New Jersey, 10/22/92 YES
SP1017-15 TR243, WWOR-TV - Ask George, Secaucus, New Jersey, 10/22/92 YES
SP1018 TR244, Kentucky / Florida / Alabama / Texas / Louisiana Speech, 10/23-24/92 YES
SP1018-01 TR244, Presidential Remarks - Laurel County, London, Kentucky, 10/23/92 [Empty] YES
SP1018-02 TR244, President's Trust Reception, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 10/23/92 [Empty] YES
SP1018-03 TR244, Cuban Democracy Act Signing, Miami, Florida, 10/23/92 YES
SP1018-04 [1] TR244, Welcome Remarks - Montgomery, Alabama, 10/24/92 [Empty] YES
SP1018-04 [2] TR244, Presidential Remarks - Local Media, Montgomery, Alabama, 10/24/92 [Empty] YES
SP1019 Presidential Remarks - Little Memorial Service, Houston, Texas, 10/24/92 [Empty] YES
SP1020 Energy Bill Signing, Lafayette, (Maurice), Louisiana, 10/24/92 YES
SP1021-01 TR245, International Association Chiefs of Police, Detroit, Michigan, 10/25/92 YES
SP1021-02 TR245, Presidential Remarks to Community of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 10/25/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-03 TR245, Q&A Session, Billings, Montana, 10/25-26/92 YES
SP1021-04 TR245, Ace Hardware Convention, Denver, Colorado, 10/26/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-05 TR245, Address Community at Civic Plaza, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 10/26/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-06 TR245, Ask George Bush, Q&A, Des Moines, Iowa, 10/27/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-07 TR245, Address Community College, Paducah, Kentucky, 10/27/92 YES
SP1021-08 TR245, Miami Valley Rally, (Frazee), Kettering, Ohio, 10/27/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-09 TR245, Allen County Airport Welcome, Lima, Ohio, 10/28/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-10 TR245, Community Rally - Seagate Center, Toledo, Ohio, 10/28/92 YES
SP1021-11 TR245, Community Event Remarks, Strongsville, Ohio, 10/28/92 YES
SP1021-12 TR245, Community Event - Nationwide Plaza, Columbus, Ohio, 10/28/92 YES
SP1021-13 TR245, Airport Welcome - Detroit, Michigan, 10/29/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-14 TR245, Chamber of Commerce Remarks, South Wayne County, Michigan, 10/29/92 YES
SP1021-15 TR245, Macomb County Welcome, Macomb County, Michigan, 10/29/92 YES
SP1021-16 TR245, Q&A Session, Ask George, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 10/29/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-17 TR245, Kentucky Fried Chicken Convention, Nashville, Tennessee, 10/30/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-18 TR245, Remarks on Arrival in Saint Louis, Missouri, 10/30/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-19 TR245, Wisconsin Remarks - Racine, Wisconsin, 10/30/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-20 TR245, Train Stop - Burlington, Wisconsin, 10/31/92 YES
SP1021-21 TR245, Community Rally - Sussex, Wisconsin, 10/31/92 YES
SP1021-22 TR245, Community Rally - Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 10/31/92 YES
SP1021-23 TR245, Community Rally - Stevens Point, Wisconsin, 10/31/92 YES
SP1021-24 TR245, Whistle Stop Tour, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, 10/31/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-25 TR245, Presidential Remarks - La Crosse, Wisconsin, 11/01/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-26 TR245, Presidential Remarks - Auburn Hills Community, Detroit, Michigan 11/01/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-27 TR245, Stump Speech - Stratford, Connecticut, 11/01/92 YES
SP1021-28 TR245, Stump Speech - Madison, New Jersey, 11/02/92 YES
SP1021-29 TR245, Presidential Remarks - Briarcliff Association, Glenolden, Pennsylvania, 11/2/92 YES
SP1021-30 TR245, Remarks on Arrival in Akron, Ohio, 11/02/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-31 TR245, Remarks on Arrival in Louisville, Kentucky, 11/02/92 [Empty] YES
SP1021-32 TR245, Bush-Quayle Rally, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 11/2/92 YES
SP1021-33 TR245, Houston Welcome, Houston, Texas, 11/02/92 YES
SP1022 Remarks at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, 12/15/92 YES
SP1023 [1] TR250, Moscow Toast, Moscow, Russia, 1/2/93 YES
SP1023 [2] TR250, START II Signing Ceremony, Moscow, Russia, 1/3/93 YES
SP1024 Farewell Address at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, 1/5/92 YES
SP1025 Central Intelligence Agency, D.C., 1/8/93 YES
SP1026 Medal of Freedom Remarks, D.C., 1/13/93 YES
SP1027 Presidential Remarks - Armed Forces Salute to the President, Fort Myers, Virginia YES
SP1028 Points of Light Celebration, D.C., 1/14/93 YES
SP1029 Arkansas Record YES
SP1030 Miscellaneous 1992 Speech Drafts YES
SP1031 Miscellaneous Presidential Speech Cards YES
SP200 Messages to Congress, President's YES
SP210 Budget Message YES
SP210-89 Budget Message, 1989 YES
SP210-90 Budget Message, 1990 YES
SP210-91 Budget Message, 1991 YES
SP210-92 Budget Message, 1992 YES
SP220 Economic Reports YES
SP220-89 Economic Report, 1989 YES
SP220-90 Economic Report, 1990 YES
SP220-91 Economic Report, 1991 YES
SP220-92 Economic Report, 1992 YES
SP220-93 Economic Report, 1993 YES
SP230 State of the Union YES
SP230-89 State of the Union, 1989 YES
SP230-90 State of the Union, 1990 YES
SP230-91 State of the Union, 1991 YES
SP230-92 State of the Union, 1992 YES
SP240 Special Messages [Empty] YES
SP240-01 Czech Parliament Speech YES
SP289 Special Messages, 1989 YES
SP289-01 United States and Swiss Supplemental Agreement on Social Security, 2/21/89 YES
SP289-02 Proposed Child Care Legislation (Two Bills), 3/15/89 YES
SP289-03 Notice of Continuing State of Emergency Regarding Panama, 4/6/89 YES
SP289-04 Proposed Legislation - Educational Excellence Act of 1989, 4/6/89 YES
SP289-05 Legislation - Government-Wide Ethics Act of 1989 YES
SP289-06 Legislation - Judicial Salary Act of 1989 YES
SP289-07 Budget Deferrals, 4/18/89 YES
SP289-08 Extension of Fishery Agreement between the United States and Korea, 5/11/89 YES
SP289-08 Extension of the Fishery Agreement between the U.S. and Korea YES
SP289-09 Federal Council on the Aging - Calendar Year 1988 Report, 5/2/89 YES
SP289-10 National Endowment for Humanities - Fiscal Year 1988 Report, 5/2/89 YES
SP289-11 First Comprehensive Triennial Report on Immigration 1989, 5/2/89 YES
SP289-12 Extension of the Fishery Agreement between the United States and the European Economic Community, 5/3/89 YES
SP289-13 Extension of the Fishery Agreement between the United States and the Republic of Iceland, 5/3/89 YES
SP289-14 Annual Report for 1988 - Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of 1968, 5/5/89 YES
SP289-15 Budget of D.C. for Fiscal Year 1990 and Supplemental Budget Fiscal Year 1989, 5/9/89 YES
SP289-16 Fiscal Year 1988 Report of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 5/11/89 YES
SP289-17 Fiscal Year 1988 Report of the National Science Foundation, 5/16/89 YES
SP289-18 Report of National Endowment for the Arts, 5/16/89 YES
SP289-19 Periodic Report - Iran Emergency, 5/23/89 YES
SP289-20 Extending Jackson-Vanik Waiver Authority for the People's Republic of China and Hungary, 5/31/89 YES
SP289-21 Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee, 6/6/89 YES
SP289-22 Fiscal Year 1988 Annual Report in Accordance with the Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Act of 1978, 6/6/89 YES
SP289-23 VETO - H.R. 2, 1st VETO, Amendments to Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (Minimum Wage), 6/13/89 [Empty] YES
SP289-24 Extension of Fishery Agreement between United States and Faeroe Islands, Denmark, 6/13/89 YES
SP289-25 Draft Legislation - Comprehensive Violent Crime Control Act and 1989, 6/19/89 YES
SP289-26 Automotive Products Trade Act of 1965, 7/19/89 YES
SP289-27 Annual Report - Nuclear Non-Proliferation, 7/19/89 YES
SP289-28 Periodic Report - Libyan Emergency, 7/19/89 YES
SP289-29 Proposed Legislation - Clean Air Act Amendments of 1989, 7/21/89 YES
SP289-30 VETO - S.J. Resolution 113, 2nd VETO, Export of FS-X Aircraft with Japan, 7/31/89 [Empty] YES
SP289-31 First Biennial Revision (1990-1991) to United States Arctic Research Plan, 8/2/89 YES
SP289-32 National Corporation for Housing Partnerships, 9/6/89 YES
SP289-33 Commodity Credit Corporation - Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1986, 9/21/89 YES
SP289-34 United States Participation in United Nations - Report for Calendar Year 1988, 9/21/89 YES
SP289-35 Draft Legislation - Comprehensive Campaign Finance Reform Act of 1989, 9/26/89 YES
SP289-36 Railroad Retirement Board - Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1988, 9/29/89 YES
SP289-37 Budget Deferrals - 10/2/89 YES
SP289-38 National Institute of Building Sciences - Calendar Year 1988 Report, 10/4/89 YES
SP289-39 Periodic Report - Panama Emergency [Empty] YES
SP289-40 Alternative Sequester Report for Department of Defense for Fiscal Year 1990 YES
SP289-41 VETO - H.R. 2990, 3rd VETO, D.C. and Related Appropriation (Labor / HHS / Education), 10/21/89 [Empty] YES
SP289-42 Periodic Report - Nicaragua Emergency YES
SP289-43 Continuing Most Favored Nation Status (Hungary) YES
SP289-44 VETO - H.R. 3026, 4th VETO, D.C. Appropriations Act of 1990, 10/27/89 [Empty] YES
SP289-45 Federal Energy Conservation Program - Fiscal Year 1988 Annual Report [Empty] YES
SP289-46 Highway Safety and National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Acts of 1966, 10/30/89 YES
SP289-47 Periodic Report - Iran Emergency, 10/27/89 YES
SP289-48 Extension of Fishery Agreement between the United States and Japan YES
SP289-49 Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Program, Project and Activity Sequester Report YES
SP289-50 Periodic Report - Iran Emergency YES
SP289-51 Status of National Wilderness Presidential System - Report for Calendar Year 1987, 11/17/89 YES
SP289-52 VETO - H.R. 2939, 5th VETO, Foreign Aid Fiscal 1990 Appropriations, 11/19/89 [Empty] YES
SP289-53 VETO - H.R. 3610, 6th VETO, District of Columbia Fiscal Year 1990 Appropriations, 11/20/89 [Empty] YES
SP289-54 VETO - H.R. 1231, 7th VETO, Eastern Airline Strike, 3/7/90 [Empty] YES
SP289-55 [1] VETO - H.R. 1487, 8th VETO, State Department Authorization, 11/21/89 [Empty] YES
SP289-55 [2] VETO - H.R. 2712, 9th VETO, Chinese Immigration Relief, 11/30/89 [Empty] YES
SP290 Special Messages, 1990 [Empty] YES
SP290-01 Periodic Report - National Emergency Regarding Libya, 1/25/90 (6 months) YES
SP290-02 National Drug Control Strategy Report YES
SP290-03 Draft Legislation - Second Special Message of Fiscal Year 1990, 1/29/90 YES
SP290-04 Draft Legislation - Savings and Economic Growth Act of 1990, 2//1/90 YES
SP290-05 President's Report on the Generalized System of Preference, 2/1/90 YES
SP290-06 Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee, 2/1/90 YES
SP290-07 Aeronautics and Space Report - Calendar Year 1987, 2/1/90 YES
SP290-08 Divestment Decisions Pursuant to Section 721 of the Defense Production Act YES
SP290-09 Annual Report of the Federal Labor Relations Authorization, Fiscal Year 1988 YES
SP290-10 Annual Report on Hazardous Materials Transportation - Calendar Year 1988 YES
SP290-11 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation - Annual Report for Calendar Year 1988 YES
SP290-12 Science and Engineering Indicators Biennial Report for 1989 YES
SP290-14 Commodity Credit Corporation - Fiscal Year 1988 Annual Report YES
SP290-15 Alaska's Mineral Resources Report for 1989, 2/6/90 YES
SP290-16 Federal Advisory Committees - Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1989 YES
SP290-17 Budget Deferrals for Fiscal Year 1990, 2/6/90 YES
SP290-18 Waiver of Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Czechoslovakia YES
SP290-19 Federal Railroad Safety Act - 1988 Annual Report On Administration of, 2/26/90 YES
SP290-20 Mine Safety and Health Activities Annual Report, 2/27/90 YES
SP290-21 Trade Policy Agenda 1990 and Annual Report of President of the United States on Trade Agreements Progress 1989 YES
SP290-22 Operation of Section 232, Trade Expansion Act of 1962 - Report Amendment, 2/7/90 YES
SP290-23 Action Agency - Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1989, 3/2/90 YES
SP290-24 National Security Strategy Report 1990, 3/20/90 YES
SP290-25 National Science Foundation - Fiscal Year 1989 Report, 3/21/90 YES
SP290-26 United States–Japan Cooperation in Medical Science Progress Report for Period July 1988-July 1989, 3/21/90 YES
SP290-27 Draft Legislation - National Tree Trust Act of 1990, 3/22/90 YES
SP290-28 Amendment to International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea, 1972, 3/30/90 YES
SP290-29 Budget Deferrals - 4th Special Message of Fiscal Year 1990, 4/18/90 YES
SP290-30 National Endowment for the Humanities - Fiscal Year 1989 Report, 4/18/90 YES
SP290-31 Budget Rescissions - 5th Special Message of Fiscal Year 1990, 4/23/90 YES
SP290-32 Fishery Agreement between the United States and German Democratic Republic, 4/23/90 YES
SP290-33 National Endowment for Democracy, 4/25/90 YES
SP290-34 Budget Reform Legislation, 4/25/90 YES
SP290-35 [1] Fishery Agreement with the People's Republic of China, Amendments to Extension of 4/26/90 YES
SP290-35 [2] Fishery Agreement with the People's Republic of China, Amendments to Extension of 5/24/90 YES
SP290-36 Periodic Report - Panama Emergency, 4/30/90 YES
SP290-37 Periodic and Final Report - Nicaragua Emergency, 5/1/90 YES
SP290-38 Budget of the District of Columbia - Fiscal Year 1991 and Revision to Fiscal Year 1990 Request, 5/1/90 YES
SP290-39 Occupational Safety and Health 1988 - Annual Report, 5/9/90 YES
SP290-40 Periodic Report - Iran Emergency, 5/14/90 YES
SP290-41 Department of Transportation, 5/16/90 YES
SP290-42 Effects of China Sanctions since Military Crackdown, 6/89 YES
SP290-43 Further Extension of Jackson-Vanik Waiver Authorization and Waiver to People's Republic of China, 5/24/90 YES
SP290-44 VETO - H.R. 2364, 10th VETO, Act to Amend the Rail Passenger Service Act (Amtrak Authorization), 5/24/90 [Empty] YES
SP290-45 Corporation for Public Broadcasting - Fiscal Year 1989 Report, 6/5/90 YES
SP290-46 Council on Environmental Quality 1989 Report, 6/6/90 YES
SP290-47 VETO - H.R. 20, 11th VETO, Act to Amend Title 5 of U.S. Code (Hatch Act Amendments), 6/20/90 [Empty] YES
SP290-48 Budget Deferrals - 6th Special Message for Fiscal Year 1990, 6/26/90 YES
SP290-49 Budget Rescissions - 7th Special Message for Fiscal Year 1990, 6/28/90 YES
SP290-50 VETO - H.R. 770, 12th VETO, Family and Medical Leave Act of 1990, 6/29/90 [Empty] YES
SP290-51 Periodic Report - National Emergency with Respect to Libya, 7/13/90 YES
SP290-52 Regulatory Program for the United States Government 4/1/90-3/31/91, 8/3/90 YES
SP290-53 Special Joint Session of Congress (in person), 11/25/90 YES
SP290-54 Enterprise for the Americas Initiative Act of 1990, 9/14/90 YES
SP290-55 Budget Deferrals - 1st Special Message of Fiscal Year 1991, 10/4/90 YES
SP290-56 Proposed Legislation - Andean Trade Preference Act of 1990, 10/5/90 YES
SP290-57 VETO - H.R. 4328, 13th VETO, Textile, Apparel, and Footwear Import Quota Act of 1990, 10/5/90 [Empty] YES
SP290-58 VETO - H.J. Resolution 660, 14th VETO, Continuing Appropriation for Fiscal Year 1990, 10/6/90 [Empty] YES
SP290-59 Draft Legislation - Civil Rights Act of 1990, 10/20/90, Case Number 187401SS [Empty] YES
SP290-60 VETO - S.2104, 15th VETO, Civil Rights Act of 1990, 10/22/90 [Empty] YES
SP290-61 Periodic Report - Panama Emergency (Post-Termination), 10/27/90 YES
SP290-62 POCKET VETO - H.R. 4638, 16th VETO, Orphan Drug Amendments, 11/8/90 [Empty] YES
SP290-63 POCKET VETO - S. 321, 17th VETO, Indian Preference Act, 11/16/90 [Empty] YES
SP290-64 POCKET VETO - H.R. 4653, 18th VETO, Export Controls Authorization Act, 11/16/90 [Empty] YES
SP290-65 [1] POCKET VETO - H.R. 3134, 19th VETO, Relief for Joan R. Daronco, 11/16/90 [Empty] YES
SP290-65 [2] POCKET VETO - S. 2834, 20th VETO, Intelligence Authorization, 11/30/90 [Empty] YES
SP291 [1] Reactions to the State of the Union Address YES
SP291 [2] Suggestions for President's Upcoming Address to Congress and Nation YES
SP291-01 Fisheries Enforcement with Canada, 1/4/90 YES
SP291-02 Budget Deferrals - 2nd Special Message for Fiscal Year 1991, 1/9/90 YES
SP291-03 Periodic Report - National Emergency with Respect to Libya, 1/11/91 YES
SP291-04 Periodic Report - Most Favored Nation Status for Hungary, 1/22/91 YES
SP291-05 Waiver of Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Mongolia YES
SP291-06 Waiver of Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Bulgaria YES
SP291-07 United States-Canada Free Trade Agreement - 1st Biennial, 1/30/91 YES
SP291-08 National Drug Control Strategy Report for 1991, 1/31/91 YES
SP291-09 International Space Year (ISY) - 1992 Report, 1/31/91 YES
SP291-10 Aeronautics and Space Report - 1988 Activities, 1/31/91 YES
SP291-11 Federal Energy Conservation Programs - Fiscal Year 1989, 2/6/91 YES
SP291-12 Federal Labor Relations Authority - Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1989, 2/6/91 YES
SP291-13 Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee - 1988 and 1989 Annual Reports, 2/6/91 YES
SP291-14 Federal Railroad Safety Act - 1989 Annual Report on the Administration of, 2/6/91 YES
SP291-15 [1] Highway Safety and National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety 1989, 2/19/91 YES
SP291-15 [2] Highway Safety and National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety 1990, 10/31/91 YES
SP291-16 Convention (Number 105) concerning the Abolition of Forced Labor, 2/19/91 YES
SP291-17 Enterprise for the Americas Initiative Act of 1991, 2/26/91 YES
SP291-18 Report for Alaska's Mineral Resources 1990, 2/28/91 YES
SP291-19 Trade Policy Agenda for 1991, 2/28/91 YES
SP291-20 Budget Rescissions / Deferrals - 3rd Special Message for Fiscal Year 1991, 2/28/91 YES
SP291-21 Extension of Fast-Track Authority YES
SP291-22 Special Joint Session of Congress (in person), 11/25/90 YES
SP291-23 Social Security Agreement with Austria, 3/7/91 YES
SP291-24 Notification Regarding Termination of Sanctions (Kuwait), 3/8/91 YES
SP291-25 Comprehensive Violent Crime Control Act of 1991, 3/11/91 YES
SP291-26 United States Participation in United Nations - Report for Calendar Year 1989, 3/19/91 YES
SP291-27 Housing and Urban Development - Report for Calendar Year 1989, 3/19/91 YES
SP291-28 United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency - Report for Calendar Year 1989, 3/20/91 YES
SP291-29 National Endowment for Democracy - Report for Calendar Year 1990, 4/9/91 YES
SP291-30 Action Agency Report for Fiscal Year 1990, 4/9/91 YES
SP291-31 Federal Council on the Aging - Report for Calendar Year 1990, 4/16/91 YES
SP291-32 Budget Rescission - 4th Special Message for Fiscal Year 1991, 4/16/91 YES
SP291-33 Federal Energy Conservation Programs - Report for Fiscal Year 1990, 4/16/91 YES
SP291-34 Federal Advisory Committees - Report for Fiscal Year 1990, 4/16/91 YES
SP291-35 Federal Policies, Budgets, and Technical Activities in Semiconductors, 4/16/91 YES
SP291-36 Proposed Agreement with the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic for the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, 4/16/91 YES
SP291-37 Proposed Agreement with Hungary concerning the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, 4/16/91 YES
SP291-38 National Science Foundation - Report for Fiscal Year 1990, 4/17/91 YES
SP291-39 Council on Environmental Quality - Report for 1990, 4/18/91 YES
SP291-40 National Endowment for the Humanities - Report for Fiscal Year 1990, 4/23/91 YES
SP291-41 Periodic Report - Panama (Post-Emergency), 4/23/91 YES
SP291-42 Report to Congress on Export Controls, 4/23/91 YES
SP291-43 National Critical Technologies Panel - 1st Biennial Report, 4/24/91 YES
SP291-44 Fishery Agreement (GIFA) Extension with Iceland, 5/6/91 YES
SP291-45 National Endowment for the Arts - Fiscal Year 1990 Report, 5/7/91 YES
SP291-46 Draft Legislation - Health Care Liability Reform and Quality of Care Improvement Act of 1991, 5/15/91 YES
SP291-47 Japan's Trade, Endangered Species, Sea Turtles, Notification, 5/17/91 YES
SP291-48 Corporation for Public Broadcasting - Report for Fiscal Year 1990, 5/23/91 YES
SP291-49 Radiation Control, Health, and Safety Act of 1968 - Report 1990, 5/23/91 YES
SP291-50 Extension of Jackson-Vanik Waiver for Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the Soviet Union, and Mongolia YES
SP291-51 Aeronautics and Space - Report for Calendar Year 1989 and Calendar Year 1990, 6/4/91 YES
SP291-52 Budget of the District of Columbia for Fiscal Year 1992, 6/5/91 YES
SP291-53 Draft Legislation - America 2000 Excellence in Education Act (Messages out of Sequence), 5/22/91 YES
SP291-54 Periodic Report - National Emergency / Proliferation of Chemical and Biological Weapons, 6/21/91 YES
SP291-55 United States Government Actions / Independence for the Baltic Report, 6/25/91 YES
SP291-56 Semiannual Report to Congress with Respect to Libya, 7/9/91 YES
SP291-57 Power Plant and Industrial Fuel Use Act of 1978 - Calendar Year 1990 Report, 7/9/91 YES
SP291-58 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission - 1st Report, 7/10/91 YES
SP291-59 Implementation and Impact of Employer Sanctions - Reports for 1989 and 1990, 7/11/91 YES
SP291-60 Proposed Agreement between the U.S. and the Czech Republic on the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, 7/15/91 YES
SP291-61 Proposed Agreement between the U.S. and Hungary on the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, 7/15/91 YES
SP291-62 U.S. Arctic Research Plan - 2nd Biennial Revision (1992-1993), 7/23/91 YES
SP291-63 Budget Rescissions / Deferrals - 6th Special Message for Fiscal Year 1991, 7/24/91 YES
SP291-64 Ready Reserves that Remain on Active Duty as of 7/1/91, 7/24/91 YES
SP291-65 Fishery Agreement (GIFA) with European Economic Community, 7/26/91 YES
SP291-66 Fishery Agreement (GIFA) with Poland, 7/26/91 YES
SP291-67 Fishery Agreement (GIFA) with Korea, 7/26/91 YES
SP291-68 Continuance of National Emergency Regarding Iraq, 7/91 YES
SP291-69 California Public Lands Wilderness Act of 1991, 7/26/91 YES
SP291-70 Post-Employment Restriction Technical Correction Act of 1991, 7/26/91 YES
SP291-71 Semiannual Report to Congress on the National Emergency with Iraq, 7/26/91 YES
SP291-72 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation - Calendar Year 1990 Report, 8/2/91 YES
SP291-73 VETO - H.R. 2699, 21st VETO, District of Columbia Fiscal Year 1992 Appropriations, 8/17/91 [Empty] YES
SP291-74 National Corporation for Housing Partnerships/The National Housing Partnership - Report for Fiscal Year 1991, 9/11/91 YES
SP291-75 Railroad Retirement Board - Report for Fiscal Year 1990, 9/11/91 YES
SP291-76 Mine Safety and Health Activities - Report for Fiscal Year 1989, 9/25/91 YES
SP291-77 National Institute of Building Sciences - Report for Fiscal Year 1990, 9/25/91 YES
SP291-78 Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee - Report for Calendar Year 1990, 9/25/91 YES
SP291-79 Continuation of National Emergency and System of Export Controls, 9/26/91 YES
SP291-80 Budget Deferrals - 7th Special Message for 1991 and 1st Special Message for 1992, 9/30/91 YES
SP291-81 Periodic Report - Panama (Post-Emergency) 10/3/91 [Empty]
SP291-82 Department of Education - Annual Reports for Fiscal Years 1989 and 1990, 10/8/91 YES
SP291-83 VETO - S. 1722, 22nd VETO, Emergency Unemployment Compensation [Empty] YES
SP291-84 Tourism Policy Council - Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1990, 10/17/91 YES
SP291-85 Report on Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Czechoslovakia, 10/17/91 YES
SP291-86 Periodic Report - National Emergency with Respect to Export Controls, 10/17/91 YES
SP291-87 Presidential Actions Regarding Korea and Taiwan's Use of Drift Net Fishing, 10/18/91 YES
SP291-88 Presidential Actions Regarding Imports of Yellow Fin Tuna from Mexico, 10/21/91 YES
SP291-89 State of Small Business - 10th Annual Report, 10/28/91 YES
SP291-90 Prohibiting Certain Transactions with Respect to Haiti, 10/29/91 YES
SP291-91 Report to Congress on Panama Emergency, 10/91 [Empty] YES
SP291-92 Regulatory Program for the United States Government 4/1/91-3/31/92, 11/5/91 YES
SP291-93 Notice of Continuation of State of Emergency Regarding Iran, 11/12/91 YES
SP291-94 Semiannual Report - Iran Emergency, 11/13/91 YES
SP291-95 Proliferation of Chemical/Biological Weapons (CBW), Semi-Annual Rept. to Congress, 11/14/91 YES
SP291-96 VETO - H.R. 2707, 23rd VETO, Fiscal Year 1992 Appropriations for Departments of Labor, HHS, and Education, 11/19/91 YES
SP291-97 Department of Transportation - Fiscal Year 1989 Report, 11/21/91 YES
SP291-98 Reduction in Travel and Transportation Report, 11/27/91 YES
SP291-99 1992 Budget Deferrals - 2nd Special Message for 1992, 12/19/91 YES
SP292 Case Number 334324 to Case Number 354825CU Scanned YES
SP292-01 National Drug Control Strategy Report for 1992, 1/29/92 YES
SP292-02 Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee Report for Period 2/1/90-1/31/92, 1/30/92 YES
SP292-03 Federal Labor Relations Authority Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1990, 2/3/92 YES
SP292-04 United States Participation in the United Nations - Report for Calendar Year 1990, 2/3/92 YES
SP292-05 Access to Justice Act of 1992, 2/4/92 YES
SP292-06 Periodic Report - National Emergency with Iraq, 2/11/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-07 Science and Engineering Indicators - Biennial Report for 1991, 2/14/92 YES
SP292-08 Budget Rescissions / Deferrals for Fiscal Year 1992 - 3rd Special Message [Empty] YES
SP292-09 Alaska's Mineral Resources - Report for 1991, 2/25/92 YES
SP292-10 Trade Policy Agenda - 1992 Annual Report, Trade Agreement Program 1991 YES
SP292-100 POCKET VETO - S. 3095, 35th VETO, Jena Band of Choctaws, 10/21/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-101 POCKET VETO - H.R. 5452, 36th VETO, Delaware River Port Authority Act, 10/27/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-102 POCKET VETO - H.R. 2859, 37th VETO, Lynn, Massachusetts Study Authorization, 10/27/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-103 POCKET VETO - H.R. 5021, 38th VETO, Wild and Scenic Rivers Act Amendments, 10/27/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-104 POCKET VETO - H.R. 5061, 39th VETO, Dry Tortugas National Park, 10/27/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-105 POCKET VETO - H.R. 2109, 40th VETO, Revere Beach Study Authorization, 10/28/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-106 POCKET VETO - H.R. 6185, 41st VETO, Federal Courts, 10/30/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-107 POCKET VETO - H.R. 5021, 42nd VETO, Farm Loan / Grant Eligibility Rules Amendments, 10/31/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-108 POCKET VETO - S. 3144, 43rd VETO, Abortion at Military Hospitals, 10/31/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-109 POCKET VETO - H.R. 11, 44th VETO, Tax Bill, 11/4/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-11 Hazardous Materials Transportation - Report for Calendar Year 1990, 3/2/92 YES
SP292-12 Social Security Agreement with Finland, 3/2/92 YES
SP292-13 VETO - H.R. 2212, 24th VETO, Extension of Conditional MFN Status to People's Republic of China, 3/2/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-14 Imports of Yellow fin Tuna from Venezuela, Costa Rica, France, and Italy, 3/3/92 YES
SP292-15 White House Conference on Library and Information Services - Report 1991, 3/6/92 YES
SP292-16 Budget Rescissions for Fiscal Year 1992 - 4th Special Message, 3/10/92 YES
SP292-17 Proposed Agreement between the United States and Poland on the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, 3/17/92 YES
SP292-18 Science and Technology Report and Outlook 1989-1990, 3/17/92 YES
SP292-19 Action Agency - Report for 1991 YES
SP292-20 Budget Rescissions for Fiscal Year 1992, 5th to 72nd Special Messages (Total of 67), 3/20/92 YES
SP292-21 VETO - H.R. 4210, 25th VETO, Tax Fairness and Economic Growth Act of 1992, 3/25/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-22 Council on Environmental Quality - 22nd Annual Report for 1991, 3/24/92 YES
SP292-23 Occupational Safety and Health - 1989 Annual Report, 3/31/92 YES
SP292-24 Periodic Report - National Emergency Regarding Export Controls, 3/31/92 YES
SP292-25 Housing and Urban Development - Report for Calendar Year 1990, 3/31/92 YES
SP292-26 Hungarian and Czech Republic Compliance with Jackson-Vanik (MFN), Report [Empty] YES
SP292-27 Freedom Support Act of 1992 for Russia and Emerging Eurasian Democracies and Open Markets Support Act of 1992 or Freedom Support Act of 1992, 4/3/92 YES
SP292-28 Waiver of Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia, 4/3/92 YES
SP292-29 Periodic Report - Panama (Post-Emergency), 4/7/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-30 Periodic Report - International Emergency in Haiti, 4/7/92 YES
SP292-31 Report of Permanent Peace Settlement in El Salvador, 4/7/92 YES
SP292-32 National Endowment for Democracy - Report for Fiscal Year 1991, 4/8/92 YES
SP292-33 Budget Rescission for Fiscal Year 1992 - 73rd Message, 4/8/92 YES
SP292-34 Report on Federal Advisory Committees - Fiscal Year 1991, 4/9/92 YES
SP292-35 Budget Rescissions for Fiscal Year 1992, 28 Special Messages (74th to 101st), 4/9/92 YES
SP292-36 Proposed Legislation - Accountability in Government Act of 1992, 4/9/92 YES
SP292-37 Proposed Legislation - Job Training 2000 Act, 4/28/92 YES
SP292-38 Federal Council on the Aging - Report for Calendar Year 1991, 4/28/92 YES
SP292-39 National Endowment for the Humanities - Report for Calendar Year 1991, 4/28/92 YES
SP292-40 Budget of the District of Columbia for Fiscal Year 1993 and Revised Fiscal Year 1992 Request, 4/30/92 YES
SP292-41 Corporation for Public Broadcasting - Report for Fiscal Year 1991, 5/6/92 YES
SP292-42 Waiver of Jackson-Vanik for Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan YES
SP292-43 VETO - S.3, 26th Veto, Act to Amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, 5/9/92 YES
SP292-44 Proposed Legislation - Youth Apprenticeship Act of 1992, 5/13/92 YES
SP292-45 Periodic Report - Iran Emergency, 5/14/92 YES
SP292-46 Proposed Legislation - Lifelong Learning Act of 1992, 5/14/92 YES
SP292-47 [1] National Emergency Regarding Iran [Empty] YES
SP292-47 [2] Waiver of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Albania, 5/20/92 YES
SP292-48 Periodic Report - National Emergency regarding Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) Proliferation, 5/20/92 YES
SP292-49 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation - Report for Fiscal Year 1991, 6/2/92 YES
SP292-50 United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 6/2/92 YES
SP292-51 Extension of Jackson-Vanik Waiver for the People's Republic of China YES
SP292-52 Extension of Jackson-Vanik Waiver for Mongolia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and the Twelve Nations of the former Soviet Union YES
SP292-53 Waiver of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Tajikistan and Turkmenistan YES
SP292-54 Additional Sanctions with Respect to National Emergency with Yugoslavia, 6/5/92 YES
SP292-55 Administration of Federal Railroad Safety - Annual Report 1990, 6/9/92 YES
SP292-56 Department of Energy - Calendar Year 1990 Report, 6/10/92 YES
SP292-57 Federal Energy Conservation Programs - Fiscal Year 1991 Report, 6/16/92 YES
SP292-58 VETO - S.2342, 27th VETO, Mississippi Sioux Indian Judgment Act Amendments, 6/16/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-59 Governing International Fishery Agreement (GIFA) with Estonia, 6/23/92 YES
SP292-60 VETO - H.R. 2507, 28th VETO, Public Health Service Act (Fetal Tissue Research), 6/23/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-61 Proposed Legislation - Credit Availability and Regulatory Relief Act of 1992, 6/24/92 YES
SP292-62 Proposed Legislation - Federal Grants for State and Local “GI Bills” for Children Act, 6/25/92 YES
SP292-63 Budget Deferrals for Fiscal Year 1992, 6/25/92 YES
SP292-64 Extension of Agreement between the United States and Indonesia Concerning Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy YES
SP292-65 Federal Labor Relations Authority - Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1991, 7/1/92 YES
SP292-66 Proposed Legislation - Health Care Liability Reform Act of 1992, 7/2/92 YES
SP292-67 Nuclear Non-Proliferation - Annual Report for Calendar Year 1991, 7/2/92 YES
SP292-68 VETO - S. 250, 29th VETO, National Voter Registration Act of 1992 ("Motor Voter"), 7/2/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-69 Continuance of National Emergency Regarding Iraq, 7/21/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-70 Social Security Totalization Agreement with Luxembourg, 7/21/92 YES
SP292-71 Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Uses Act of 1978 - Report for Calendar Year 1991, 7/21/92 YES
SP292-72 National Science Foundation - Report for Fiscal Year 1991, 7/27/92 YES
SP292-73 Periodic Report - National Emergency with Iraq, 8/3/92 YES
SP292-74 Radiation Control, Health, and Safety Act of 1968 - Calendar Year 1991 Report, 8/11/92 YES
SP292-75 Governing International Fishery Agreement (GIFA) with People's Republic of China, 9/9/92 YES
SP292-76 Social Security Agreement with Ireland, 9/9/92 YES
SP292-77 Budget Amendment Request of the District of Columbia - Fiscal Year 1993, 9/9/92 YES
SP292-78 National Corporation for Housing Partnerships and the National Housing Partnership - Report for Fiscal Year 1991, 9/10/92 YES
SP292-79 Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee - 1991 Annual Report, 9/10/92 YES
SP292-80 Waiver for China's Launch of U.S. Made Satellites YES
SP292-81 Aeronautics and Space - Report for Fiscal Year 1991, 9/16/92 YES
SP292-82 United States Participation in the United Nations - Calendar Year 1991, 9/16/92 YES
SP292-83 Proposed Legislation - Family Leave Tax Credit Act of 1992, 9/16/92 YES
SP292-84 VETO - S.5, 30th VETO, Family and Medical Leave Act of 1992, 9/22/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-85 Annual Renewal - National Economic Emergency, Continuation of Export Control Regulations [Empty] YES
SP292-86 Periodic Report - National Economic Emergency, Continuation of Export Control Regulations [Empty] YES
SP292-87 Proposed Legislation - Federal Pay Reduction Act of 1992 [Empty] YES
SP292-88 VETO - S.323, 31st VETO, Family Planning Amendments of 1992, 9/25/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-89 VETO - H.R. 5318, 32nd VETO, United States–China Act of 1992 (Conditional MFN), 9/28/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-90 State of Small Business - Annual Report, 9/29/92 YES
SP292-91 National Institute of Building Sciences Annual Report [Empty] YES
SP292-92 VETO - H.R. 5517, 33rd VETO, District of Columbia Fiscal Year 1993 Appropriations, 9/30/92 [Empty] YES
SP292-93 Annual Renewal - Continuing the National Emergency with Respect to Haiti [Empty] YES
SP292-94 Periodic Report - National Emergency with Respect to Haiti [Empty] YES
SP292-95 Proposed Legislation - Violent Crime Control Act of 1992, 9/30/92 YES
SP292-96 Budget Deferrals for Fiscal Year 1993 [Empty] YES
SP292-97 Railroad Retirement Board - Report for Fiscal Year 1991, 10/2/92 YES
SP292-98 H.R. 3379 - Relating to the Authorities of the Administrative Conference [Empty] YES
SP292-99 VETO - S.12, 34th VETO, Cable Television Consumer Act, 10/3/92 [Empty] YES
SP300 Press Conferences YES
SP389 Press Conferences, 1989 YES
SP390 Press Conferences, 1990 YES
SP391 Press Conferences, 1991 YES
SP392 Press Conferences, 1992 YES
SP400 Weekly Radio Addresses [Empty] YES
SP500 Addresses to the Nation and Groups, President's YES
SP501 Senior Executive Service, Constitution Hall, D.C., 1/26/89 YES
SP502 Alfalfa Club, Washington D.C. Hilton, 1/28/89 YES
SP503 U.S.S. America, Norfolk, Virginia, 1/31/89 YES
SP504 Swearing-In of Elizabeth Dole as Secretary of Labor, D.C., 1/30/89 YES
SP505 National Association of Religious Broadcasters, D.C., 2/1/89 YES
SP506 New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 2/2/89 YES
SP507 National Prayer Breakfast, Washington Hilton, D.C., 2/8/89 YES
SP508 Swearing-In of Robert Mosbacher as Secretary of Commerce, D.C., 2/3/89 YES
SP509 Swearing-In of William K. Reilly as Administrator of the EPA, D.C., 2/8/89 YES
SP510 Swearing-In of Manuel Lujan as Secretary of the Interior, D.C., 2/8/89 YES
SP511 Swearing-In of Samuel K. Skinner as Secretary of Transportation, D.C., 2/6/89 YES
SP512 [1] Departure Statement from Ottawa, Canada, 2/10/89 YES
SP512 [2] Support for 2/10/89 Speech on Drugs, Pensions, Medicare and Public Education, 2/10/89 YES
SP513 Business and Industry Association, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2/13/89 YES
SP514 Swearing-In of Jack Kemp as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, D.C., 2/13/89 YES
SP515 South Carolina General Assembly, Columbia, South Carolina, 2/15/89 YES
SP516 Swearing-In of Clayton Yeutter as Secretary of Agriculture, D.C., 2/16/89 YES
SP517 Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri, 2/17/89 YES
SP518 Swearing-In of James Watkins as Secretary of Energy, D.C., 3/9/89 YES
SP519 [1] Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska, 2/22/89 YES
SP519 [2] Japan / China / Korea, 2/20-27/89 YES
SP519-01 Presidential Remarks - Japan, 2/23-24/89 YES
SP519-02 Presidential Remarks - People's Republic of China, 2/25/89 YES
SP519-03 Presidential Remarks - Republic of Korea, 2/27/89 YES
SP520 Westinghouse Science Talent Search - National Academy of Sciences, D.C., 3/3/89 YES
SP521 Veterans of Foreign Wars Washington Conference, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 3/6/89 YES
SP522 [1] Woodrow Wilson International Scholarship Dinner, D.C., 3/7/89 YES
SP522 [2] Chamber of Commerce, Lubbock, Texas, 3/7/89 YES
SP523 Drug Enforcement Administration, New York, New York, 3/9/89 YES
SP524 United Negro College Fund, New York, New York, 3/9/89 YES
SP525 Swearing-In of Dr. Louis Sullivan as Secretary of Health and Human Services, D.C., 3/10/89 YES
SP526 Independent Insurance Agents of America Legislative Conference, 3/14/89 YES
SP527 Electronic Industries Association, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 3/15/89 YES
SP528 Presidential Remarks - The Forum Club of Houston, Texas, 3/16/89 YES
SP529 National Business Leadership Conference, Colorado Springs, Co., 3/16/89 YES
SP530 Swearing-In of Richard Cheney as Secretary of Defense, Pentagon, 3/21/89 YES
SP531 Conestoga Valley High School, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 3/22/89 YES
SP532 Wilmington Drug Address, Wilmington, Delaware, 3/22/89 YES
SP533 National Association of Manufacturers, Mayflower Hotel, Washington D.C., 3/23/89 YES
SP534 American Association of Community and Junior Colleges, 3/30/89 YES
SP535 Gridiron Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 4/1/89 YES
SP536 American Society of Newspaper Editors, D.C., 4/12/89 YES
SP537 Fire Service Dinner, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 4/12/89 YES
SP538 Education Reform, Union, New Jersey, 4/13/89 YES
SP539 Hamtramck City Hall Address on Poland, Hamtramck, Michigan, 4/17/89 YES
SP540 National Conference of Building and Construction Trades, AFL-CIO, Washington D.C. Hilton YES
SP541 Agriculture Radio Address, United States Department of Agriculture, D.C., 4/18/89 YES
SP542 U.S.S. Iowa, Norfolk Navy Base, Norfolk, Virginia, 4/18/89 YES
SP543 American Newspaper Publishers Association, Chicago, Illinois, 4/24/89 YES
SP544 North Dakota Centennial Celebration, Bismarck, North Dakota, 4/24/89 YES
SP545 Ford Aerospace Plant, Palo Alto, California, 4/25/89 YES
SP546 Rancho Del Rio, Orange County, California, 4/25/89 YES
SP547 UCLA, Hispanic Community Salute to the President, Los Angeles, California, 4/25/89 YES
SP548 Texas State Legislature, Capitol, Austin, Texas, 4/26/89 YES
SP549 C-3-I East Dedication, Richmond Heights, Florida, 4/27/89 YES
SP550 Dedication of Alzheimer's Center, Bilirakis, Palm Harbor, Florida, 4/27/89 YES
SP551 International Drug Enforcement Conference, Miami, Florida, 4/27/89 YES
SP552 Andrew Mellon Dinner, National Gallery of Art, D.C., 4/27/89 YES
SP553 White House Correspondents Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 4/29/89 YES
SP554 Bicentennial of Washington's Inaugural, New York, New York, 4/30/89 YES
SP555 United States Chamber of Commerce, Constitution Hall, D.C., 5/1/89 YES
SP556 Council of the Americas, D.C., 5/2/89 YES
SP557 Texas A&M Commencement Address, College Station, Texas, 5/12/89 YES
SP558 Fundraiser for Senator Mitch McConnell, Will Farish's Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, 5/13/89 YES
SP559 Alcorn State University and Mississippi State University Commencement Addresses, 5/13/89 YES
SP560 Peace Officers Memorial Day, U.S. Capitol, D.C., 5/15/89 YES
SP561 GOP House Conference, U.S. Capitol, D.C., 5/17/89 YES
SP562 Eastman Kodak, Rochester, New York, 5/18/89 YES
SP563 Boston University Commencement, Boston, Massachusetts, 5/21/89 YES
SP564 Coast Guard Academy Commencement, New London, Connecticut, 5/25/89 YES
SP565 White House Photographers Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 5/23/89 YES
SP566 Italy/Belgium/Federal Rep. of Germany/UK/Maine, 5/25-6/4/89 YES
SP566-01 Remarks on Trip to Rome, Italy, 5/26-28/89 YES
SP566-01 [1] TR021-01 [1], Vatican Seminaria, 5/27/89 YES
SP566-01 [2] TR021-01 [2], Dinner with Italian Prime Minister DeMita, 5/27/89 YES
SP566-01 [3] TR021-01 [3], Presidential Remarks, Rome Airport, 5/26/89 YES
SP566-01 [4] TR021-01 [4], American Community Greeting Villa Taverna, 5/28/89 YES
SP566-01 [5] TR021-01 [5], Presidential Remarks at Audience with Pope John Paul II, Papal Library, 5/27/89 YES
SP566-01 [6] TR021-01 [6], Memorial Day Ceremony at American Cemetery, Nettuno, Italy, 5/28/89 YES
SP566-02 [1] TR021-02 [1], Presidential Remarks, Meeting with Jacques Delors, 5/30/89 YES
SP566-02 [2] TR021-02 [2], Brussels Arrival Statement, Brussels, Belgium, 5/28/89 YES
SP566-02 [3] TR021-02 [3], American Community Greeting, Brussels, Belgium, 5/30/89 YES
SP566-03 TR021-03, Federal Republic of Germany, 5/31/89 YES
SP566-03 [1] TR021-03 [1], Helmut Kohl Toast, Bonn, West Germany, 5/30/89 YES
SP566-03 [2] TR021-03 [2], Arrival Statement, Bonn, West Germany, 5/30/89 YES
SP566-03 [3] TR021-03 [3], Presidential Remarks, Rhein Main AFB, 5/31/89 YES
SP566-03 [4] TR021-03 [4], Meeting with German Youth, Bonn, West Germany YES
SP566-03 [5] TR021-03 [5], Mainz, Germany Speech, "A Whole Europe, A Free Europe," 5/31/89 YES
SP566-03 [6] TR021-03 [6], Departure Statement, Koblenz, West Germany, 5/31/89 YES
SP566-03 [7] TR021-03 [7], Remarks on TR021-03 YES
SP566-03 [8] TR021-03 [8], Environmental Initiatives for Eastern Europe YES
SP566-04 [1] TR021-04 [1], Luncheon Toast for Queen Elizabeth - London, England, 6/1/89 YES
SP566-04 [2] TR021-04 [2], London Arrival Ceremony - Heathrow Airport, London, England, 5/31/89 YES
SP566-04 [3] TR021-04 [3], Dinner Toast for Prime Minister Thatcher - London, England, 6/1/89 YES
SP566-04 [4] TR021-04 [4], Talking Points - United States Embassy, London, England, 6/1/89 YES
SP566-04 [5] TR021-04 [5], Remarks - Arrival at Pease Air Force Base, 6/2/89 YES
SP566-04 [6] TR021-04 [6], Luncheon Toast for Queen Elizabeth - London, England, 6/1/89 YES
SP566-05 Remarks on TR021-05, [Empty] YES
SP566-06 Remarks on TR021-06, [Empty] YES
SP566-07 Remarks on TR021-07, [Empty] YES
SP567 Business Roundtable Education Forum, Washington, D.C., 6/5/89 YES
SP568 Ducks Unlimited - 6th International Waterfowl Symposium, 6/8/89 YES
SP569 Wyoming Environmental Address, Teton Science School, Jackson, Wyoming, 6/13/89 YES
SP570 University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, 6/13/89 YES
SP571 President's Dinner, D.C. Convention Center, 6/14/89 YES
SP572 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, Georgia 6/15/89 YES
SP573 Community Address, Cheltenham High, Wyncote, Pennsylvania, 6/19/89 YES
SP574 Family Motor Coach Association, Richmond, Virginia, 6/21/89 YES
SP575 New York Partnership - Wall Street Journal Centennial Address, New York, New York, 6/22/89 YES
SP576 American Association of University Women, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 6/26/89 YES
SP577 Library of Congress, 6/29/89 YES
SP578 A Constitutional Amendment to Protect the Flag, Iwo Jima Memorial, D.C., 6/30/89 YES
SP579 Apollo Moon Landing 20th Anniversary, Smithsonian, D.C. 7/20/89 YES
SP580 Ways and Means Bicentennial Dinner, D.C. 7/24/89 YES
SP581 TR027, Departure Statement, Andrews AFB 7/9/89 YES
SP581-01 TR027-01, Speech to Joint Session of Polish Parliament (SEJM), 7/10/89 YES
SP581-01 [1] TR027-01 [1], Presidential Remarks - Warsaw Arrival Ceremony, 7/9/89 YES
SP581-01 [2] TR027-01 [2], Presidential Remarks - Polish Little League, Warsaw, Poland, 7/10/89 YES
SP581-01 [3] TR027-01 [3], Departure Statement - Gdansk Airport, Poland, 7/11/89 YES
SP581-01 [4] TR027-01 [4], Remarks - Solidarity Workers Monument, Shipyard, Gdansk, Poland, 7/11/89 YES
SP581-01 [5] TR027-01 [5], Toast - State Dinner, Radziwill Palace, Warsaw, Poland, 7/10/89 YES
SP581-01 [6] TR027-01 [6], Response to Letter Regarding Speeches in Poland YES
SP581-01 [7] TR027-01 [7], Toast - Ambassador's Lunch for Polish Intellectual Community, 7/10/89 YES
SP581-01 [8] TR027-01 [8], Response to Gdansk Speech YES
SP581-02 TR027-02, President's Speech in Budapest, Hungary YES
SP581-02 [1] TR027-02 [1], Toast at the Hungarian Parliament - Budapest, Hungary, 7/11/89 YES
SP581-02 [2] TR027-02 [2], Remarks - Kossuth Square, Budapest, Hungary 7/11/89 YES
SP581-02 [3] TR027-02 [3], Presidential Remarks - Karl Marx University, Budapest, Hungary, 7/12/89 YES
SP581-02 [4] TR027-02 [4], Hungary Departure Statement 7/13/89 YES
SP581-02 [5] TR027-02 [5], Remarks - American Embassy Staff, Budapest, Hungary, 7/13/89 YES
SP581-03 [1] TR027-03 [1], Talking Points - United States Embassy, Paris, France, 7/17/89 YES
SP581-03 [2] TR027-03 [2], Church Service - Paris, France, 7/16/89 YES
SP581-03 [3] TR027-03 [3], Presentation of the Bastille Key to President Mitterrand, 7/13/89 YES
SP581-04 [1] TR027-04 [1], Remarks - American Community, The Hague, Netherlands, 7/18/89 YES
SP581-04 [2] TR027-04 [2], Remarks - Pieterskerk, Leiden, the Netherlands, 7/17/89 YES
SP581-05 TR027-05, Arrival Statement - The White House, 7/18/89 YES
SP582 National League of Families, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 7/28/89 YES
SP583-01 National Governors Association, Chicago, Illinois, 7/31/89 (Canceled) YES
SP583-02 Disabled American Veterans Convention 7/31/89, Las Vegas, Nevada YES
SP583-03 Fraternal Order of Police Convention, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 8/1/89 YES
SP584 Boy Scouts National Jamboree, Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia, 8/7/89 YES
SP585 Department of War, Fort Myers, D.C., 8/7/89 YES
SP586 [1] National Urban League Annual Conference, D.C., 8/8/89 YES
SP586 [2] Statement on the American Hostages Held in Lebanon, 8/10/89 YES
SP587 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Fundraiser Luncheon, Miami, Florida, 8/16/89 YES
SP588 [1] Chamber of Commerce, Kennebunkport, Maine, 8/30/89 YES
SP588 [2] Remarks following Discussion with Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu of Japan, 9/1/92 YES
SP589 Address to Nation on Drugs, 9/5/89 (1st by President Bush) YES
SP590 [1] American Legion, Maryland Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, 9/7/89 YES
SP590 [2] Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland, 9/7/89 YES
SP591 [1] National Baptists Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana, 9/8/89 YES
SP591 [2] Hispanic Chamber, New Orleans, Louisiana, 9/8/89 YES
SP592 Televised Address to Students on Drugs 9/12/89 YES
SP593 Republican National Hispanic Assembly Dinner, Omni-Shoreham Hotel, D.C., 9/12/89 YES
SP594 Department of the Treasury Bicentennial, Treasury Department, D.C., 9/11/89 YES
SP595-01 South Dakota Centennial, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 9/18/89 YES
SP595-02 [1] Centennial of State of Montana, Helena, Montana, 9/18/89 YES
SP595-02 [2] State Legislatures, Helena, Montana, 9/18/89 YES
SP595-03 Centennial of the State of Washington, Spokane, Washington, 9/19/89 YES
SP596 200th Anniversary of the Attorney General, Department of Justice, D.C., 9/22/89, YES
SP597 Senior Executive Service (SES) Awards, Constitution Hall, D.C., 9/14/89 YES
SP598 GOP Fundraiser, East Brunswick, New Jersey, 9/22/89 YES
SP599 Catholic Lawyers' Guild Luncheon, Boston, Massachusetts, 9/23/89 YES
SP600 [1] United Nations General Assembly Address, New York, New York, 9/25/89 YES
SP600 [2] Toast at United Nations Heads of State Dinner, New York, New York, 9/25/89 YES
SP600 [3] United States Mission to the United Nations, New York, New York, 9/25/89 YES
SP601 AGNET Capital Gains Radio Message, Department of Agriculture, D.C., 9/22/89 YES
SP602 American Film Institute (AFI), D.C., 9/26/89 YES
SP603 World Bank / IMF Annual Meeting, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C. YES
SP604 [1] Toasts - Governors' Dinner and Opening Address, Education Summit, Charlottesville, Virginia, 9/27/89 YES
SP604 [2] Toasts - Governors' Dinner, Jefferson's Home at Monticello, Virginia, 9/27/89 YES
SP604 [3] Opening Address - Education Summit, Charlottesville, Virginia, 9/27/89 YES
SP604 [4] Convocation - University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, 9/28/89 YES
SP605 Retirement for Admiral Crowe, Annapolis, Maryland, 9/29/89 YES
SP606 Republican Senatorial Inner Circle Gala, D.C., 10/2/89 YES
SP607 Fundraising Dinner for M. Coleman, Chantilly, Virginia, 10/4/89 YES
SP608 National Federation of Republican Women, Baltimore, Maryland, 10/8/89 YES
SP609 Challenger Center Gala Dinner, Techworld, D.C., 10/4/89 YES
SP610 Tom Anderson Campaign Rally, Gulfport, Mississippi, 10/12/89 YES
SP611 Rudy Giuliani Fundraiser Dinner, New York, New York, 10/12/89 YES
SP612 Republican Eagles Luncheon, D.C., 10/13/89 YES
SP613 Republican Governors' Association, D.C., 10/17/89 YES
SP614 Senator Ted Stevens Fundraiser, Madison Hotel, D.C., 10/18/89 YES
SP615 [1] Andrews Air Force Base Departure Statement, 10/27/89 YES
SP615 [2] Arrival Statement - Costa Rica International Airport, San Jose, Costa Rica, 10/27/89 YES
SP615 [3] Remarks following Coffee with Opposition Leaders, San Jose, Costa Rica, 10/28/89 YES
SP615 [4] Toasting the Centenary of Costa Rican Democracy, San Jose, Costa Rica, 10/27/89 YES
SP615 [5] American Community Greetings, San Jose, Costa Rica, 10/28/89 YES
SP615 [6] Departure Statement, San Jose, Costa Rica, 10/28/89 YES
SP616 National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, D.C., 10/30/89 YES
SP617-01 [1] Marshall Coleman Rally, Richmond, Virginia, 11/3/89 YES
SP617-01 [2] Virginia Major Donors Reception, Richmond, Virginia, 11/3/89 YES
SP617-02 Coleman Address, Norfolk, Virginia, 11/3/89 YES
SP617-03 New Jersey GOP / Courter Rally, Bloomfield, New Jersey, 11/3/89 YES
SP618 Phillips Convocation, Andover, Massachusetts, 11/5/89 YES
SP619 Senator Mark Hatfield Fundraiser, D.C., 11/7/89 YES
SP620 Malcolm Baldridge Award Ceremony, Commerce Department, D.C., 11/2/89 YES
SP621 [1] TR043 [1], Bill Clements Fundraiser, Dallas, Texas, 11/10/89 YES
SP621 [2] TR043 [2], National Association of Realtors, Dallas, Texas, 11/10/89 YES
SP621 [3] TR043 [3], Vietnam Memorial, Dallas, Texas, 11/11/89 YES
SP622 Universal Postal Union Congress, Kennedy Center, D.C., 11/13/89 YES
SP623 AFL-CIO Convention, D.C., 11/15/89 YES
SP624 Lynn Martin Fundraiser, Chicago, Illinois, 11/20/89 YES
SP625 [1] Governor Edward DiPrete Fundraiser, Cranston, Rhode Island, 11/20/89 YES
SP625 [2] Claudine Schneider Fundraiser, Providence and Warwick, Rhode Island, 11/20/89 YES
SP627 Commercial Appeal Volunteerism Event, Memphis, Tennessee, 11/22/89 YES
SP628 Thanksgiving Address to the Nation, 11/22/89 YES
SP629 [1] TR046-01 [1], Departure Ceremony, Rose Garden, D.C., 11/30/89 YES
SP629 [2] TR046-01 [2], USS Forrestal, Malta, 12/1/89 YES
SP630 TR046-02, Trip to Belgium [Empty] YES
SP631 National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner, D.C., 12/5/89 YES
SP632 [1] Phil Gramm Fundraiser, Houston, Texas, 12/7/89 YES
SP632 [2] Acres Homes "War on Drugs," Winzer Park, Houston, Texas, 12/7/89 YES
SP633 [1] Denver Broncos Youth Foundation, Denver, Colorado, 12/8/89 YES
SP633 [2] Congressman Hank Brown Fundraiser, Denver, Colorado, 12/8/89 YES
SP634 Representative Tom Tauke Fundraiser, Des Moines, Iowa, 12/8/89 YES
SP635 Cardinals Dinner, Pension Building, D.C., 12/12/89 YES
SP636 NAACP 80th Anniversary Fundraiser, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, New York, 12/15/89 YES
SP637 Toast at Luncheon with President Mitterrand, Saint Martin, West Indies, 12/16/89 YES
SP638 "Christmas in Washington," Pension Building, D.C., 12/10/89 YES
SP639 NIH Clinical Center, Rockville, Maryland, 12/22/89 YES
SP640 American Farm Bureau, Orlando Florida, 1/8/90 YES
SP640-01 Tour and Briefing - Epcot Center Food and Agriculture Pavilion, 1/8/90 [Empty] YES
SP641 [1] Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1/12/90 YES
SP641 [2] Robert A. Taft High School / Youth Collaborative, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1/12/90 YES
SP642 Executive Forum, Constitution Hall, D.C., 1/18/90 YES
SP643 Home Builders Association, Atlanta, Georgia, 1/19/90 YES
SP644 Bee County Coliseum, Beeville, Texas, 12/27/89 YES
SP645 Bob Martinez Fundraiser, Miami, Florida, 1/19/90 YES
SP646 American Spectator Annual Dinner, Willard Hotel, D.C., 1/22/90 YES
SP647 Bush-Quayle Campaign Reunion, 1/18/90, Washington D.C. Hilton YES
SP648 Ad Hoc Group Against Crime, Kansas City, Missouri, 1/23/90 YES
SP649 United States Conference of Mayors, Washington D.C. Hilton, 1/26/90 YES
SP650 Alfalfa Club Dinner, D.C., 1/27/90 YES
SP651 Religious Broadcasters, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 1/29/90 YES
SP652 National Prayer Breakfast, Washington D.C. Hilton, 2/1/90 YES
SP653 Eagles Gala, Kennedy Center, D.C., 1/29/90 YES
SP654 University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee, 2/2/90 YES
SP655 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Georgetown University, D.C., 2/5/90 YES
SP656-01 TR047-01, National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California, 2/6/90 YES
SP656-02 TR047-01, California State GOP Fundraiser, Los Angeles, California, 2/6/90 YES
SP656-03 TR047-01, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, 2/7/90 YES
SP656-04 TR047-01, Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, California, 2/7/90 YES
SP657-01 TR047-02, Kay Orr Breakfast, Omaha, Nebraska, 2/8/90 YES
SP657-02 TR047-02, SAC Base Talking Points YES
SP658-01 TR047-03, Ohio GOP Fundraiser, Columbus, Ohio, 2/8/90 YES
SP659 [1] Engineering Awards, State Department, D.C., 2/20/90 YES
SP659 [2] Remarks at Briefing on Energy Policy, D.C., 2/20/90 YES
SP660 Business Council Dinner, Library of Congress, D.C., 2/21/90 YES
SP661 Johns Hopkins Medical Center Centennial, Baltimore, Maryland, 2/22/90 YES
SP662 Red Cross Headquarters, D.C., 2/23/90 YES
SP663 Fundraising Luncheon for Susan Molinari, Staten Island, New York, 2/28/90 YES
SP664 [1] TR061-02 [1], California Chamber of Commerce Centennial Dinner Gala, Los Angeles, California, 3/1/90 YES
SP664 [2] TR061-02 [2], Pete Wilson Fundraiser, San Francisco, California, 2/27/90 YES
SP664 [3] TR061-02 [3], Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Breakfast, Los Angeles, California YES
SP664 [4] TR061-02 [4], "Drug Use is Life Abuse," Santa Ana Bowl, California, 3/2/90 YES
SP664 [5] TR061-02 [5], Dedication of North County Correctional Facility, Los Angeles, California YES
SP664 [6] TR061-02 [6], Departure of Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu of Japan, Palm Springs, California YES
SP665 American Society of Association Executives, Convention Center, D.C., 3/6/90 YES
SP666 American Electronics Association, D.C., 3/7/90 YES
SP667 Senator John Warner Fundraiser, Tyson's Corner, Virginia, 3/8/90 YES
SP668 Panama Campaign Ceremony, Fort Myers, Virginia, 3/8/90 YES
SP669 National Association of Manufacturers, Techworld, D.C., 3/15/90 YES
SP670 All-Star Gala, Ford's Theater, D.C., 3/25/90 YES
SP671 United States Olympic Committee Dinner, Omni-Shoreham Hotel, D.C., 3/28/90 YES
SP672 National Leadership Coalition on AIDS, Marriott Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia, 3/29/90 YES
SP673 WHCA Service Awards, Bolling AFB, D.C., 3/29/90 YES
SP674 Radio-TV Correspondents Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 3/29/90 YES
SP675 105th Gridiron Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 3/31/90 YES
SP676 National Association of Broadcasters, Atlanta, Georgia, 4/2/90 YES
SP677 George Voinovich Fundraiser, Cincinnati, Ohio, 4/2/90 YES
SP678 [1] Arbor Day Event, Indianapolis, Indiana, 4/3/90 YES
SP678 [2] Dan Coats Fundraiser, Indianapolis, Indiana, 4/3/90 YES
SP679 Michigan Fundraiser, Detroit, Michigan, 4/3/90 YES
SP680 Joint Center for Political Studies, Washington D.C. Hilton, 4/4/90 YES
SP681 Newspaper Editors, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 4/6/90 YES
SP682 Strom Thurmond Fundraiser, National Press Club, 4/11/90 YES
SP683 [1] Welcoming Remarks - White House Conference on Global Change, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 4/17/90 YES
SP683 [2] White House Conference on Global Change, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 4/18/90 YES
SP684-01 TR065, Bill Cabaniss Fundraiser, Birmingham, Alabama, 4/20/90 YES
SP684-02 TR065, Republican GOP, Orlando, Florida, 4/20/90 YES
SP685 National Academy of Sciences, D.C., 4/23/90 YES
SP686 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad, Bethesda, Maryland, 4/25/90 YES
SP687 White House Correspondents Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 4/28/90 YES
SP688 United States Chamber of Commerce, Constitution Hall, D.C., 4/30/90 YES
SP689 National Republican Senatorial Committee Inner Circle Gala Reception, D.C., 5/3/90 YES
SP690 Korean War Veterans Memorial Fundraising Dinner, Omni-Shoreham Hotel, D.C., 5/1/90 YES
SP691 President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, Washington D.C. Hilton, 5/2/90 YES
SP692 Oklahoma State University Commencement, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 5/4/90 YES
SP693 Oklahoma Foundation, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 5/5/90 YES
SP694-01 TR068, Texas A&I University, Commencement, Kingsville, Texas, 5/11/90 YES
SP694-02 [1] TR068 [1], Governor Caroll Campbell Rally, Columbia, South Carolina, 5/11/90 YES
SP694-02 [2] TR068 [2], University of South Carolina Commencement, Columbia, South Carolina, 5/12/90 YES
SP694-03 TR068, Liberty University Commencement, Lynchburg, Virginia, 5/12/90 YES
SP695-01 TR069, Texas GOP Fundraiser, Dallas, Texas, 5/18/90 YES
SP695-02 TR069, University of Texas Commencement, Austin, Texas, 5/19/90 YES
SP695-03 [1] David Frohnmayer Fundraising Breakfast, 5/21/90 YES
SP695-03 [2] TR069 [1], David Frohnmayer Fundraising Breakfast, Portland, Oregon, 5/21/90 YES
SP695-03 [3] TR069 [2], Police Memorial, Portland, Oregon, 5/20/89 YES
SP695-04 TR069, Oakwood Community, Los Angeles, California, 5/21/90 YES
SP696 Council of the Americas, State Department, D.C., 5/22/90 YES
SP697 Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 5/23/90 YES
SP698 TR071, National Pork Producers Leadership Council, Des Moines, Iowa, 6/8/90 YES
SP698-01 [1] TR071 [1], Stop the Violence Movement, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 6/6/90 YES
SP698-01 [2] TR071 [2], Governor Tommy Thompson Fundraiser, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 6/7/90 YES
SP698-02 TR071, Jim Edgar Fundraiser, Chicago, Illinois, 6/7/90 YES
SP698-03 TR071, Branstad for Governor Fundraiser, Des Moines, Iowa, 6/8/90 YES
SP698-04 [1] TR071 [1], Hal Daub Fundraiser, Omaha, Nebraska, 6/8/90 YES
SP698-04 [2] TR071 [2], Mad Dads Point of Light Salute, Omaha, Nebraska, 6/8/90 YES
SP699 Memorial Day Ceremony, Kennebunkport, Maine, 5/28/90 [Empty] YES
SP700 President's Dinner, Washington D.C. Convention Center, D.C., 6/12/90 YES
SP701 Great Outdoors Award Dinner, Vista Hotel, D.C., 6/19/90 YES
SP702-01 [1] TR072 [1], Governor Guy Hunt Fundraiser, Huntsville, Alabama, 6/20/90 YES
SP702-01 [2] TR072 [2], Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama, 6/20/90 YES
SP702-02 TR072, Helms Fundraiser, Charlotte, North Carolina, 6/20/90 YES
SP703 NIH Children's Inn Dedication, Bethesda, Maryland, 6/21/90 YES
SP704 United States Attorneys, Justice Department, D.C., 6/22/90 YES
SP705 [1] Post-Rodeo and Grand Ole Opry - Economic Summit, Houston, Texas, 7/8/90 YES
SP705 [2] Arrival Ceremony - Economic Summit, Houston, Texas, 7/9/90 YES
SP705 [3] Thank You Gala - Economic Summit, Houston, Texas, 7/11/90 YES
SP706 Greek Orthodox Keynote, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 7/12/90 YES
SP707 National Council of La Raza, Omni-Shoreham Hotel, D.C., 7/18/90 YES
SP707-01 Philadelphia Community Center Anti-Drug Rally, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 7/24/90 YES
SP708-01 TR075, Nixon Library, Yorba Linda, California, 7/19/90 YES
SP708-02 TR075, Larry Craig Fundraiser, Boise, Idaho, 7/19/90 YES
SP708-03 [1] TR075 [1], Allen Kolstad for Senate Fundraiser, Billings, Montana, 7/20/90 YES
SP708-03 [2] TR075 [2], Anti-Drug Rally, Billings, Montana, 7/19/90 YES
SP708-04 [1] TR075 [1], Wyoming Centennial, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 7/20/90 YES
SP708-04 [2] TR075 [2], F. E. Warren AFB, Wyoming, 7/20/90 YES
SP708-05 TR075, George Washington Aircraft Carrier Christening, Newport News, Virginia, 7/21/90 YES
SP709-01 TR076, Fundraising Luncheon for Philadelphia GOP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 7/24/90 YES
SP709-02 TR076, Fundraising Dinner for New York Republican Party, Waldorf-Astoria, New York, New York, 7/24/90 YES
SP710 National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC), Washington D.C. Hilton, 7/30/90 YES
SP711 The Aspen Institute, Aspen, Colorado, 8/2/90 YES
SP712 Address to Nation Announcing Deployment of Armed Forces to Middle East, 8/8/90 YES
SP713 DOD Employees Situation in Iraq, Pentagon, D.C., 8/15/90 YES
SP714-01 [1] TR078 [1], Talking Points for Judd Gregg and David Emery Event, Kennebunkport, Maine, 8/23/90 YES
SP714-01 [2] TR078 [2], Talking Points for John McKernan for Governor, Falmouth, Maine, 8/21/90 YES
SP714-02 TR078, VFW Address, Baltimore, Maryland, 8/20/90 YES
SP714-03 TR078, Rhode Island GOP Fundraiser, North Kingston, Rhode Island, 8/20/90 YES
SP715-01 TR079, Mike Hayden Fundraiser, Topeka, Kansas, 9/6/90 YES
SP715-02 TR079, Bill Grant Fundraiser, Tallahassee, Florida, 9/6/90 YES
SP716 [1] Arrival Statement - Helsinki Summit, Helsinki, Finland, 9/8/90 YES
SP716 [2] Talking Points - Greetings at American Embassy, Helsinki, Finland, 9/8/90 YES
SP717 Address to Nation on Persian Gulf Crisis, D.C., 9/11/90 YES
SP717-02 [1] Address to Joint Session of Congress, U.S. Capitol, 9/11/90 [Empty] YES
SP717-02 [2] Revision to Address to Congress Regarding the Persian Gulf Crisis YES
SP718-01 TR081, Colorado GOP Fundraiser, Denver, Colorado, 9/18/90 YES
SP718-02 TR081, Pete Wilson Fundraiser, Los Angeles, California, 9/18/90 YES
SP718-03 TR081, Pete Wilson Fundraiser, San Francisco, California, 9/19/90 YES
SP719 Not used [Empty] YES
SP720 Fundraising Breakfast for Maurice Turner for Mayor, Mayflower Hotel, Washington D.C., 9/24/90 YES
SP721 President's Club Dinner, Omni-Shoreham Hotel, D.C., 9/25/90 YES
SP722 IMF / World Bank Annual Meeting, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 9/25/90 YES
SP723-01 [1] TR082, George Voinovich Fundraiser, Akron, Ohio, 9/26/90 YES
SP723-01 [2] TR082, George Voinovich Fundraiser, Cleveland, Ohio, 9/27/90 YES
SP723-02 TR082, Lynn Martin for Senate Rally, Chicago, Illinois, 9/26/90 YES
SP723-03 TR082, Jon Grunseth for Governor, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 9/27/90 YES
SP723-04 TR082, Bill Schuette Fundraiser, Detroit, Michigan, 9/27/90 YES
SP724 Washington National Cathedral Final Stone Laying, D.C., 9/29/90 YES
SP725 [1] Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (C.S.C.E.), New York, New York, 10/1/90 YES
SP725 [2] United Nations General Assembly, New York, New York, 10/1/90 YES
SP725 [3] World Summit for Children, New York, New York, 9/30/90 YES
SP726 Address to the Nation on the Budget, 10/2/90 YES
SP727 RNC Eagles Dinner, Pension Building, D.C., 10/2/90 YES
SP728 National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner, Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City, D.C., 10/3/90 YES
SP729 [1] Bob Smith for Senate, Manchester, New Hampshire, 10/5/90 YES
SP729 [2] Maine Fundraiser for John McKernan, Kennebunkport, Maine, 10/5/90 YES
SP729 [3] Massachusetts GOP Fundraiser, Boston, Massachusetts, 10/4/90 YES
SP729 [4] John Rowland for Governor Fundraiser, Stanford, Connecticut, 10/4/90 YES
SP729 [5] Vermont GOP, Burlington, Vermont, 10/5/90 YES
SP730 Fundraising Breakfast for Arlis Sturgulewski and Don Young, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C. / Ritz-Carlton Hotel, D.C., 10/9/90 YES
SP731 [1] Republican Governors Association, Washington D.C. Hilton, 10/9/90 YES
SP731 [2] Governors' Toast, East Room, D.C., 2/3/91 YES
SP732-01 TR085, Jesse Helms Fundraising Breakfast, Raleigh, North Carolina, 10/10/90 YES
SP732-02 TR085, Bob Martinez Rally, Saint Petersburg, Florida, 10/10/90 YES
SP732-03 TR085, Johnny Isakson for Governor, Atlanta, Georgia, 10/10/90 YES
SP733-01 [1] TR086, Robert Mosbacher Fundraiser, Dallas, Texas, 10/15/90 YES
SP733-01 [2] TR086, Clayton Williams for Governor Fundraiser, Dallas, Texas, 10/15/90 YES
SP733-02 TR086, Kay Orr, Hal Daub, and Ally Milder Fundraiser, Omaha, Nebraska, 10/15/90 YES
SP733-03 TR086, Tom Tauke / Terry Branstad Rally, Des Moines, Iowa, 10/16/90 YES
SP733-04 TR086, Jim Edgar for Governor, Wheaton, Illinois, 10/16/90 YES
SP733-05 TR086, John Engler Rally, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 10/16/90 YES
SP734-01 TR087, Vermont GOP, Burlington, Vermont, 10/23/90 YES
SP734-02 TR087, Bob Smith for Senate, Manchester, New Hampshire, 10/23/90 YES
SP734-03 TR087, John Rowland for Governor Fundraiser, Stamford, Connecticut, 10/23/90 YES
SP735-01 TR088, Frank Bond for Governor Fundraiser, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 10/25/90 YES
SP735-02 TR088, Jay Fife Symington for Governor Fundraiser, Phoenix, Arizona, 10/24/90 YES
SP735-03 TR088, California GOP Fundraising Breakfast, Irvine, California, 10/26/90 YES
SP735-04 TR089, Pete Wilson for Governor, Los Angeles, California, 10/26/90 YES
SP735-05 [1] TR088, Departure Statement - Pacific Island Summit, Honolulu, Hawaii, 10/27/90 YES
SP735-05 [2] TR088, Officers and Troops at Hickam Airfield, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 10/28/90 YES
SP735-05 [3] TR088, Pat Saiki for Senate, Waikiki, Hawaii, 10/26/90 YES
SP735-06 TR088, California GOP Fundraising Breakfast, San Francisco, California, 10/29/90 YES
SP735-07 TR088, Bill Price for Governor Fundraiser, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 10/29/90 YES
SP736 Election Countdown Rally, Hyatt Regency Hotel, D.C., 10/30/90 YES
SP737 Stan Parris Fundraiser, Alexandria, Virginia, 10/31/90 YES
SP738-01 [1] TR089, Massachusetts GOP Fundraiser, Burlington, Massachusetts, 11/1/90 YES
SP738-01 [2] TR089, Weld / Rappaport Campaign Event, Mashpee, Massachusetts, 11/1/90 YES
SP738-02 TR089, Governor Bob Martinez, Orlando, Florida, 11/1/90 YES
SP738-03 TR089, Ohio GOP Ticket, Cincinnati, Ohio, 11/2/90 YES
SP738-04 TR089, Rudy Boschwitz for Senate Rally, Rochester, Minnesota, 11/2/90 YES
SP738-05 TR089, Tom Tauke Fundraiser, Sioux City, Iowa, 11/2/90 YES
SP738-06 TR089, Pete Wilson Fundraiser, San Bernardino Valley, California, 11/3/90 YES
SP738-07 [1] TR089, Frank Bond for Governor Campaign Event, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 11/3/90 YES
SP738-07 [2] TR089, Clean Air Endorsement and Tree Planting, Thousand Oaks, California, 11/3/90 YES
SP738-08 [1] TR089, Texas GOP, Tyler, Texas, 11/5/90 YES
SP738-08 [2] TR089, Texas Republicans Clayton Williams / Phil Gramm / Hugh Shine, Waco, Texas, 11/5/90 YES
SP738-08 [3] TR089, Welcome Home Election Eve Reception, Houston, Texas, 11/5/90 YES
SP739 GOP Senate Leadership, Union Station, D.C., 11/13/90 YES
SP740-01 TR090, Thanksgiving Day Church Service, U.S.S. Nassau, Saudi Arabia, 11/22/90 YES
SP740-01 [1] TR090, Embassy Greeting - Prague, Czechoslovakia, 11/18/90 YES
SP740-01 [2] TR090, Czechoslovakia Dinner, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 11/17/90 YES
SP740-01 [3] TR090, Czechoslovakian Federal Assembly, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 11/17/90 YES
SP740-01 [4] TR090, Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 11/17/90 YES
SP740-02 TR090, Speyer Rally, Speyer, Germany, 11/18/90 YES
SP740-03 TR090, Staff of American Embassy, Paris, France, 11/21/90 YES
SP740-04 [1] TR090, Thanksgiving Address to the Troops, Forward Marine Base, Saudi Arabia, 11/22/90 YES
SP740-04 [2] TR090, Thanksgiving Day Church Service, USS Nassau, Saudi Arabia, 11/22/90 YES
SP740-04 [3] TR090, Thanksgiving Greeting to Air Force, Dhahran Air Port, Saudi Arabia, 11/22/90 YES
SP740-05 [1] TR090, Embassy Greeting - Cairo, Egypt, 11/23/90 YES
SP740-05 [2] TR090, Luncheon Hosted by President Hosni Mubarak, Cairo, Egypt, 11/23/90 YES
SP741 Association of Bank Holding Companies, Willard Hotel, D.C., 11/29/90 YES
SP742 [1] TR091, American-Mexican CEO Breakfast, Monterrey, Mexico, 11/27/90 YES
SP742 [2] TR091, Barbecue, Agualeguas, Mexico, 11/26/90 YES
SP742 [3] TR091, Casino Meeting, Monterrey, Mexico, 11/27/90 YES
SP742 [4] TR091, City Theater, Monterrey, Mexico, 11/27/90 YES
SP742 [5] TR091, Governor's Palace, Monterrey, Mexico, 11/26/90 YES
SP742 [6] TR091, State Luncheon, Governor's Palace, Monterrey, Mexico, 11/27/90 YES
SP742 [7] TR091, Studies Dedication, Monterrey, Mexico, 11/27/90 YES
SP743-01 [1] TR092, Brazil State Dinner Toast, Brasilia, Brazil, 12/3/90 YES
SP743-01 [2] TR092, Brazilian Business Community, Brasilia, Brazil, 12/3/90 YES
SP743-01 [3] TR092, Embassy Greeting - Brasilia, Brazil, 12/3/90 YES
SP743-01 [4] TR092, Joint Session, Brazilian Congress, Brasilia, Brazi1, 12/3/90 YES
SP743-02 [1] TR092, Uruguayan Embassy Greeting, Montevideo, Uruguay, 12/4/90 YES
SP743-02 [2] TR092, Arrival Ceremony - Montevideo, Uruguay, 12/4/90 YES
SP743-02 [3] TR092, Leaders Dinner, Punta Del Este, Uruguay, 12/4/90 YES
SP743-02 [4] TR092, Address to Uruguayan Congress, Montevideo, Uruguay, 12/4/90 YES
SP743-03 [1] TR092, Embassy Greeting - Buenos Aires, Argentina, 12/6/90 YES
SP743-03 [2] TR092, Argentine Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 12/5/90 YES
SP743-03 [3] TR092, State Dinner, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 12/5/90 YES
SP743-04 [1] TR092, Arrival Ceremony - Santiago, Chile, 12/6/90 YES
SP743-04 [2] TR092, Chamber of Commerce, Santiago, Chile, 12/7/90 YES
SP743-04 [3] TR092, Chilean State Dinner, Santiago, Chile, 12/6/90 YES
SP743-04 [4] TR092, Chilean National Congress, Valparaiso, Chile, 12/6/90 YES
SP743-04 [5] TR092, Embassy Greeting - Santiago, Chile, 12/7/90 YES
SP743-05 [1] TR092, Embassy Greeting - Caracas, Venezuela, 12/8/90 YES
SP743-05 [2] TR092, State Dinner, Caracas, Venezuela, 12/7/90 YES
SP743-05 [3] TR092, Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce, Caracas, 12/8/90 YES
SP744 Christmas in Washington, Pension Building, 12/9/90 [Empty] YES
SP745 Jobs for America's Graduates, National Press Club, D.C., 12/12/90 YES
SP746 Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Awards, Commerce Department, D.C., 12/13/90 YES
SP747 Address to Nation - Persian Gulf War, (War Began), 1/16/91 YES
SP748 United States Reserve Officers Association, Washington D.C. Hilton, 1/23/91 YES
SP749 National Religious Broadcasters Association, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 1/28/91 YES
SP750 50th Anniversary of the Four Freedoms, U.S. Capitol, D.C., 1/30/91 YES
SP751 National Prayer Breakfast, Hilton, Washington D.C., 1/31/91 YES
SP752-01 [1] TR093, Marines and Families, Cherry Point, North Carolina, 2/1/91 YES
SP752-01 [2] TR093, Troop Families, Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina, 2/1/91 YES
SP752-02 TR093, Fort Stewart Address, Fort Stewart, Georgia, 2/1/91 YES
SP753 Republican Eagles Gala 1991, Kennedy Center, D.C., 2/4/91 YES
SP754 Economic Club of New York, New York Hilton, New York, New York, 2/6/91 YES
SP755 Raytheon Missile System's Plant, Andover, Massachusetts, 2/15/91 YES
SP756 American Society of Association Executives, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 2/27/91 YES
SP757 Retirement of General Maxwell Thurman, Fort Myer, Virginia, 2/26/91 YES
SP758 Westinghouse Address, Washington D.C. Hilton, 3/4/91 YES
SP759 The Attorney General's Crime Summit, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 3/5/91 YES
SP760 Address to Nation, Joint Session of Congress, U.S. Capitol, D.C., 3/6/91 YES
SP761 Ford's Theater Gala, D.C., 3/10/91 YES
SP762 Address to Nation on End of Operation Desert Storm, D.C., 2/27/91 YES
SP763 Swearing-In of Edward Madigan as Secretary of Agriculture, D.C., 3/12/91 YES
SP764-01 TR096 [3], Ottawa Dinner Toast, Ottawa, Canada, 3/13/91, Case Number 219503 to Case Number 225056 YES
SP764-01 [1] TR096, Air Quality Agreement Signing Ceremony, Ottawa, Canada, 3/13/91 YES
SP764-01 [2] TR096, Embassy Greeting - Ottawa, Canada, 3/13/91 YES
SP764-01 [3] TR096, Ottawa Dinner Toast, Ottawa, Canada, 3/13/91 YES
SP764-02 TR096, Martinique Lunch Toast, Martinique, French West Indies, 3/16/91 YES
SP764-03 TR096, Hamilton, Bermuda (Remarks off the Record) [Empty] YES
SP764-04 TR096, Sumter Welcome Home to U.S. Troops, Sumter, South Carolina, 3/17/91 YES
SP765 Republican Inner Circle Luncheon, Omni-Shoreham Hotel, D.C., 3/18/91 YES
SP766 Radio-TV Correspondents Association Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 3/19/91 YES
SP767 Swearing-In of Lamar Alexander as Secretary of Education, D.C., 3/22/91 YES
SP768 Gridiron Dinner, Capitol Hotel, D.C., 3/23/91 YES
SP769 State Department Employees, State Department, D.C., 3/27/91 YES
SP770-01 TR098, Statement Following Meeting with Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu, Newport Beach, California, 4/4/91 YES
SP770-02 [1] TR098, U.S.O. Fundraiser Luncheon, Los Angeles, California, 4/5/91 YES
SP770-02 [2] TR098, U.S.O. 50th Anniversary Celebration, Los Angeles, California, 4/5/91 YES
SP770-03 [1] TR098, Hispanic Free Trade Breakfast, Houston, Texas, 4/8/91 YES
SP770-03 [2] TR098, Saint Martin's Church Service, Houston, Texas, 4/7/91 YES
SP770-03 [3] TR098, Voice of Hope Daily Point of Light Presentation, Dallas, Texas, 4/8/91 YES
SP771 American Business Conference, Department of Commerce, D.C., 4/9/91 YES
SP772 Teacher of the Year Award, Slanesville, West Virginia, 4/10/91 YES
SP773 Chief Executives Organizations, Washington D.C. Hilton, 4/11/91 YES
SP774 Air University, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama, 4/13/91 YES
SP775 National Association of Broadcasters Convention by Satellite, Las Vegas, Nevada, 4/15/91 YES
SP776 Address to Nation on National Education Strategy, D.C., 4/18/91 YES
SP777 Mathematics Assessment Summit, National Academy of Sciences, 4/24/91 YES
SP778 Banneker Honors Program, Tecumseh Court, Annapolis, Maryland, 4/23/91 YES
SP779 White House Correspondence Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 4/27/91 YES
SP780 Society of Business Editors and Writers, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 5/1/91 YES
SP781 [1] NSA Arrival Ceremony, Fort Meade, Maryland, 5/1/91 YES
SP781 [2] NSA Awards Ceremony, Fort Meade, Maryland, 5/1/91 YES
SP782 Housing Event/Cochran Gardens, Saint Louis, Missouri, 5/3/91 YES
SP783 University of Michigan Commencement, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 5/4/91 YES
SP784 Princeton University Dedication of Social Sciences, Princeton, New Jersey, 5/10/91 YES
SP785 Hampton University Commencement, Hampton, Virginia, 5/12/91 YES
SP786 National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) Senatorial Trust Meeting, D.C., 5/16/91 YES
SP787 Saturn School of Tomorrow, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 5/22/91 YES
SP788 NBC Affiliates Convention (Live Satellite Teleconference), New York, New York, 5/23/91 YES
SP789 Kahlil Gibran Dedication, Gibran Memorial Garden, D.C., 5/24/91 YES
SP790-01 [1] TR108, Department of Commerce Export Luncheon, World Trade Center, Boston, Massachusetts, 5/24/91 YES
SP790-01 [2] TR108, Steve Pierce Fundraiser, Boston, Massachusetts, 5/24/91 YES
SP790-02 TR108, Yale University Commencement, New Haven, Connecticut, 5/27/91 YES
SP790-03 TR108, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 5/29/91 YES
SP791 FBI Academy Graduation, Quantico, Virginia, 5/30/91 YES
SP792 United States Military Academy Commencement, West Point, New York, 6/1/91 YES
SP793 [1] Education Goals Panel, Grand Hyatt Hotel, D.C., 6/3/91 YES
SP793 [2] National Federation of Independent Businesses, Hyatt Regency Hotel, D.C., 6/3/91 YES
SP794 Southern Baptist Convention, Atlanta, Georgia, 6/6/91 YES
SP795 Swearing-In of Henry Catto as Director of USIA, D.C., 6/7/91 YES
SP796 Wreath-Laying, Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, 6/8/91 YES
SP797 American Ad Federation Convention via Teleconference, Nashville, Tennessee, 6/11/91 YES
SP798 Public Broadcasting Service via Teleconference, Orlando, Florida, 6/11/91 YES
SP799 Night School Graduation Ceremony, Seaford, Delaware, 6/11/91 YES
SP800 Address to the Nation, 100 Days Event, D.C., 6/12/91 YES
SP801 Hospital for Sick Children, D.C., 6/13/91 YES
SP802 President's Dinner, Washington Convention Center, D.C., 6/13/91 YES
SP803-01 [1] TR113, Asian / Pacific Rally , Fountain Valley, California, 6/16/91 YES
SP803-01 [2] TR113, California Tech Commencement, Pasadena, California, 6/14/91 YES
SP803-01 [3] TR113, Simon Wiesenthal Center Dinner, Los Angeles, California, 6/16/91 YES
SP803-02 [1] TR113, Colorado 2000 Communities Initiative, Grand Junction, Colorado, 6/17/91 YES
SP803-02 [2] TR113, Education Steering Committee, Grand Junction, Colorado, 6/17/91 YES
SP803-03 TR113, Fundraiser for Senator Bob Kasten, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 6/17/91 YES
SP804 [1] Fisher House Dedication, Bethesda Naval Hospital, Maryland, 6/24/91 YES
SP804 [2] NIH Address, Bethesda, Maryland, 6/24/91 YES
SP805 Unveiling of the Official Bust, United States Capitol, D.C., 6/27/91 YES
SP806-01 TR115, Mount Rushmore Dedication, Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, 7/3/91 YES
SP806-02 TR115, Fourth of July Parade, Marshfield, Missouri, 7/4/91 YES
SP806-03 TR115, Fourth of July Event, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 7/4/91 YES
SP807 White House Conference on Libraries and Information Services, D.C. Convention Center, 7/10/91 YES
SP808 American Defense Preparedness Association, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 7/9/91 YES
SP809-01 TR117, Legion of Merit Award Ceremony to Saudi, French, and British Desert Storm Commanders, Paris, France, 7/14/91 YES
SP809-02 TR117, Talking Points for American Embassy Greeting, London, England, 7/16/91 YES
SP809-03 [1] TR117, Crews of Limnos and U.S.S. DeWert, Souda Bay, Greece, 7/19/91 YES
SP809-03 [2] TR117, Democracy's Birthday, Athens, Greece, 7/19/91 YES
SP809-03 [3] TR117, Arrival Statement - Athens, Greece, 7/18/91 YES
SP809-03 [4] TR117, Greece Reciprocal Cocktail Reception, Athens, Greece, 7/19/91 YES
SP809-03 [5] TR117, State Dinner Toast, Athens, Greece, 7/18/91 YES
SP809-03 [6] TR117, The Greek Parliament, Athens, Greece, 7/18/91 YES
SP809-03 [7] TR117, Embassy Greeting - Athens, Greece, 7/20/91 YES
SP809-03 [8] TR117, United States-Greek Chamber of Commerce, Athens, Greece, 7/19/91 YES
SP809-03 [9] TR117, Wreath Laying, Souda Bay, Greece, 7/19/91 YES
SP809-04 [1] TR117, Embassy Greeting - Ankara, Turkey, 7/20/91 YES
SP809-04 [2] TR117, Arrival Statement - Ankara, Turkey, 7/20/91 YES
SP809-04 [3] TR117, Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey, 7/21/91 YES
SP809-04 [4] TR117, State Dinner - Ankara, Turkey, 7/20/91 YES
SP809-04 [5] TR117, Departure Statement - Istanbul, Turkey, 7/22/91 YES
SP810 Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church, Crystal City, Virginia, 7/25/91 YES
SP811 National Night Out Kickoff, DEA Auditorium, D.C., 8/6/91 YES
SP812-01 [1] TR118, Arrival Statement - Moscow Summit, Moscow, U.S.S.R., 7/30/91 YES
SP812-01 [2] TR118, Breakfast with Soviet Businessmen, Moscow, U.S.S.R., 7/31/91 YES
SP812-01 [3] TR118, Departure Ceremony - Moscow, U.S.S.R., 8/1/91 YES
SP812-01 [4] TR118, Embassy Greeting - Moscow, U.S.S.R., 8/1/91 YES
SP812-01 [5] TR118, Institute of International Relations, Moscow, U.S.S.R., 7/30/91 YES
SP812-01 [6] TR118, Moscow State Dinner Toast, Moscow, U.S.S.R., 7/30/91 YES
SP812-01 [7] TR118, Reciprocal Dinner Toast, Spaso House, Moscow, U.S.S.R., 7/31/91 YES
SP812-01 [8] TR118, START Treating Signing Ceremony, The Kremlin, Moscow, U.S.S.R., 7/31/91 YES
SP812-02 [1] TR118, Arrival Statement, Kiev, U.S.S.R., 8/1/91 YES
SP812-02 [2] TR118, Kiev Luncheon, Mariinskiy Palace, Kiev, U.S.S.R., 8/1/91 YES
SP812-02 [3] TR118, Monument at Babi Yar, Kiev, U.S.S.R., 8/1/91 YES
SP812-02 [4] TR118, Supreme Soviet of Ukrainian S.S.R., Session Hall, Kiev, U.S.S.R., 8/1/91 YES
SP813 Fraternal Order of Police Convention, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 8/14/91 YES
SP814 Satellite Teleconference, National Governors' Association, Seattle, Washington, 8/14/91 YES
SP815 Lewiston High School, Lewiston, Maine, 9/3/91 YES
SP816 National Association of Towns and Townships, Hyatt Regency Hotel, D.C., 9/11/91 YES
SP817 Tribute to Stan Scott, Washington Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 9/11/91 YES
SP818 Republican Eagles Luncheon, Mayflower Hotel, Washington D.C., 9/12/91 YES
SP819 [1] Dick Thornburgh Fundraiser, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 9/12/91 YES
SP819 [2] Drug Treatment Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 9/12/91 YES
SP820 Disabled American Veterans, DAV Headquarters, Fort McNair, Virginia, 9/12/91 YES
SP821 Television Address on Confirmation of Clarence Thomas and Robert Gates, D.C., 9/13/91 YES
SP822 Television School, NASA Teleconference, NASA Headquarters, D.C., 9/17/91 YES
SP823-01 TR121, Grand Canyon, Arizona, 9/18/91 YES
SP823-02 [1] TR121, Children's Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah, 9/18/91 YES
SP823-02 [2] TR121, Utah Arrival, Salt Lake City, Utah, 9/18/91 YES
SP823-02 [3] TR121, Utah GOP Fundraiser, Salt Lake City, Utah, 9/18/91 YES
SP823-02 [4] TR121, Talking Points for Business Roundtable Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, 9/18/91 YES
SP823-03 TR121, Fundraiser for Senator Packwood, Portland, Oregon, 9/19/91 YES
SP823-04 [1] TR121, Hispanic Media Roundtable Event, Los Angeles, California, 9/19/91 YES
SP823-04 [2] TR121, I-105 Transportation Event, Los Angeles, California, 9/19/91 YES
SP823-04 [3] TR121, John Seymour Fundraiser, Los Angeles, California, 9/19/91 YES
SP823-05 TR121, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, Illinois, 9/20/91 YES
SP824 [1] Secretary General Javier Perez DeCuellar Luncheon, United Nations, New York, New York, 9/23/91 YES
SP824 [2] United Nations General Assembly, New York, New York, 9/23/91 YES
SP825 New Jersey GOP Fundraiser, East Brunswick, New Jersey, 9/24/91 YES
SP826 Blue Ribbon Schools Ceremony, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 9/25/91 YES
SP827 Address to the Nation on Nuclear Disarmament, 9/27/91 YES
SP828 Marshall Hall Dedication, Fort McNair, D.C., 9/27/91 YES
SP829-01 Points of Light Celebration, Epcot Center, Florida, 9/30/91 YES
SP829-02 Beacon Council, Miami, Florida, 9/30/91 YES
SP829-03 Buddy Roemer Fundraiser, New Orleans, Louisiana, 9/30/91 YES
SP830 Alice Deal Junior High, D.C., 10/1/91 YES
SP831 Olympic Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 10/1/91 YES
SP832-01 TR124, Thornburgh for Senate, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 10/2/91 YES
SP832-02 [1] TR124, Crime Stoppers International Conference, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/2/91 YES
SP832-02 [2] TR124, Larry Hopkins for Governor Fundraiser, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/2/91 YES
SP832-03 TR124, Country Music Awards, Nashville, Tennessee, 10/2/91 YES
SP833 Fraternal Congress, Grand Hyatt Hotel, D.C., 10/3/91 YES
SP834 Italian-American Foundation Gala, Washington D.C. Hilton, 10/5/91 YES
SP835 National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) Presidential Roundtable, Corcoran Gallery, D.C., 10/9/91 YES
SP836 Andrew Mellon Dinner, National Gallery of Art, D.C., 10/9/91 YES
SP837 Law Enforcement Memorial Dedication, Judiciary Square, D.C., 10/15/91 YES
SP838 Associated Press Managing Editors Teleconference, 10/17/91 YES
SP839 Public Administration Groups, National Museum of American History, D.C., 10/28/91 YES
SP839 Public Administration Groups, National Museum of American History, D.C., 10/24/91 YES
SP840 O.S.S. Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 10/23/91 YES
SP841 American Gas Association Teleconference, 10/28/91 YES
SP842 Middle East Peace Conference, Madrid, Spain, 10/29/91 YES
SP842 [1] TR125, Middle East Peace Conference Address, Madrid, Spain, 10/30/91 YES
SP842 [2] TR125, Middle East Peace Conference, Madrid, Spain, 10/29/91 YES
SP843-01 [1] TR126, Bush-Quayle Fundraiser, Dallas, Texas, 11/1/91 YES
SP843-01 [2] TR126, Bush-Quayle Fundraiser, Houston, Texas, 10/31/91 YES
SP843-01 [3] TR126, Baldridge Award, Marlow Industries, Dallas, Texas, 11/1/91 YES
SP843-01 [4] TR126, Thanks Giving Square, Dallas, Texas, 11/1/91 YES
SP843-01 [5] TR126, Texas Republican Party Fundraising Luncheon, 11/1/91 YES
SP844 Reagan Library Dedication, Simi Valley, California, 11/4/91 YES
SP845 Veterans Day Ceremony, Arlington National Cemetery, D.C., 11/11/91 YES
SP846 GOPAC Charter Members, Willard Hotel, D.C., 11/11/91 YES
SP847 Swearing-In of Robert Gates as Director of the CIA, CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia, 11/12/91 YES
SP848 [1] Bush-Quayle Fundraiser, New York, New York, 11/12/91 YES
SP848 [2] The Asia Society, New York, New York, 11/12/91 YES
SP848 [2] The Asia Society, New York, New York, 11/12/91 YES
SP849 [1] Kit Bond Fundraiser, Saint Louis, Missouri, 11/13/91 YES
SP849 [2] FFA Convention, Kansas City, Missouri, 11/13/91 YES
SP850-01 [1] TR129 [1], Departure Statement - Andrews AFB, 11/6/91 YES
SP850-01 [2] TR129 [2], Embassy Greeting - Rome, Italy, 11/8/91 YES
SP850-02 TR129, American Seminary Students, Sala Chemenlina, Vatican City, 11/8/91 YES
SP850-03 [1] TR129, State Dinner Toast, Noordiende Palace, The Hague, Netherlands, 11/8/91 YES
SP850-03 [2] TR129, American Community Greeting - American School, The Hague, Netherlands, 11/9/91 YES
SP850-03 [3] TR129, Embassy Greeting - The Hague, Netherlands, 11/9/91 YES
SP850-03 [4] TR129, European Community, The Ridderzaal, The Hague, Netherlands, 11/9/91 YES
SP851 Fortune 500 Teleconference, 11/15/91 YES
SP852 Teleconference with Southern Newspapers Publishers Association, 11/19/91 YES
SP853 NRCC Luncheon, Washington D.C. Hilton, 11/19/91 YES
SP854 Bush-Quayle Fundraiser, Grand Hyatt Hotel, 11/20/91, Case Number 286802SS Scanned YES
SP855 RNC Chairman's Advisory Board, Four Seasons Hotel, D.C., 11/21/91 YES
SP856 Ohio 2000 Kick-Off, Columbus, Ohio, 11/25/91 YES
SP857 Association of Christian Schools International Teleconference Q&A, Anaheim, California, 11/26/91 YES
SP858 William Barr Swearing-In, Justice Department, D.C., 11/26/91 YES
SP859 Presidential Thanksgiving Address, Camp David, Maryland, 11/27/91 YES
SP860 Presidential Remarks - Tropicana Plant, Bradenton, Florida, 12/3/91 YES
SP861 Peavey Electronics, Meridian, Mississippi, 12/3/91 YES
SP862 American Enterprise Institute, Willard Hotel, D.C., 12/4/91 YES
SP863 TR135, Pearl Harbor Anniversary Speeches, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 12/7/91 YES
SP863-01 [1] TR135, MAG Instrument Employers, Ontario, California, 12/6/91 YES
SP863-01 [2] TR135, Ontario Kiwanis Club Luncheon, Ontario, California, 12/6/91 YES
SP863-02 TR135, Pearl Harbor Speeches, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii YES
SP863-02 [1] TR135, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii, 12/7/91 YES
SP863-02 [2] TR135, Address to WWII Veterans and Families, Honolulu, Hawaii, 12/7/91 YES
SP863-02 [3] TR135, U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 12/7/91 YES
SP864 [1] TR136, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, CME Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois, 12/10/91 YES
SP864 [2] TR136, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, CME Trading Floor, Chicago, Illinois, 12/10/91 YES
SP864 [3] TR136, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago, Illinois, 12/10/91 YES
SP864 [4] TR136, Illinois Farm Bureau, Chicago, Illinois, 12/10/91 YES
SP865 Christmas Tree Lighting, The Ellipse, D.C., 12/12/91 YES
SP866 League of Cities Teleconference, Las Vegas, Nevada, 12/13/91 YES
SP867 "Christmas in Washington," Pension Building, D.C., 12/15/91 YES
SP868 [1] TR137, Bill of Rights Bicentennial, Montpelier, Orange, Virginia, 12/16/91 YES
SP868 [2] TR137, Orange County Citizens, Montpelier, Orange, Virginia, 12/16/91 YES
SP869-01 TR138, Transportation Act Signing, Euless, Texas, 12/18/91 YES
SP869-02 TR138, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, DFW Airport, 12/18/91 YES
SP870 Beeville Barbeque, Beeville, Texas, 12/27/91 YES
SP871 TR140, Departure Statement - Asia Trip, Andrews Air Force Base, 12/30/91 YES
SP871-01 [1] TR140, Consulate Staff Greeting - Sydney, Australia, 1/1/92 YES
SP871-01 [2] TR140, National Maritime Museum, Sydney, Australia, 1/1/92 YES
SP871-01 [3] TR140, Coral Sea Commemorative Council, Melbourne, Australia, 1/3/92 YES
SP871-01 [4] TR140, Australian Parliament, Canberra, Australia, 1/2/92 YES
SP871-01 [5] TR140, Business Luncheon, Melbourne, Australia, 1/3/92 YES
SP871-01 [6] TR140, Luncheon Cruise, Sydney Harbor, Australia, 1/1/92 YES
SP871-01 [7] TR140, Parliament House, Canberra, Australia, 1/2/92 YES
SP871-02 [1] TR140, State Dinner Toast, Singapore, 1/3/92 YES
SP871-02 [2] TR140, Groundbreaking Ceremony - American Chancery, Singapore, 1/4/92 YES
SP871-02 [3] TR140, Singapore Lecture Series, Singapore Westin Hotel, Singapore, 1/7/92 YES
SP871-03 Remarks on Trip TR140-03 (Seoul, Korea, 1/5-6/92) YES
SP871-03 [1] TR140, American and Korean Chambers of Commerce Luncheon, Seoul, South Korea, 1/6/92 YES
SP871-03 [2] TR140, Greeting to U.S. Troops, Yongsan, South Korea, 1/6/92 YES
SP871-03 [3] TR140, Address to the Korean National Assembly, Seoul, South Korea, 1/6/92 YES
SP871-03 [4] TR140, State Dinner Toast, Seoul, South Korea, 1/6/92 YES
SP871-04 [1] TR140, After Dinner Toast, Akasaha Palace, Tokyo, Japan, 1/8/92 YES
SP871-04 [2] TR140, Remarks for United States and Japanese Students, Kyoto, Japan, 1/7/92 YES
SP871-04 [3] TR140, Remarks at Toys R' Us Opening, Kyoto, Japan, 1/7/92 YES
SP871-04 [4] TR140, Kodak R&D Center, Yokohama, Japan, 1/9/92 YES
SP871-04 [5] TR140, American Community Reception, Tokyo, Japan, 1/7/92 YES
SP871-04 [6] TR140, Japan Welcoming Committee, Okasaha Prince Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, 1/9/92 YES
SP871-05 TR140, Arrival at Andrews Air Force Base, 1/10/92 YES
SP872 Drug Advisory Council Forum Address, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 1/10/92 YES
SP873 American Farm Bureau Address, Kansas City, Missouri, 1/13/92 YES
SP874 United States Chamber of Commerce Meeting, D.C., 1/14/92 YES
SP875 TR142, Remarks for New Hampshire Trip, 1/92 YES
SP875-01 TR142, Pease AFB, Newington, New Hampshire, 1/15/92 YES
SP875-02 TR142, Portsmouth Rotary Club, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1/15/92 YES
SP875-03 TR142, Liberty Mutual Insurance Employees Address, Dover, New Hampshire, 1/15/92 YES
SP875-04 TR142, Address Employees, Cabletron Systems, Inc., Rochester, New Hampshire, 1/15/92 YES
SP875-05 TR142, Portsmouth Rotary Club Address, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1/15/92 YES
SP876 [1] Martin Luther King, Jr., Birthday, Atlanta, Georgia, 1/17/92 YES
SP876 [2] Job Training 2000 Announcement, Morris Brown College, Atlanta, Georgia, 1/17/92 YES
SP877 Banneker Community, Emily Harris Head Start, Catonsville, Maryland, 1/21/92 YES
SP878 National Association of Homebuilders Teleconference, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1/24/92 YES
SP879 Alfalfa Club Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 1/25/92 YES
SP880 Religious Broadcasters Convention, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 1/27/92 YES
SP881 National Prayer Breakfast, Washington D.C.., 1/30/92 YES
SP882 Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1/30/92 YES
SP883 United Nations Security Council, New York, New York, 1/31/92 YES
SP884 [1] Inaugural Anniversary Gala, Kennedy Center, D.C., 2/3/92 YES
SP884 [2] Remarks at Q&A Session with the National Governors' Association, 2/3/92 YES
SP885 National Grocers Association, Orlando, Florida, 2/4/92 YES
SP886 Small Business Legislative Council, Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 2/5/92 YES
SP887 Greater Cleveland Growth Association, Cleveland, Ohio, 2/6/92 YES
SP888 Health Care, University Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2/6/92 YES
SP889 San Diego Rotary Club, San Diego, California, 2/7/92 YES
SP890 Surgeon General's Conference, Ramada Renaissance Hotel, D.C., 2/10/92 YES
SP891 Campaign Announcement, Bush-Quayle Kick Off, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 2/12/92 YES
SP892-01 [1] TR151, New Hampshire Legislature, Concord, New Hampshire, 2/12/92 YES
SP892-01 [2] TR151, New Hampshire Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters, Concord, New Hampshire, 2/12/92 YES
SP892-02 TR151, 1st Encounters Contest, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2/12/92 YES
SP893 Arborview at Riverside, Bellcamp, Maryland, 2/14/92 YES
SP893-01 Mack's Home Development, Baltimore, Maryland, 2/13/92 YES
SP894-01 Arrival Statement - Nashua, New Hampshire, 2/15/92 YES
SP894-02 New Boston Elementary School, New Boston, New Hampshire, 2/15/92 YES
SP894-03 Pinkerton Academy, Pinkerton Gym, Berry, New Hampshire, 2/15/92 YES
SP895-01 TR154, Knoxville Auditorium / Coliseum, Knoxville, Tennessee, 2/19/92 YES
SP895-02 TR154, Economic Growth and Technology Agreement Signing Ceremony, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 2/19/92 YES
SP896 Southern Republican Leadership Conference, Charleston, South Carolina, 2/21/92 YES
SP897 United States Chamber of Commerce, Constitution Hall, D.C., 2/24/92 YES
SP898 Bethesda / Chevy Chase High School, Chevy Chase, Maryland, 2/24/92 YES
SP899-01 TR156, Bush-Quayle Fundraiser, San Francisco, California, 2/25/92 YES
SP899-02 [1] TR156, United States-Mexican Border Plan (Environment), Los Angeles, California, 2/25/92 YES
SP899-02 [2] TR156, Bush-Quayle Fundraiser, Los Angeles, California, 2/25/92 YES
SP900-01 [1] TR157, Drug Summit Dinner Toast, San Antonio, Texas, 2/26/92 YES
SP900-01 [2] TR157, San Antonio Spurs Anti-Drug Event, San Antonio, Texas, 2/25/92 YES
SP900-02 TR157, Livestock Show, Houston, Texas, 2/28/92 YES
SP900-03 TR157, Associated General Contractors, Dallas, Texas, 2/29/92 YES
SP901-01 TR158, Georgia GOP Rally, Atlanta, Georgia, 2/29/92 YES
SP901-02 TR158, Savannah Riverfront Appearance, Savannah, Georgia, 3/1/92 YES
SP902 National Association of Evangelicals, Chicago, Illinois, 3/3/92 YES
SP903 TR160, Speech Insert on Kissimmee River, Florida, 3/4/92 YES
SP903-01 [1] TR160, Florida Strawberry Festival, Plant City, Florida, 3/4/92 YES
SP903-01 [2] TR160, GOP Luncheon Participants, Tampa, Florida, 3/4/92 YES
SP903-02 TR160, Bush-Quayle Rally, Hialeah, Florida, 3/4/92 YES
SP903-03 TR160, GOP Dinner Remarks, Miami, Florida, 3/4/92 YES
SP904 Greater Columbia Home Builders Association, Columbia, South Carolina, 3/5/92 YES
SP905 Federal Express Employees and Families, Memphis, Tennessee, 3/5/92 YES
SP906 Students, Faculty, and GOP Leaders, Edmund Rally, Edmund, Oklahoma, 3/6/92 YES
SP907 Students and GOP Leaders, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 3/6/92 YES
SP908 State Workers, Students, and Community Bush-Quayle Rally, State Capitol Grounds, Jackson, Mississippi, 3/6/92 YES
SP909 Military Personnel and Families, Pensacola Air Station, Pensacola, Florida, 3/7/92 YES
SP910 National League of Cities Legislative Conference, D.C., 3/9/92 YES
SP911 Swearing-In of Andrew Card, Air and Space Museum, D.C., 3/11/92 YES
SP912 [1] American Society of Association Executives, D.C., 3/11/92 YES
SP912 [2] Foreign Policy Forum Sponsored by Richard Nixon Library, D.C., 3/11/92 YES
SP913 Secondary Math and Science Teachers, 3/12/92 YES
SP914 National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Inner Circle, Pension Building, D.C., 3/12/92 YES
SP915 Detroit Economic Club, Fairland Club, Detroit, Michigan, 3/13/92 YES
SP916 Stryker Medical Corporation, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 3/13/92 YES
SP917 [1] Employees of Steeltech Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 3/16/92 YES
SP917 [2] Bush-Quayle Fundraiser, Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 3/16/92 YES
SP918 [1] Illinois Fundraiser, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, 3/16/92 YES
SP918 [2] Polish National Alliance, Chicago, Illinois, 3/16/92 YES
SP919 Sam Walton Medal of Freedom Ceremony, Bentonville, Arkansas, 3/17/92 YES
SP920 Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton, 3/19/92 YES
SP921 Barbara Franklin Swearing-In, Commerce Department, 3/23/92 YES
SP922 Grocers' Public Affairs Assembly, Hyatt Regency Hotel, D.C., 3/24/92 YES
SP923 Federalist Society of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 4/3/92 YES
SP924 American Business Conference, Willard Hotel, D.C., 4/7/92 YES
SP925 American Society of Newspaper Editors, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 4/9/92 YES
SP926-01 TR174, Employees of Geddings and Lewis, Macon CC, Detroit Business Audience, Fraser, Michigan, 4/14/92 YES
SP926-02 TR174, Bush-Quayle Dinner, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Dearborn, Michigan, 4/14/92 YES
SP927 Lehigh Valley Community of 2000, Dieruff High School, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 4/16/92 YES
SP928 Ameriflora Conference, Columbus, Ohio, 4/20/92 YES
SP929-01 60th Anniversary of Folger's Shakespeare Library, State Dining Room, D.C., 4/23/92 YES
SP929-02 United States and Latin American Business Forum / Forum of the Americas, Sheraton Hotel, Washington D.C., 4/23/92 YES
SP930 Florida International University Graduating Class, Miami, Florida, 4/27/92 YES
SP931 [1] Bush-Quayle Fundraiser, Charlotte, North Carolina, 4/27/92 YES
SP931 [2] President's Dinner, Washington Convention Center, D.C., 4/28/92 YES
SP932 Bush-Quayle Campaign Headquarters, D.C., 4/28/92 YES
SP933-01 TR179, Bluff View Elementary School, Worthington, Ohio, 4/30/92 YES
SP933-02 [1] TR179, Bush-Quayle Fundraiser, Columbus, Ohio, 4/30/92 YES
SP933-02 [2] TR179, Ohio Broadcasters Association, Columbus, Ohio, 4/30/92 YES
SP934 Bob Michel Portrait Unveiling, United States Capitol, D.C., 5/4/92 YES
SP935 Washington Rehabilitation Center, Potomac, Maryland, 5/4/92 YES
SP936 Cinco de Mayo Ceremonies, Mexican Cultural Institute, D.C., 5/5/92 YES
SP937 American Newspaper Publishers Association (ANPA) Teleconference, New York, New York, 5/6/92 YES
SP938 [1] Arrival Remarks - Los Angeles, California, 5/6/92 YES
SP938 [2] Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, California, 5/7/92 YES
SP938 [3] Military and Law Enforcement Community, Los Angeles, California, 5/8/92 YES
SP938 [4] Highway Patrol-Fire Fighters Breakfast, Los Angeles, California, 5/8/92 YES
SP938 [5] Remarks to Community of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, 5/8/92 YES
SP939 White House Correspondents Dinner, Washington D.C. Hilton., 5/9/92 YES
SP940 [1] Bush-Quayle Fundraiser Dinner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 5/11/92 YES
SP940 [2] Weed and Seed Event, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 5/11/92 YES
SP941 Coordinated Health Care Event, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland, 5/13/92 YES
SP942 American Recreation Coalition Event, Anacostia Park, D.C., 5/14/92 YES
SP943 Bush-Quayle Fundraiser Remarks, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 5/15/92 YES
SP944 Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony, Sylvan Theater, D.C., 5/15/92 YES
SP945 Doug Sanders Celebrity Tournament, United Negro College Fund, Houston, Texas, 5/15/92 YES
SP946 Southern Methodist University Commencement Address, Dallas, Texas, 5/16/92 YES
SP947 Notre Dame University Commencement Address, South Bend, Indiana, 5/17/92 YES
SP948-01 Los Angeles Disaster Relief Facts, 5/20/92 YES
SP948-02 The Greater Dallas Chamber, 5/20/92 YES
SP948-03 Prime Minister Mulroney Dinner, Canadian Embassy, D.C., 5/20/92 YES
SP949-01 TR187, Bush-Quayle Fundraiser Luncheon, Cleveland, Ohio, 5/21/92 YES
SP949-02 TR187, Freedom Day Celebration, Saint Josaphat's Ukrainian Cathedral, Parma, Ohio, 5/21/92 YES
SP950 Bush-Quayle '92 Fundraising Picnic, Westchester County, New York, 5/21/92 YES
SP951 United States Naval Academy Commencement Address, Annapolis, Maryland, 5/27/92 YES
SP952-01 TR190, Mount Paran Christian School, Marietta, Georgia, 5/27/92 YES
SP952-02 TR190, Bush-Quayle Fundraising Dinner, Atlanta, Georgia, 5/27/92 YES
SP953 [1] Bush-Quayle Veterans Coalition, Phoenix, Arizona, 5/28/92 YES
SP953 [2] Fundraising Event for Senator John McCain, Phoenix, Arizona, 5/28/92 YES
SP954 [1] Asian-Pacific Heritage Dinner, Los Angeles, California, 5/29/92 YES
SP954 [2] Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Los Angeles, California, 5/29/92 YES
SP954 [3] Town Hall of California Address, Los Angeles, California, 5/29/92 YES
SP955-01 Texas Victory '92, Grand Kempinski Hotel Ballroom, 5/30/92 YES
SP955-02 Environmental Address, Goddard Space Flight Center., Greenbelt, Maryland, 6/1/92 YES
SP956-01 Health Care Action League, D.C., 6/2/92 YES
SP956-02 Prime Minister John Major Arrival, Camp David, Maryland, (50th Anniversary of World War II), 6/6/92 YES
SP957 Fundraiser for Senator Arlen Specter, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 6/9/92 YES
SP958 TR195, Departure Statement - Rio Summit, Andrews AFB, Maryland, 6/11/92 YES
SP958-01 [1] TR195, American Community Greeting - Albrook Military Base, Panama, 6/11/92 YES
SP958-01 [2] TR195, Luncheon Toast - Presidential Palace, Panama City, Panama, 6/11/92 YES
SP958-01 [3] TR195, United States-Panama Friendship Event, Plaza Belisaro Porras, Panama City, Panama, 6/11/92 YES
SP958-02 [1] TR195, President Collor and Environmental Leaders Dinner, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 6/12/92 YES
SP958-02 [2] TR195, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 6/12/92 YES
SP959 Korean War Veterans Memorial, Ash Woods, D.C., 6/14/92 YES
SP960 Ford's Theater Gala, D.C., 6/14/92 YES
SP961 United States and Russia Business Conference, J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C., 6/17/92 YES
SP962 Toast Remarks at Russian Embassy, D.C., 6/17/92 YES
SP963-01 TR196, Industrial League of Orange County, Irvine, California, 6/19/92 YES
SP963-02 TR196, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Universal City, California, 6/20/92 YES
SP963-03 TR196, Texas State Republican Convention, Dallas, Texas, 6/20/92 YES
SP964 [1] Meeting with the Women's Leadership Network, 6/24/92 YES
SP964 [2] College Republican Convention Remarks, 6/25/92 YES
SP964 [3] Remarks on Rail Strike, D.C., 6/25/92 YES
SP965-01 [1] TR197, Drug Enforcement Agency Headquarters Dedication, New York, New York, 6/29/92 YES
SP965-01 [2] TR197, Fundraising Lunch for Senator Alfonse M. D'Amato, New York, New York, 6/29/92 YES
SP966-01 TR198, Daytona International Speedway / NASCAR Drivers, Daytona Beach, Florida, 7/4/92 YES
SP966-02 TR198, 4th of July Address, Faith, North Carolina, 7/4/92 YES
SP967-01 TR199, Remarks to the People of Poland, Castle Square, Warsaw, Poland, 7/5/92 YES
SP967-02 TR199, Speeches on TR199-02, 7/5-8 YES
SP967-03 TR199, Speeches on TR199-03, 7/8-10 YES
SP968 Agricultural Communicators Congress, Jefferson Auditorium, USDA, D.C., 6/30/92 YES
SP968-01 TR200, Sequoia National Forest Remarks, California, 7/14/92 YES
SP968-02 TR200, Remarks at Picnic with Service Clubs, Jackson Hole, Wyoming [Empty] YES
SP968-03 TR200, Bush / Quayle Rally Remarks, Provo, Utah, 7/18/92 YES
SP969 Satellite Address, Bush-Quayle Headquarters, D.C., 7/20/92 YES
SP970 Bush-Quayle Rally / Religious and Ethnic Groups, Three Saints Russian Orthodox Church, Garfield, New Jersey, 7/21/92 YES
SP971 Signing Ceremony for Higher Education Bill, Annandale, Virginia, 7/23/92 YES
SP972 National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia, Crystal City, Virginia, 7/24/92 YES
SP973-01 TR202, Brookville Community Picnic, Brookville, Ohio, 7/24/92 YES
SP973-02 TR202, Show-Me State Games Remarks, Columbia, Missouri, 7/24/92 YES
SP974-01 TR203, Holland American Wafer Company, Wyoming, Michigan, 7/27/92 YES
SP974-02 [1] TR203, Outlook Graphics Tour Remarks, Neenah, Wisconsin, 7/27/92 YES
SP974-02 [2] TR203, Welfare Reform Event, Appleton, Wisconsin, 7/27/92 YES
SP975-01 TR204, Superconductor / Supercollider Event, Waxahachie, Texas, 7/30/92 YES
SP975-02 TR204, Odetics Remarks, Anaheim, California, 7/30/92 YES
SP975-03 TR204, Service Clubs and Chamber of Commerce, Welfare Reform, Riverside, California, 7/31/92 YES
SP976 [1] GOP Picnic Rally, Elk Grove, Illinois, 8/2/92 YES
SP976 [2] Fundraiser for Rich Williamson, Chicago, Illinois, 8/2/92 YES
SP977-01 Shaw Industries Tour, Dalton, Georgia, 8/3/92 YES
SP977-02 Jacksonville Rally, Jacksonville, Florida, 8/3/92 YES
SP978-01 Knights of Columbus Convention, New York, New York, 8 /5/92 YES
SP978-02 Disabled American Veterans Convention, Reno, Nevada, 8/5/92 YES
SP978-03 American Legislative Exchange Council Meeting, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 8/6/92 YES
SP979-01 TR208, VFW Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana YES
SP979-02 [1] TR208, Astro Arena Rally, Houston, Texas, 8/17/92 YES
SP979-02 [2] TR208, Alexander Hamilton Middle School, Houston, Texas, 8/18/92 YES
SP979-02 [3] TR208, Houston Gala, Houston, Texas, 8/19/92 YES
SP979-02 [4] TR208, Prayer Breakfast, Houston, Texas, 8/20/92 YES
SP979-02 [5] TR208, Convention Acceptance Speech, Houston, Texas, 8/20/92 YES
SP979-02 [6] TR208, RNC Meeting, Houston, Texas, 8/21/92 YES
SP979-03 TR208, Gulfport Rally, Gulfport, Mississippi, 8/21/92 YES
SP979-04 TR208, Campaign Rally, Woodstock, Georgia, 8/22/92 YES
SP979-05 TR208, Campaign Rally, Birmingham, Alabama, 8/22/92 YES
SP979-06 TR208, Campaign Rally, Branson, Missouri, 8/22/92 YES
SP979-07 TR208, National Affairs Briefing, Dallas, Texas, 8/22/92 YES
SP979-08 TR208, Lincoln Technical Institute, Union Township, New Jersey, 8/22/92 YES
SP979-09 TR208, Warsaw Park Luncheon, Ansonia, Connecticut, 8/24/92 YES
SP979-10 TR208, Miami Airport Statement, Miami, Florida, 8/24/92 YES
SP979-11 TR208, American Legion Convention, Chicago, Illinois, 8/25/92 YES
SP979-12 TR208, Telethon Call, Palm Beach, Florida, 8/27/92 YES
SP979-13 TR208, Employees at Findlay Machine and Tool, Findlay, Ohio, 8/27/92 YES
SP979-14 TR208, Bush-Quayle Rally, Canton, Michigan, 8/25/92 YES
SP979-15 TR208, Hurricane Andrew Statement, New Orleans, Louisiana, 8/26/92 YES
SP979-16 TR208, Bush-Quayle Rally, Cincinnati, Ohio, 8/27/92 YES
SP980 Public Safety Equipment, Inc., Saint Louis, Missouri, 8/27/92 YES
SP981-01 [1] TR209, Saint Ann's Church Centennial, Kennebunkport, Maine, 8/30/92 YES
SP981-01 [2] TR209, Hurricane Follow-up, Homestead, Florida, 9/1/92 YES
SP981-01 [3] TR209, Louisiana Hurricane Follow-up, 9/1/92 YES
SP982 Agricultural Announcements, Montrose, South Dakota, 9/2/92 YES
SP983 Remarks at the Shallowater Co-Op Gin, Shallowater, Texas, 9/2/92 YES
SP984 Address to Employees of General Dynamics, Fort Worth, Texas, 9/2/92 YES
SP985 Small Business Event, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 9/4/92 YES
SP986-01 TR214, Health Care (Oktoberfest), Painesville, Ohio, 9/5/92 YES
SP986-02 TR214, Remarks at Apple Festival, Henderson, North Carolina, 9/4/92 YES
SP986-03 TR214, Statement at Airport, Greenville / Spartanburg, South Carolina, 9/5/92 YES
SP986-04 TR214, Remarks at the Kentucky Harvest Anniversary, Louisville, Kentucky, 9/6/92 YES
SP986-05 TR214, Remarks at Taste of Polonia Festival, Chicago, Illinois, 9/6/92 YES
SP986-06 TR214, Mackinac Bridge Walk Remarks, Mackinac, Michigan, 9/7/92 YES
SP986-07 TR214, Waukesha County Picnic Remarks, Waukesha, Wisconsin, 9/7/92 YES
SP986-08 TR214, Polish Labor Day Parade Remarks, Hamtramck, Michigan, 9/7/92 YES
SP987 B'Nai B'Rith 150th International Convention Remarks, D.C., 9/8/92 YES
SP988 Norristown High School Remarks, Norristown, Pennsylvania, 9/9/92 YES
SP989 VFW Bush-Quayle Rally, Middletown, New Jersey, 9/9/92 YES
SP990 Detroit Economic Club Address, Detroit, Michigan, 9/10/92 YES
SP991-01 TR218, Students / Family, Missouri Southern State College, Joplin, Missouri, 9/11/92 YES
SP991-02 TR218, Remarks to Employees, McDonnell Douglas, Saint Louis, Missouri, 9/11/92 YES
SP991-03 TR218, Job Corps Center Remarks, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 9/11/92 YES
SP991-04 TR218, Job Corps Site, Kansas City, Missouri, 9/11/92 YES
SP991-05 TR218, F-15 Announcement, St. Louis, Missouri, 9/11/92 YES
SP992 National Christian Coalition Remarks, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 9/11/92 YES
SP993-01 [1] TR220, Reagan Event, Yorba Regional Park, Orange County, California, 9/13/92 YES
SP993-01 [2] TR220, Natural Communities Conservation Planning Programs Event, San Diego, California, 9/14/92 YES
SP993-02 TR220, Address to Vaagan Brothers Lumber Company, Colville, Washington, 9/12/92 YES
SP993-03 TR220, Burrill Lumber Company, Medford, Oregon, 9/14/92 YES
SP993-04 TR220, Address to Utah National Guard, Salt Lake City, Utah, 9/15/92 YES
SP993-05 TR220, Inverness Business Park, Englewood, Colorado, 9/15/92 YES
SP993-06 TR220, Remarks to Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 9/15/92 YES
SP993-07 TR220, Address to Business and Community Leaders / Service Organizations, Enid, Oklahoma, 9/17/92 YES
SP993-08 [1] TR220 [1], Georgia Homebuilders Site, Jonesboro, Georgia, 9/17/92 YES
SP993-08 [2] TR220 [2], Olympic Opening Ceremonies / Flag Jam, Atlanta, Georgia, 9/17/92 YES
SP994 Address to AT&T Women's Gathering, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, 9/18/92 YES
SP995 [1] Speech to United Nations General Assembly, New York, New York, 9/21/92 YES
SP995 [2] Israeli Documentary, 9/21/92 YES
SP996 Korean-American Rally, New York, New York, 9/21/92 YES
SP997 Address to Service Organizations, University Plaza Convention Center, Springfield, Missouri, 9/22/92 YES
SP998 Airport Welcome Remarks - Tulsa, Oklahoma, 9/22/92 YES
SP999 Airport Welcome Remarks - Longview, Texas, 9/22/92 YES
ST State Governments YES
ST001 Alabama FOIA Required
ST002 Alaska YES
ST003 Arizona YES
ST004 Arkansas YES
ST005 California YES
ST006 Colorado YES
ST007 Connecticut YES
ST008 Delaware YES
ST009 Florida YES
ST010 Georgia YES
ST011 Hawaii YES
ST012 Idaho YES
ST013 Illinois YES
ST014 Indiana YES
ST015 Iowa YES
ST016 Kansas YES
ST017 Kentucky YES
ST018 Louisiana YES
ST019 Maine YES
ST020 Maryland YES
ST021 Massachusetts YES
ST022 Michigan YES
ST023 Minnesota YES
ST024 Mississippi YES
ST025 Missouri YES
ST026 Montana YES
ST027 Nebraska YES
ST028 Nevada YES
ST029 New Hampshire YES
ST030 New Jersey YES
ST031 New Mexico YES
ST032 New York YES
ST033 North Carolina YES
ST034 North Dakota YES
ST035 Ohio YES
ST036 Oklahoma YES
ST037 Oregon YES
ST038 Pennsylvania YES
ST039 Rhode Island YES
ST040 South Carolina YES
ST041 South Dakota YES
ST042 Tennessee YES
ST043 Texas YES
ST044 Utah YES
ST045 Vermont YES
ST046 Virginia YES
ST047 Washington YES
ST048 West Virginia YES
ST049 Wisconsin YES
ST050 Wyoming YES
ST051 Territories and Islands YES
ST051-01 Guam YES
ST051-02 Puerto Rico YES
ST051-03 Virgin Islands YES
TA Trade FOIA Required
TA001 Boycotts - Embargoes YES
TA002 Buy American Program FOIA Required
TA003 Export Registration FOIA Required
TA004 Tariffs - Imports FOIA Required
TA004-01 Chemicals and Allied Products, Trade FOIA Required
TA004-02 Coal, Trade FOIA Required
TA004-03 Food and Kindred Products, Trade FOIA Required
TA004-04 Furniture, Trade FOIA Required
TA004-05 Lumber - Wood - Paper, Trade FOIA Required
TA004-06 Machinery, (Motors), Trade FOIA Required
TA004-07 Metal Products, Trade FOIA Required
TA004-08 Miscellaneous Manufactures, Trade FOIA Required
TA004-09 Guns and Related Products (Civilian Use), Trade FOIA Required
TA004-10 Petroleum (Gas - Oil), Trade FOIA Required
TA004-11 Plastics - Rubber, Trade FOIA Required
TA004-12 Stone, Clay and Glass Products, Trade FOIA Required
TA004-13 Textiles - Apparel - Leather Products, Trade YES
TA004-14 Tobacco, Trade FOIA Required
TA004-15 Transportation Equipment (Finished Products), Trade FOIA Required
TA004-16 Electronics, Trade FOIA Required
TA005 Trade Agreements YES
TA006 Trade Centers - Fairs and Missions YES
TN Transportation YES
TN001 Highway Transportation YES
TN001-01 Motor Pool YES
TN002 Interurban Transportation (Subway) YES
TN003 Pipeline YES
TN004 Railroad YES
TN005 Water YES
TR Trips YES
TR001 District of Columbia Metropolitan Area YES
TR002 Camp David YES
TR003 Trips Made by the First Lady YES
TR004 Canada/New Hampshire, 2/10-13/89, YES
TR004-01 Canada, Ottawa, 2/10/89 YES
TR004-02 Maine, Kennebunkport, 2/10-13/89 YES
TR004-03 New Hampshire, Manchester, 2/10/89 YES
TR005 Virginia, Norfolk 1/31/89 YES
TR006 South Carolina, Columbia 2/15/89 YES
TR007 Japan/China/Korea, 2/22-27/89 YES
TR007-01 Japan, Tokyo, 2/23/89 YES
TR007-02 China, People's Republic, 2/25/89 YES
TR007-03 Korea, Republic of, 2/27/89 YES
TR008 Missouri, St. Louis, Washington University, 2/17/89 YES
TR009 New York Drug Enforcement Administration, New York, New York, 3/9/89 YES
TR009-01 New York, New York, 3/9/89 YES
TR010 Texas/Colorado YES
TR010-01 Texas, Houston, 3/16/89 YES
TR010-02 Colorado, Colorado Springs, 3/16/89 YES
TR011 Pennsylvania/Delaware, 3/22/89 YES
TR011-01 Pennsylvania, Lancaster, 3/22/89 YES
TR011-02 Delaware, Wilmington, 3/22/89 YES
TR012 Maryland, Baltimore, 4/3/89 YES
TR012-01 [EMPTY] YES
TR012-02 Maryland, Baltimore, 4/3/89 YES
TR013 New Jersey, Union, 4/13/89 YES
TR014 Michigan, Hamtramck, 4/17/89 YES
TR015 Rochester, New York, 4/17/89 YES
TR016 Virginia/Illinois/North Dakota/California/Texas/Florida, 4/24-27/89 YES
TR016-01 Virginia, Norfolk, 4/24/89 YES
TR016-02 Illinois, Chicago, 4/24/89 YES
TR016-03 North Dakota, Bismarck, 4/24/89 YES
TR016-04 California, Palo Alto, 4/25/89 YES
TR016-05 California, Los Angeles, 4/25/89 YES
TR016-06 Texas, Austin, 4/26/89 YES
TR016-07 Florida, Miami,4/27/89 YES
TR017 New York, New York City, 4/30/89 YES
TR018 Texas/Mississippi/Kentucky, 5/12-14/89 YES
TR018-01 Texas, College Station, 5/12/89 YES
TR018-02 Kentucky, Lexington, 5/13/89 YES
TR018-03 Mississippi, Lorman, 5/13/89 YES
TR019 New York/Maine/Massachusetts, 1989 YES
TR019-01 New York, Rochester, 5/18/89 YES
TR019-02 Maine, Kennebunkport, 5/19/89 YES
TR019-03 Massachusetts, Boston, 5/25/89 YES
TR020 Connecticut, New London, 5/25/89 YES
TR021 Europe, 5/26-6/4/89 YES
TR021-01 Italy, Rome, 5/26-28/89 YES
TR021-02 Belgium, Brussels, 5/29-30/89 YES
TR021-03 Federal Republic of Germany, 5/30-31/89 YES
TR021-04 United Kingdom, London, 6/1-2/89 YES
TR021-05 Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 6/2/89 YES
TR021-06 Maine, Kennebunkport, 6/2-4/89 YES
TR022 Wyoming/Montana/Nebraska, 6/12-13/89 YES
TR022-01 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Teton National Park, Montana, 6/12/89 YES
TR022-02 Wyoming, Jackson Hole, 6/13/89 YES
TR022-03 Nebraska, Lincoln, 6/13/89 YES
TR023 Georgia, Glynco, 6/15/89 YES
TR024 Pennsylvania, Wyncote, 6/19/89 YES
TR025 Virginia, Richmond, 6/21/89 YES
TR026 New York, New York City, 6/22/89 YES
TR027 Europe, Economic Summit, 7/9-18/89 YES
TR027-01 Poland, 1989 YES
TR027-02 Hungary, 1989 YES
TR027-03 France, 1989 YES
TR027-04 Netherlands, 1989 YES
TR028 Illinois/Nevada/Oklahoma, 7/31-8/1/89 YES
TR028-01 Illinois, Chicago, 7/31/89 YES
TR028-02 Nevada, Las Vegas, 7/31/89 YES
TR028-03 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, 8/1/89 YES
TR029 Maine, Kennebunkport, 6/30-7/5/89 YES
TR030 Florida, Miami/Maine, Kennebunkport, 8/16-9/4/89 YES
TR030-01 Florida, Miami 8/16-9/4/89 YES
TR030-02 Maine, Kennebunkport, 8/16-9/4/89 YES
TR031 Maryland, Baltimore, 9/7/89 YES
TR032 Louisiana, New Orleans, 9/8/89 YES
TR033 South Dakota/Montana/Washington, 9/18-19/89 YES
TR033-01 South Dakota, 9/18/89 YES
TR033-02 Montana, Helena, 9/18/89 YES
TR033-03 Washington, Spokane, 9/19/89 YES
TR034-01 Kennebunkport, Maine, 6/22/89 YES
TR034-01 New Jersey, East Brunswick/Newark, 9/22/89 YES
TR034-03 Massachusetts, Boston, 9/23/89 YES
TR034-04 New York, N.Y., 9/25-26/89 YES
TR034-04 New York, New York City, 9/25-26/89 YES
TR035 Virginia, Charlottesville, 9/27-28/89 YES
TR036 South Carolina, Maryland, 9/29/89 YES
TR036-01 South Carolina, Charleston, 9/29/89 YES
TR036-02 Annapolis, Maryland, 9/29/89 YES
TR037 Baltimore, Maryland, 10/8/89 YES
TR038 Mississippi/New York, 10/12/89 YES
TR038-01 Mississippi, Gulfport, 10/12/89 YES
TR038-02 New York, New York City, 10/12/89 YES
TR039 California, San Francisco, 10/19/89 YES
TR039 California, San Francisco, 10/19/89 YES
TR040 Costa Rica, 10/27-29/89 YES
TR041 Virginia/New Jersey, 11/3/89 YES
TR042 Massachusetts, Andover, 11/5/89 YES
TR043 Texas, Dallas, 11/10-11/89 YES
TR044-01 Illinois, Chicago, 11/20/89 YES
TR044-02 Rhode Island, Providence/Warwick, 11/20/89 YES
TR045 Tennessee, Memphis, 11/22/89 YES
TR046 Malta/Belgium, 11/30-12/4/89 YES
TR046-01 Malta, 12/1-3/89 YES
TR046-02 Belgium, Brussels, 12/3-4/89 YES
TR047 California/Nebraska/Ohio, 2/6/90 YES
TR047-01 California, Fort Irwin/Los Angeles/San Francisco, 2/6-7/90 YES
TR047-02 Nebraska, Omaha, 2/7/90 YES
TR047-03 Ohio, Columbus, 2/8/90 YES
TR048-01 Texas, Houston, 12/7/89 YES
TR048-02 Colorado, Denver, 12/8/89 YES
TR048-03 Iowa, Des Moines, 12/8/89 YES
TR049, New York, New York City, 12/15/89 YES
TR050 West Indies, St. Martin, 12/16/89 YES
TR051 Texas/Alabama, 12/27/89-1/1/90 YES
TR051-01 Texas, Beeville, 12/2/89 YES
TR051-02 Texas, Houston, 12/29/89 YES
TR051-03 Alabama, Montgomery, 1/1/90 YES
TR052 Massachusetts, Lincoln, 1/2/90 YES
TR053 Florida, Orlando, 1/8/90 YES
TR054 Ohio, Cincinnati, 1/12/90 YES
TR055-01 Georgia, Atlanta, 1/19/90 YES
TR055-02 Florida, Miami, 1/19/90 YES
TR056 Missouri, Kansas City, 1/23/90 YES
TR057 Colombia, Cartagena, 2/15/90 YES
TR058 North Carolina/Tennessee, 2/2/90 YES
TR058-01 North Carolina, Raleigh, 2/2/90 YES
TR058-02 Tennessee, Knoxville, 2/2/90 YES
TR059 Kennebunkport, Maine, 2/16-19/90 YES
TR060 Maryland, Baltimore, 2/22/90 YES
TR061-01 New York, Staten Island, 2/28/90 YES
TR061-02 California, San Francisco/Los Angeles/Santa Ana/Palm Springs, 2/28-3/4/90 YES
TR062 Georgia/Ohio/Indiana/Michigan, 4/2-3/90 YES
TR062-01 Georgia, Atlanta, 4/2/90 YES
TR062-02 Ohio, Cincinnati, 4/2/90 YES
TR062-03 Indiana, Indianapolis, 4/3/90 YES
TR062-04 Michigan, Detroit, 4/3/90 YES
TR063 Canada, Toronto, 4/10/90 YES
TR064 Bermuda, 4/13-14/90 YES
TR065-01 Florida, Islamorada, 4/22/90 YES
TR065-02 Alabama, Birmingham, 4/20/90 YES
TR065-03 Florida, Islamorada, 4/22/90 YES
TR066 Texas, Houston, 7/8-11/90 YES
TR067 Oklahoma, 5/4-5/90 YES
TR067-01 Oklahoma, Stillwater, 5/4/90 YES
TR067-02 Oklahoma, Tulsa, 5/5/90 YES
TR068-01 Texas, Kingsville, 5/11/90 YES
TR068-02 South Carolina, Columbia, 5/11/90 YES
TR068-03 Virginia, Lynchburg, 5/12/90 YES
TR069 Texas/Oregon/California, 5/18-21/90 YES
TR069-01 Texas, Dallas, 5/18/90 YES
TR069-02 Texas, Houston, 5/19/90 YES
TR069-03 Oregon, Portland, 5/20/90 YES
TR069-04 California, Los Angeles, 5/21/90 YES
TR070 Maine, Kennebunkport, 5/25-28/90 YES
TR071 Wisconsin/Illinois/Iowa/Nebraska, 6/7-8/90 YES
TR071-01 Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 6/7/90 YES
TR071-02 Illinois, Chicago, 6/7/90 YES
TR071-03 Iowa, Des Moines, 6/8/90 YES
TR071-04 Nebraska, Omaha, 6/8/90 YES
TR072-01 Alabama, Huntsville, 6/20/90 YES
TR072-02 North Carolina, Charlotte, 6/20/90 YES
TR073 Maine, Kennebunkport, 6/29-7/4/90 YES
TR074 England, London, 7/4-6/90 YES
TR075-01 California, Anaheim/Yorba Linda, 7/19/90 YES
TR075-02 Idaho, Boise, 7/19/90 YES
TR075-03 Montana, Billings, 7/20/90 YES
TR075-04 Wyoming, Cheyenne, 7/20/90 YES
TR075-05 Virginia, Newport News, 7/21/90 YES
TR076-01 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 7/24/90 YES
TR076-02 New York, New York City, 7/24/90 YES
TR077 Colorado, Aspen, 8/2/90 YES
TR077-01 Alabama, 1990 YES
TR078 Michigan/Maryland/Rhode Island, 8/10-9/3/90 YES
TR078-01 Maine, Falmouth, 8/21/90 YES
TR078-02 Maryland, Baltimore, 8/20/90 YES
TR078-03 Rhode Island, Newport, 8/20/90 YES
TR079 Kansas/Florida, 9/6/90 YES
TR079-01 Kansas, Topeka, 9/6/90 YES
TR079-02 Florida, Tallahassee, 9/6/90 YES
TR080 Helsinki, Finland, 9/7/90 YES
TR080 Finland, Helsinki, 9/7/90 YES
TR081-01 Colorado, Denver, 9/18/90 YES
TR081-02 California, Los Angeles, 9/18/90 YES
TR081-03 California, San Francisco, 9/19/90 YES
TR082-01 Ohio, Akron/Cleveland, 9/26-27/90 YES
TR082-02 Illinois, Chicago, 9/26/90 YES
TR082-03 Minnesota, Minneapolis, 9/27/90 YES
TR082-04 Michigan, Detroit, 9/27/90 YES
TR083 New York, New York City, 9/30-31/90 YES
TR084 Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine (Canceled) YES
TR085 North Carolina/Florida/Georgia, 10/10/90 YES
TR085-01 North Carolina, Raleigh, 10/10/90 YES
TR085-02 Florida, St. Petersburg, 10/10/90 YES
TR085-03 Georgia, Atlanta, 10/10/90 YES
TR086-01 Texas, Dallas, 10/15/90 YES
TR086-02 Nebraska, Omaha, 10/15/90 YES
TR086-03 Iowa, Des Moines, 10/16/90 YES
TR086-04 Illinois, Wheaten, 10/16/90 YES
TR086-05 Michigan, Grand Rapids, 0/16/90 YES
TR087 Vermont/New Hampshire/Connecticut, 10/23/90 YES
TR087-01 Vermont, Burlington, 10/23/90 YES
TR087-02 New Hampshire, Manchester, 10/23/90 YES
TR087-03 Connecticut, Stamford, 10/23/90 YES
TR088-01 New Mexico, Albuquerque, 10/25/90 YES
TR088-02 Arizona, Phoenix, 10/25/90 YES
TR088-03 California, Los Angeles, 10/26/90 YES
TR088-04 Hawaii, Honolulu, 10/26-28/90 YES
TR088-05 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, 10/29/90 YES
TR089 Massachusetts/Florida/Ohio/Iowa/California/New Mexico/Texas, 11/1-6/90 YES
TR089-01 Massachusetts, Burlington, 11/1/90 YES
TR089-02 Florida, Orlando, 11/1/90 YES
TR089-03 Ohio, Cincinnati, 11/2/90 YES
TR089-04 Minnesota, Rochester, 11/2/90 YES
TR089-05 Iowa, Sioux City, 11/2/90 YES
TR089-06 California, Los Angeles, 11/3/90 YES
TR089-07 New Mexico, Albuquerque, 11/3/90 YES
TR089-08 Texas, Houston, 11/4/90 YES
TR090 Czechoslovakia/Germany/France/Saudi Arabia/Egypt, 11/16-23/90 YES
TR090 Czechoslovakia, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. 11/16-23/90 YES
TR090-01 Czechoslovakia, Prague, 11/17/90 YES
TR090-02 Germany, Ludwigshafen,/Speyer, 11/18/90 YES
TR090-03 France, Paris, 11/18-21/90 YES
TR090-04 Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, 11/21-22/90 YES
TR090-05 Egypt, Cairo, 11/22-23/90 YES
TR090-06 Switzerland, Geneva, 11/23/90 YES
TR091 Mexico, Monterrey/Agualeguas, 11/26-27/90 YES
TR092 South America, 12/2-8/90 YES
TR092 Trips - South America, 12/2-8/90 YES
TR092-01 South America, 12/2-8/90 YES
TR092-02 Uruguay, Montevideo, 12/4-5/90 YES
TR092-03 Argentina, Buenos Aires, 12/5-6/90 YES
TR092-04 Chile, Santiago/Valparaiso, 12/6-7/90 YES
TR092-05 Venezuela, Caracas, 12/7-8/90 YES
TR093 North Carolina/Georgia, 2/1/91 YES
TR093-01 North Carolina, Cherry Point, 2/1/91 YES
TR093-02 Georgia, Fort Stewart, 2/1/91 YES
TR094 New York, New York City, 2/6/91 YES
TR095-01 Massachusetts, Andover, 2/15/91 YES
TR095-02 Maine, Kennebunkport, 2/15-18/91 YES
TR096 Canada/Martinique/Bermuda/South Carolina, 3/13-17/91 YES
TR096-01 Canada, Ottawa, 3/13-14/91 YES
TR096-02 French West Indies, Martinique, 3/24/91 YES
TR096-03 Bermuda, Hamilton, 3/14-17/91 YES
TR096-04 South Carolina, Sumter, 3/17/91 YES
TR097 Florida, Hobe Sound, 4/3/91 YES
TR098 California/Texas, 4/4-8/91 YES
TR098-01 California, Burbank/Los Angeles, 4/5/91 YES
TR098-02 Texas, Dallas, 4/8/91 YES
TR099 West Virginia, Slanesville, 4/10/91 YES
TR100 Alabama, Montgomery, 4/13/91 YES
TR101 Maryland, Annapolis, 4/23/91 YES
TR102 Missouri, St. Louis, 5/3/91 YES
TR103 Michigan, Ann Arbor, 5/4/91 YES
TR104 New Jersey, Princeton, 5/10/91 YES
TR105 Virginia, Hampton, 5/12/91 YES
TR106 Maryland, Baltimore, 5/15/91 YES
TR107 Minnesota, St. Paul, 5/22/91 YES
TR108-01 Massachusetts, Boston, 5/24/91 YES
TR108-02 Kennebunkport, Maine, 5/24-29/91 YES
TR108-03 Connecticut, New Haven, 5/27/91 YES
TR108-04 Colorado, Colorado Springs, 5/29/91 YES
TR109 Virginia, Quantico, 5/30/91 YES
TR110 New York, West Point, 6/1/91 YES
TR111 Georgia, Atlanta, 6/6/91 YES
TR112 Delaware, Seaford, 6/11/91 YES
TR113 California/Colorado/Wisconsin, 6/14-17/91 YES
TR113-01 California, 6/14-16/91 YES
TR113-02 Colorado, Grand Junction, 6/17/91 YES
TR113-03 Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 6/17/91 YES
TR114 Kennebunkport, Maine, 6/28/91-7/2/91 YES
TR115 South Dakota/Missouri/Michigan, 7/3-4/91 YES
TR115-01 South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, 7/3/91 YES
TR115-02 Missouri, Marshfield, 7/4/91 YES
TR115-03 Michigan, Grand Rapids, 7/4/91 YES
TR116 Canada, Toronto, 7/9/91 YES
TR117 Maine, Kennebunkport /France, Paris/England, London /Greece/Turkey, 7/11-21/91 YES
TR117-01 Maine, Kennebunkport , 7/11/91 YES
TR117-02 France, Paris, 7/14/91 YES
TR117-03 England, London, 7/14-17/91 YES
TR117-04 Greece, Athens, 7/18-19/91 YES
TR117-05 Turkey, Ankara/Istanbul, 7/20-21/91 YES
TR118 USSR, Moscow/Kiev, 7/29-8/1/91 YES
TR119 Maine, Kennebunkport/Lewiston, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh/Philadelphia, 8/7-9/2/91 YES
TR119-01 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, 8/14/91 YES
TR119-02 Maine, Lewiston, 9/3/91 YES
TR120 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 9/12/91 YES
TR121 Arizona/Utah/Oregon/California/Illinois, 9/18-20/91 YES
TR121-01 Arizona, Flagstaff, 9/18/91 YES
TR121-02 Utah, Salt Lake City, 9/18/91 YES
TR121-03 Oregon, Portland, 9/19/91 YES
TR121-04 California, Los Angeles, 9/19/91 YES
TR121-05 Illinois, Chicago, 9/20/91 YES
TR122 New York/New Jersey, 9/23-24/91 YES
TR122-01 New York, New York City, 9/23-24/91 YES
TR122-02 New Jersey, East Brunswick, 9/24/91 YES
TR123 Georgia/Florida/Louisiana, 9/28-30/91 YES
TR123-01 Georgia, Sea Island, 9/28-29/91 YES
TR123-02 Florida, Orlando, 9/30/91 YES
TR123-03 Louisiana, New Orleans, 9/30/91 YES
TR124-01 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, 10/2/91 YES
TR124-02 Kentucky, Louisville, 10/2/91 YES
TR124-03 Tennessee, Nashville, 10/2/91 YES
TR125 Spain, Madrid, 10/28-30/91 YES
TR126 Texas, 10/31/91-11/1/91 YES
TR126-01 Texas, 10/31-11/1/91 YES
TR126-02 Houston, Texas, 10/31/91 YES
TR127 Maine, Kennebunkport, 11/2/91 YES
TR128 California, Simi Valley, 11/4/91 YES
TR129 Italy/Vatican City/Netherlands, 11/6-9/91 YES
TR129-01 Italy, Rome 11/6-8/91 YES
TR129-02 Vatican City, 11/8/91 YES
TR129-03 Netherlands, The Hague, 11/8-9/91 YES
TR130 Asia, 11/27-12/6/91 [Cancelled] YES
TR131 New York, New York City, 11/12/91 YES
TR132 Missouri, Kansas City/St. Louis, 11/13/91 YES
TR133 Ohio, Columbus, 11/25/91 YES
TR134 Florida/Mississippi, 12/3/91 YES
TR134-01 Florida, Bradenton, 12/3/91 YES
TR134-02 Mississippi, Meridian, 12/3/91 YES
TR135 California/Hawaii, 12/6-8/91 YES
TR135-01 California, Ontario, MAG Instrument Employees Address, 12/6/91 YES
TR135-02 Hawaii, Honolulu, WWII Veterans and Families Address, 12/7/91 YES
TR136 Illinois, Chicago, Chicago Board of Trade, 12/10/91 YES
TR136-01 Illinois, Chicago YES
TR137 Virginia, Montpelier, 12/16/91 YES
TR138 Texas, Euless/Dallas, 12/18/91 YES
TR138-01 Texas, Euless, Transportation Act Signing, 12/18/91 YES
TR138-02 Texas, Dallas, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officers, 12/18/91 YES
TR139 Texas, Beeville, Beeville Barbecue, 12/27/91 YES
TR140 Asian-Pacific Trade Mission, Departed 12/30/91 YES
TR140 Asia-Pacific Trade Mission, Departed December 30, 1991 YES
TR140-01 Australia, Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne, 12/30/91-1/3/92 YES
TR140-02 Republic of Singapore, 1/4/92 YES
TR140-03 Seoul, Korea, 1/5-6/92 YES
TR140-03 Korea, Seoul, 1/5-6/92 YES
TR140-04 Japan, Tokyo, 1/7-9/92 YES
TR141 Missouri, Kansas City, American Farm Bureau Federation, 1/13/92 YES
TR142 New Hampshire, Bush-Quayle Campaign '92, 1/15/92 YES
TR142-01 Meeting with Community Leaders for Pease Air Force Base, Newington, New Hampshire, 1/15/92 YES
TR142-02 New Hampshire, Exeter, Exeter Town Hall, 1/15/92 YES
TR142-03 Address Liberty Mutual Insurance Employees, Dover, New Hampshire, 1/15/92 YES
TR142-04 New Hampshire, Rochester, Cabletron Systems, Inc., 1/15/92 YES
TR142-05 New Hampshire, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Rotary Club, 1/15/92 YES
TR143 Georgia, Atlanta, Martin Luther King, Jr., Birthday, 1/17/92 YES
TR144 Maryland, Catonsville, Benneker Community Building, Emily Harris Head Start, 1/21/92 YES
TR145 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Chamber of Commerce, 1/30/92 YES
TR146 New York, New York City , U.N. Security Council, 1/31/92 YES
TR147 Florida, Orlando, 2/4/92 YES
TR148 Ohio, Cleveland, 2/6/92 YES
TR149 Nevada, Las Vegas, Tour Village and University Medical Center, 2/6/92 YES
TR150 California, San Diego, 2/7/92 YES
TR151 New Hampshire, Concord/Manchester, 2/12/92 YES
TR151-01 New Hampshire, Concord, 2/12/92 YES
TR151-02 New Hampshire, Manchester, First Encounter Contest, 2/12/92 YES
TR152 Maryland, Bellcamp, Arborview at Riverside, 2/14/92 YES
TR152-01 Maryland, Baltimore, Macks Development Center, 2/14/92 YES
TR153 New Hampshire, Nashua/New Boston/Derry, 2/15/92 YES
TR153-01 New Hampshire, Nashua, New Hampshire, 2/15/92 YES
TR154 Tennessee, Knoxville/Oak Ridge, 2/18-19/92 YES
TR154-01 Tennessee, Knoxville, Knoxville Community, 2/18/92 YES
TR154-02 Tennessee, Oak Ridge, Signing Ceremony (Economic), 2/19/92 YES
TR155 South Carolina, Charleston, Southern Republican Leaders, 2/21/92 YES
TR156 San Francisco/Los Angeles, California, 2/25/92 YES
TR156-01 California, San Francisco, Bush/Quayle Fundraiser, 2/25/92 YES
TR156-02 California, Los Angeles, Southern California Business, 2/25/92 YES
TR157 Texas, San Antonio/Houston/Dallas, 2/26-29/92 YES
TR157-01 Texas, San Antonio, 2/26-27/92 YES
TR157-02 Texas, Houston, 2/27-28/92 YES
TR157-03 Texas, Dallas, 2/29/92 YES
TR158 Georgia, Atlanta/Savannah, 2/29-3/1/92 YES
TR158-01 Georgia, Atlanta/Savannah, 2/29-3/1/92 YES
TR159 Illinois, Chicago, National Association of Evangelicals, 3/3/92 YES
TR160 Florida, Hialeah, Bush/Quayle Rally, 3/4/92 YES
TR161 South Carolina, Columbia YES
TR162 Tennessee, Memphis, Federal Express, 3/5/92 YES
TR163 Oklahoma, Edmond, Bush/Quayle '92 Event, 3/6/92 YES
TR164 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 3/6/92 YES
TR165 Mississippi, Jackson, 3/6/92 YES
TR166 Florida, Pensacola, Military Personnel, 3/7/92 YES
TR167 Detroit, Michigan, Economic Club of Detroit, 3/13/92 YES
TR168 Michigan, Kalamazoo, Stryker Medical Corporation YES
TR169 Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 3/16/92 YES
TR170 Illinois, Chicago, 3/16/92 YES
TR171 Arkansas, Bentonville, 3/17/92 YES
TR172 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Federalist Society, 4/3/92 YES
TR173 Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Orioles Baseball, 4/6/92 YES
TR174 Michigan, Fraser/Dearborn, 4/14/92 YES
TR174-01 Michigan, Fraser, Michigan Business Speech, 4/14/92 YES
TR174-02 Michigan, Dearborn, Bush/Quayle Fundraiser, 4/14/92 YES
TR175 Pennsylvania, Allentown, Lehigh Valley 2000, 4/14/92 YES
TR176 Ohio, Columbus, Ameriflora '92 International Flower, 4/20/92 YES
TR177 Florida, Miami, Florida International University, 4/27/92 YES
TR178 North, Carolina, Bush/Quayle Fundraiser, 4/27/92 YES
TR179 Ohio, Worthington/Columbus, 4/30/92 YES
TR179-01 Bluffview Elementary School, South Worthington, Ohio, (Canceled), 4/30/92 YES
TR179-02 Ohio, Columbus, Bush/Quayle Fundraiser, 4/30/92 YES
TR180 California, Los Angeles, Civil Disorder, 5/6/92 YES
TR181 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Weed and Seed Event, 5/11/92 YES
TR182 Maryland, Baltimore, Dunbar High School, 5/13/92 YES
TR183 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Fundraiser Lunch, 5/15/92 YES
TR184 Texas, Houston, Doug Sanders Tournament, 5/15/92 YES
TR185 Texas, Dallas, Southern Methodist University, 5/16/92 YES
TR186 Indiana, South Bend, Commencement, University of Notre Dame, 5/17/92 YES
TR187 Ohio, Cleveland/Parma, 5/21/92 YES
TR187-01 Cleveland, Ohio, 5/21/92 YES
TR187-02 Ohio, Cleveland, Bush/Quayle Fundraising, 5/21/92 YES
TR188 New York, Westchester County, Bush/Quayle '92 Fundraiser, 5/21/92 YES
TR189 Maryland, Annapolis, U.S. Naval Academy, 5/27/92 YES
TR190 Marietta/Atlanta, Georgia, 5/27/92 YES
TR190-01 Georgia, Marietta, Mt. Paran Christian School, 5/27/92 YES
TR190-02 Georgia, Atlanta, Bush/Quayle Fundraiser, 5/27/92 YES
TR191 Arizona, Phoenix, 5/28/92 YES
TR192 California, Los Angeles/Fresno, 5/29-30/92 YES
TR193 Camp David Meeting with Prime Minister John Major, 6/6/92 YES
TR194 Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Arlen Specter Fundraiser, 6/9/92 YES
TR195 Panama, Panama City/ Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, 6/11-13/92 YES
TR196 California/Texas, 6/18-20/92 YES
TR196-01 California, Newark, 6/18/92 YES
TR196-02 California, Orange County, 6/19/92 YES
TR196-03 California, Orange County, 6/20/92 YES
TR196-04 Texas, Houston, 6/20/92 YES
TR197 New York, New York City, 6/29/92 YES
TR197-01 New York, New York City, 6/29/92 YES
TR197-02 Michigan, Detroit, 6/29/92 YES
TR198 Florida/North Carolina, 7/4/92 YES
TR198-01 Florida, Daytona, Firecracker 400 Racecar Drivers, 7/4/92 YES
TR198-02 North Carolina, Faith, Fourth of July, 7/4/92 YES
TR199 Europe (Poland/Germany/Finland) Economic Summit, 7/5-11/92 YES
TR199-01 Poland, Warsaw, 7/5/92 YES
TR199-02 Germany, Munich, 7/5-8/92 YES
TR199-03 Finland, Helsinki, 7/8-10/92 YES
TR200 California/Wyoming/Utah, 7/14-18/92 YES
TR200-01 California, Sequoia Forest, Proclamation Signing, 7/14/92 YES
TR200-02 Wyoming, Jackson Hole, Service Clubs Picnic, 7/14-17/92 YES
TR200-03 Utah, Provo, Bush/Quayle, 7/18/92 YES
TR201 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Garfield, New Jersey, 7/21/92 YES
TR201-01 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Open Forum on Educational Choices, 7/21/92 YES
TR202 Ohio/Missouri, 7/24/92 YES
TR202-01 Ohio, Brookville, Picnic and Leadership Meeting, 7/24/92 YES
TR202-02 Missouri, Columbia, 7/24/92 YES
TR203 Michigan/Wisconsin, 7/27/92 YES
TR203-01 Michigan, Holland American Wafer Company, 7/27/92 YES
TR204 Texas/California, 7/30-31/92 YES
TR204-01 Texas, Waxahachie, Super Conducting Super Collider Facility, 7/30/92 YES
TR204-02 California, Los Angeles, Odetics Inc., 7/30-31/92 YES
TR204-03 California, Riverside, 7/30-31/92 YES
TR205 Chicago/Elk Grove, Illinois, 8/2/92 YES
TR205-01 Fundraiser for Rich Williamson, Chicago, Illinois, 8/2/92 YES
TR205-02 Illinois, Elk Grove, Picnic Rally, 8/2/92 YES
TR206 Georgia/Florida, 8/3/92 YES
TR206-01 Remarks to Shaw Industries, Dalton, Georgia, 8/3/92 YES
TR206-02 Florida, Jacksonville, 8/3/92 YES
TR207 New York/Nevada/Colorado, 8/4-6/92 YES
TR207-01 Knights of Columbus, New York, New York, 8/4/92 YES
TR207-02 Nevada, Disabled American Veterans Convention, 8/5/92 YES
TR207-03 Colorado, Colorado Springs, American Legislative Exchange Council, 8/6/92 YES
TR208-01 Indiana, Indianapolis, VFW Convention, 8/17/92 YES
TR208-02 Texas, Houston, 8/17-21/92 YES
TR208-03 Mississippi, Gulfport, Gulfport Rally, 8/21/92 YES
TR208-04 Georgia, Woodstock, Campaign Rally, 8/22/92 YES
TR208-05 Alabama, Birmingham, Campaign Rally, 8/22/92 YES
TR208-06 Missouri, Branson Rally, 8/22/92 YES
TR208-07 Texas, Dallas, National Affairs Briefing, 8/22/92 YES
TR208-08 Job Training, Lincoln Tech, Union Twp., New Jersey, 8/24/92 YES
TR208-09 Connecticut, Ansonia, 8/24/92 YES
TR208-10 Florida, Miami, Airport Statement, 8/24/92 YES
TR208-11 Illinois, Chicago, American Legion, 8/25/92 YES
TR208-12 Telethon Call, Palm Beach, Florida, 8/27/92 YES
TR208-13 Ohio, Findlay, Findlay Machine and Tool, 8/27/92 YES
TR208-15 Louisiana, New Orleans, Hurricane Andrew Statement, 8/26/92 YES
TR208-16 Ohio, Cincinnati, Bush/Quayle Rally, 8/27/92 YES
TR208-17 Missouri, St. Louis, Public Safety Equipment, 8/27/92 YES
TR209 Florida/Louisiana, 9/1/92 YES
TR209-01 Homestead, Florida, 9/1/92 YES
TR209-02 Louisiana, Jeanerette, 9/1/92 YES
TR210 South Dakota, Humboldt, South Dakota Farmers, 9/2/92 YES
TR211 Texas, Shallowater, Employees of Gin Company, 9/2/92 YES
TR212 Texas, Fort Worth, Employees of General Dynamics, , 9/2/92 YES
TR213 Virginia, Fredericksburg, Small Business Event, 9/4/92 YES
TR214 Ohio, Cleveland, Labor Day Weekend, 9/5/92 YES
TR214-01 Painesville, Ohio to attend Oktoberfest, 9/5/92 YES
TR214-02 North Carolina, Ashville, 9/5/92 YES
TR214-03 North Carolina, Henderson, Apple Festival, 9/5/92 YES
TR214-04 [EMPTY] YES
TR214-05 Kentucky, Louisville, Harvest Game, 9/6/92 YES
TR214-06 Illinois, Chicago, Taste of Polonia Festival, 9/6/92 YES
TR214-07 Michigan, Sault Ste. Marie, Mackinac Bridge Walk, 9/7/92 YES
TR214-08 Wisconsin, Milwaukee, GOP Picnic, 9/7/92 YES
TR214-09 Michigan, Detroit, Hamtramck Polish Festival, 9/7/92 YES
TR215 Pennsylvania, Norristown, Norristown High School, 9/9/92 YES
TR216 New Jersey, Middletown, Bush/Quayle Rally, 9/9/92 YES
TR217 Michigan, Detroit, Detroit Economic Club, 9/10/92 YES
TR218 Missouri, 9/11/92 YES
TR218-01 Missouri, Joplin YES
TR218-02 Missouri, Webster Grove YES
TR218-03 Missouri, Independence/Excelsior Springs YES
TR218-04 Missouri, Kansas City YES
TR219 Virginia Beach, Virginia, National Christian Coalition, 9/11/92 YES
TR220 California/Washington/Oregon, Campaign Rallies, 9/13-17/92 YES
TR220-01 California, Sherman Oaks, Bush/Quayle Rally, 9/13/92 YES
TR220-02 Washington, Colville, Vaagen Brothers Lumber, Incorporated, 9/14/92 YES
TR220-03 Oregon, Medford, Victory '92 Support Meeting, 9/14/92 YES
TR220-04 Utah, Salt Lake City, National Guard, 9/15/92 YES
TR220-05 Colorado, Englewood, Jeppeson Sanderson, Incorporated, 9/15/92 YES
TR220-06 New Mexico, Albuquerque, Victory Support Meeting, 9/15/96 YES
TR220-07 Oklahoma, Enid, Service Organizations, 9/17/92 YES
TR220-08 Georgia, Atlanta/Jonesboro Welcome Address, 9/17/92 YES
TR221 New Jersey, Baking Ridge, AT&T Employees, 9/18/92 YES
TR222 New York, New York City, Trust Dinner (President's) YES
TR223 Missouri, Springfield, Airport Welcome Remarks, 9/22/92 YES
TR224 Oklahoma, Tulsa, Airport Welcome Remarks, 9/22/92 YES
TR225 Texas, Longview, Airport Welcome Remarks, 9/22/92 YES
TR226 Louisiana, Shreveport, Airport Welcome Remarks, 9/22/92 YES
TR227 Mississippi, Greenville, Airport Welcome Remarks, 9/22/92 YES
TR228 Tennessee, Memphis, Welcome Remarks, 9/22/92 YES
TR229 North Carolina, Greensboro, Business Community, 9/23/92 YES
TR230 Pennsylvania, State College, 9/23/92 YES
TR231-01 Schaumburg, Illinois, Motorola Employees, 9/25/92 YES
TR231-02 Illinois, Chicago, Address to the Working Family, 9/25/92 YES
TR232 Ohio, 9/26/92 YES
TR232-01 Ohio, Columbus, Send-Off Rally, 9/26/92 YES
TR233 Michigan, 9/27/92 YES
TR233-01 Michigan, Plymouth, Plymouth Welcome Rally, 9/26/92 YES
TR233-02 Michigan, Wixom Train Stop, 9/27/92 YES
TR233-03 Michigan, Holly, Train Stop, 9/27/92 YES
TR233-04 Michigan, Grand Blanc, Train Stop, 9/27/92 YES
TR234 Missouri, St. Louis, St. Francis De Sales, 9/28/92 YES
TR235 Texas, Dallas, East Dallas Renaissance Project, 9/28/92 YES
TR236 Tennessee, 9/29/92 YES
TR236-01 Tennessee, Blountville, 9/29/92 YES
TR236-02 Alcoa, Tennessee, Airport Welcome, 9/29/92 YES
TR236-03 Tennessee, Chattanooga, Airport Welcome, 9/29/92 YES
TR236-04 Tennessee, Clarksville, Airport Welcome, 9/29/92 YES
TR236-05 Tennessee, Nashville, 9/29/92 YES
TR237 Wisconsin , Oshkosh/Fond du Lac, and New Jersey, 9/30/92 YES
TR237-01 Oshkosh/Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin and New Jersey, 9/30/92 YES
TR237-02 Wisconsin, Fond Du Lac, Rally, 9/30/92 YES
TR237-03 New Jersey, Newark, Local Law Enforcement Endorsement, 9/30/92 YES
TR238 Massachusetts/Florida/Delaware, 10/2-5/92 YES
TR238-01 Massachusetts, Boston, Victory '92 Reception, 10/2/92 YES
TR238-02 Florida, Clearwater, 10/3/92 YES
TR238-03 Homestead, Florida, Tour FEMA Center, 10/3/92 YES
TR238-04 Florida, Fort Lauderdale, 10/3/92 YES
TR238-05 Florida, Orlando, 10/3/92 YES
TR238-06 Delaware, Dover, Victory ’92, 10/5/92 YES
TR239 Texas/Louisiana/Ohio, 10/7-9/92 YES
TR239-01 Texas, San Antonio, NAFTA Agreement, 10/7/92 YES
TR239-02 Louisiana, New Orleans, Port of New Orleans, 10/8/92 YES
TR239-03 Texas, Houston, Victory '92 National Fundraiser, 10/8/92 YES
TR239-04 Cincinnati, Ohio, National Fraternal Order of Police, 10/9/92 YES
TR239-05 Ohio, Columbus, Victory '92 Fundraiser, 10/19/92 YES
TR240 Missouri/Pennsylvania/Michigan, 10/11-12/92 YES
TR240-01 Missouri, St. Louis, Presidential Debate, 10/11/92 YES
TR240-02 Pennsylvania, Springfield, 10/12/92 YES
TR240-03 Michigan, Grand Rapids, Community Endorsement, 10/12/92 YES
TR240-04 Michigan, Holland, Hope College, 10/12/92 YES
TR240-05 Michigan, Grand Rapids, Victory Reception and Dance, 10/12/92 YES
TR241 Richmond, Virginia, Post-Debate Rally, 10/15/92 YES
TR242 New Jersey, Edison, Middlesex Community College, 10/15/92 YES
TR243 Michigan/Georgia/South Carolina/North Carolina/New Jersey, 10/19-22/92 YES
TR243-01 East Lansing, Michigan, Presidential Debate, 10/19/82 YES
TR243-02 Atlanta, Georgia, WSB-TV "Ask George Bush", 10/20/92 YES
TR243-03 Norcross, Georgia, 10/20/92 YES
TR243-04 Gainesville, Georgia, Welcome and Victory '92, 10/20/92 YES
TR243-05 Georgia, Cornelia, Welcome and Victory '92, 10/20/92 YES
TR243-06 South Carolina, Spartanburg, Welcome and Victory '92, 10/20/92 YES
TR243-07 Gastonia, North Carolina, Welcome, 10/21/92 YES
TR243-08 North Carolina, Kannapolis, Kannapolis Welcome, 10/21/92 YES
TR243-09 North Carolina, Thomasville, Thomasville Welcome, 10/21/92 YES
TR243-10 Burlington, North Carolina, Burlington Welcome, 10/21/92 YES
TR243-11 North Carolina, Raleigh, State Fair Welcome, 10/21/92 YES
TR243-12 New Jersey, Vineland, Airport Welcome, 10/22/92 YES
TR243-13 New Jersey, Trenton, Airport Welcome, 10/22/92 YES
TR243-14 New Jersey, Ridgewood, Ridgewood Welcome, 10/22/92 YES
TR243-15 New Jersey, Secaucus, WWOR-TV Ask George, 10/22/92 YES
TR244 Kentucky/Florida/Alabama/Texas/Louisiana, 10/23-24/92 YES
TR244-01 Kentucky, London, Laurel County Welcome, 10/23/92 YES
TR244-02 Florida, Fort Lauderdale, President's Trust Reception, 10/23/92 YES
TR244-03 Florida, Miami, 10/23/92 YES
TR244-04 Alabama, Montgomery, Interview Local Media, 10/24/92 YES
TR244-05 Houston, Texas, Lidtke Memorial Service, 10/24/92 YES
TR244-06 Louisiana, Marrero, Energy Policy Act, 10/24/92 YES
TR244-07 Louisiana, Lafayette, "Ask George Bush," 10/24/92 YES
TR245 Campaign Swing, 1992 YES
TR245-01 Detroit, Michigan, International Association of Chiefs of Police, 10/25/92 YES
TR245-02 Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Community Remarks, 10/25/92 YES
TR245-03 Montana, Billings, Pioneer Park-Question &Answer Session, 10/25-26/96 YES
TR245-04 Denver, Colorado, Address Ace Hardware Convention, 10/26/92 YES
TR245-05 Albuquerque, new Mexico, Address Community at Civic Plaza, 10/26/92 YES
TR245-06 Iowa, Des Moines, "Ask George Bush," 10/27/92 YES
TR245-07 Kentucky, Paducah, Paducah Community College, 10/27/92 YES
TR245-17 Tennessee, Campaign Swing, 1992 YES
TR245-24 Wisconsin, Chippewa Falls, Campaign Swing 1992 YES
TR245-29 Pennsylvania, Glenolden, Campaign Swing 1992 YES
TR245-33 Texas, Houston, Campaign Swing 1992 YES
TR246 Florida, Boca, Fishing Trip, 11/12-15/92 YES
TR247 Greenwich, Connecticut to visit mother, 11/19/92 YES
TR248 Greenwich, Connecticut funeral service for mother (Christ Church), 11/23-24/92 YES
TR249 College Station, Texas, Texas A&M University Commencement, 12/15/92 YES
TR250 Somalia, Russia, France, 12/31/92 to 1/3/93 YES
TR251 West Point, New York, Farewell Address, 1/5/92 YES
UT Utilities YES
UT001 Communications - Telecommunications YES
UT001-01 Radio - Television YES
UT001-02 Telegraph - Cables YES
UT001-03 Telephone YES
UT002 Electricity YES
UT003 Gas (Utility) YES
UT004 Water Supply YES
VA Veterans Affairs YES
VA001 Compensation - Pensions, Veterans YES
VA002 Educational Programs (Veterans) YES
VA003 Hospitalization - Rehabilitation YES
VP NR007-01 Water Projects YES
WE Welfare YES
WE001 Children (Welfare Services - Adoption - Abuse) YES
WE002 Correctional Institutions YES
WE003 Family Planning YES
WE004 Fund Drives YES
WE004-01 United Community Campaigns YES
WE005 Geriatrics YES
WE006 Physical Fitness YES
WE007 Social Security YES
WE008 Vocational Rehabilitation YES
WE009 Youth Programs YES
WE010 Poverty Programs YES
WE011 Homeless YES
WH White House Administration YES
WH001 Budget, White House YES
WH002 Buildings and Grounds, White House YES
WH002-01 Building Management YES
WH002-02 Furnishings , White House YES
WH002-03 Temporary Offices of the President YES
WH002-04 Tours (White House - EOB - NEOB) YES
WH003 Contracts, White House YES
WH004 Office Management, White House YES
WH004-01 Mail Reports, White House YES
WH005 Personal Management, White House YES
WH006 Security-Protections-Passes (White House-EOB) YES
WH007 Supplies - Materials - Services YES
WH008 Telecommunications, White House YES
WH009 Transportation, White House [Empty] YES
WH009-01 Aircraft - Helicopter - White House YES
WH009-02 Automobiles, White House YES
WH009-03 Yacht, Presidential YES