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Case Number Subject(s)
1998-0001-F USIA, VOA, WorldNet, Radio Marti, Bruce Gelb, Richard Carlson
1998-0002-F America 2000 Education Initiative, School Choice, School Funding, Forced Busing, and the National Education Goals
1998-0004-F[1] Sununu, John (Chief of Staff) (Segment One)
1998-0004-F[2] Sununu, John (Chief of Staff) (Segment Two)
1998-0004-F[3] Sununu, John (Chief of Staff) (Segment Three)
1998-0005-F International Education incl. Foreign Assistance-Freedom Support Act
1998-0029-F Prisoners of War/Missing In Action (POW/MIA) Issues
1998-0034-F Pan Am Flight 103 Disaster
1998-0041-F Tower, Senator John (R-TX)
1998-0042-F Wright, Speaker of the House Jim (D-TX)
1998-0043-F U.S. Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX)
1998-0044-F Bush, Governor George W.
1998-0048-F Tripp, Linda R.
1998-0072-F Microsoft and Computers
1998-0080-F Bush, John Ellis [Jeb]
1998-0091-F HIV-AIDS Policy
1998-0095-F Homosexuals
1998-0097-F Immigration from Mexico and Central America
1998-0099-F Persian Gulf Conflict
1998-0101-F Somalia and Operation Restore Hope
1998-0102-F Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia
1998-0118-F Hoffman, Taubman, Petrie, and Wexner
1998-0134-F Uranium Enrichment Plant
1998-0136-F Nonproliferation of Chemical and Biological Weapons
1998-0142-F Summit: NATO Summit at Rome, Italy (November 7-8, 1991)
1998-0188-F Former U.S. President, Richard Milhous Nixon
1998-0189-F Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh
1998-0194-F President's trip to Hungary
1998-0205-F Presidential Appointment of Federal Judges
1998-0206-F[1] Souter, David (Supreme Court Nomination) (Segment One)
1998-0206-F[2] Souter, David (Supreme Court Nomination) (Segment Two)
1998-0206-F[3] Souter, David (Supreme Court Nomination) (Segment Three)
1998-0207-F Thomas, Clarence (Supreme Court Nomination)
1998-0224-F Smith, Mary Louise
1998-0251-F Budget Negotiations 1989 to 1990
1998-0252-F Ethics Law Reform
1998-0253-F Correspondence between the Bush Administration and Numerous Politicians
1998-0255-F Heritage Foundation, CATO Institute, Hoover Institute, and the Council on Foreign Relations
1998-0260-F Ambassadors Shirley Temple Black, Mary Ann Casey, Frances D. Cook, Ruth A. Davis, April Glaspie, Genta Hawkins Holmes, Penne Percy Korth, Melissa F. Wells
1998-0318-F Former U.S. President, James Earl Carter
1998-0325-F Kristol, William (Chief of Staff to Vice President Dan Quayle)
1998-0326-F McIntosh, David (Deputy Director of the Council on Competitiveness)
1998-0329-F Rogers, Douglas A.
1998-0336-F Atwater, Lee
1998-0354-F International Education, Including the World Conference on Education for All
1998-0356-F Breeden, Richard, Files (Savings and Loan (S&L) Crisis)
1998-0357-F Agency for International Development (AID)
1998-0381-F Wead, Doug (Special Assistant to the President for Public Liaison)
1998-0387-F Nuclear Issues involving India and Pakistan
1998-0397-F Dalai Lama and his relationship with the United States and China
1998-0410-F See FOIA 98-0387-F
1998-0411-F Ferraro, Geraldine
1998-0478-F Legislative Interaction (Selected Bush Vice Presidential Files)
1998-0483-F WHORM Categories PR010 and PR013-07
1998-0497-F Meeting: 1991, Middle East Peace Conference at Madrid, Spain (October 29-30)
1998-0527-F Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate Material
1998-0528-F First Lady Barbara Bush Speech Material
1999-0062-F Negotiating NAFTA
1999-0093-F National Space Policy
1999-0098-F Polling Data
1999-0099-F Weinberger, Caspar
1999-0103-F South Africa
1999-0105-F National Institute of Health
1999-0118-F Health Care Reform
1999-0128-F United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit)
1999-0129-F Vice President Quayle's Council on Competitiveness
1999-0130-F Yeutter, Clayton
1999-0131-F Terrorist Attacks at Rome and Vienna airports, La Belle Disco in Berlin, and the U.S. Bombing of Libya
1999-0132-F Terrorism: Bombing of U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in October 1983
1999-0133-F[1] Hijacking of the Achille Lauro
1999-0133-F[2] Hijacking of the Achille Lauro
1999-0134-F Hijacking of TWA Flight 847
1999-0137-F Task Force on Combating Terrorism (Bush Vice Presidential)
1999-0149-F Please see FOIA 99-0062-F
1999-0163-F Please see FOIA 1999-0098-F
1999-0182-F Taiwan
1999-0186-F Panama, Operation Just Cause
1999-0196-F Casey, William (Director of Central Intelligence)
1999-0273-F Summit: U.S.-USSR at Malta (December 2-3, 1989)
1999-0277-F Skinner, Samuel K. (Chief of Staff)
1999-0285-F[1] Civil Rights (Bush Presidential)
1999-0285-F[2] Civil Rights (Bush Vice Presidential)
1999-0285-F[3] Civil Rights, Thaddeus Garrett Files (Bush Vice Presidential Staff Member)
1999-0300-F Please see FOIA 99-0273-F
1999-0301-F Summit: U.S.-USSR at Washington D.C. (May 31 to June 2, 1990)
1999-0302-F START Treaty (Selected)
1999-0303-F Summit: U.S.-USSR at Moscow, USSR (July 30-31, 1991) and Coup against Gorbachev (August 1991)
1999-0304-F Dissolution of the Soviet Union
1999-0311-F National Prayer Breakfast
1999-0393-F Conversations between President Bush and Helmut Kohl concerning the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Reunification of Germany
1999-0432-F Office of Personnel (Selected files)
1999-0461-F Records on Iraq - Not Directly Related to the Persian Gulf Conflict
1999-0463-F Zaire
1999-0465-F Indonesia
1999-0466-F Guatemala
1999-0467-F El Salvador
1999-0471-F Summit: Economic, 1989 Economic Summit (15th Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations) (July 7-14, 1989 at Paris)
1999-0472-F Summit: Drug Summit at San Antonio, Texas (February 26-27, 1992)
1999-0491-F Rainwater, Richard E.
1999-0493-F Waltrip, Robert L.
1999-0495-F Ueberroth, Peter
1999-0496-F Othman, Talat
1999-0536-F WHORM Category CO078 (Japan)
1999-0550-F Savings and Loan Scandal
1999-0551-F Central Valley Project
1999-0578-F Gates, Robert M., (NSC Files on the Persian Gulf War)
1999-0581-F U.S.-Japan Structural Impediments Initiative (SII)
1999-0582-F U.S.-Japan Trade Relations
1999-0583-F Meeting: 1989, President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Sosuke Uno (July 14)
1999-0584-F Meeting: 1990, President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu (March 2-3)
1999-0585-F Meeting: 1991, March 2-3, President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu (April 4)
1999-0586-F Meeting: 1991, President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa (January 7-9)
1999-0587-F Meeting: 1991, President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu (July 11)
1999-0588-F Meeting: 1989, President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita (February 2)
1999-0589-F Meeting: 1989, President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu (September 1)
1999-0690-F Syrian Links to Terrorism
1999-0727-F[1] Hurricane Hugo
1999-0727-F[2] Hurricane Andrew
1999-0727-F[3] Hurricane Iniki
1999-0728-F Loma Prieta Earthquake
1999-0729-F Holiday, Edith E. (Ede) (Assistant to the President and Secretary of the Cabinet)
1999-0730-F Duggan, Juanita (Selected Files)
1999-0731-F Butterfield, William
1999-0732-F McBee, Barry (Selected Files)
1999-0733-F Casse, Daniel (Selected Files)
1999-0734-F Gunn, Will
1999-0735-F Brady, Phillip D., Files
1999-0769-F National Park Service
1999-0770-F Housing and Urban Development Investigation
1999-0771-F National Credit Union Administration
1999-0784-F Murdoch, Rupert
1999-0804-F Matagorda Island
1999-0841-F A World Transformed
1999-0862-F Law of the Sea Convention
2000-0084-F Boren, Senator David L. (D-OK)
2000-0085-F National Aerospace Plane (NASP)
2000-0116-F Selected China Files
2000-0124-F Testing Missiles over Canada
2000-0233-F NATO's Role at the end of the Cold War
2000-0243-F Strategic Petroleum Reserve
2000-0429-F Memcons and Telcons, 1989 to 1991
2000-0547-F Hampton, Mark; Carter, Rosalynn; Johnson, Claudia "Lady Bird"; Reagan, Nancy and Blair House
2000-0556-F Chambers, Raymond G.
2000-0590-F Millie
2000-0706-F Trip: Vice President Dan Quayle's from February 26, 1992 to March 3, 1992
2000-0715-F Baker, James (Chief of Staff)
2000-0818-F Aronow, Don
2000-0872-F Strauss, Franz Josef
2000-0948-F Li, Wan (Chairman of the Chinese National People's Congress)
2000-0949-F Trip: President Bush's Trip to Beijing, China (February 25-26, 1989)
2000-0950-F Tiananmen Square (Selected Files)
2000-0952-F Kissinger, Henry, Trip to China, 1989
2000-0957-F Trip: Scowcroft/Eagleburger Trip to China (1989)
2000-0986-F Military Promotions
2000-1126-F Baker, James, Trips (Selected Files)
2000-1165-F Atlanta Child Murders
2000-1197-F Recognition of the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
2000-1198-F Recognition of Ukraine (Fall 1991)
2000-1202-F U.S.-Soviet Relations and Future of Soviet Republics
2000-1204-F World Bank Loans to China after Tiananmen Square
2000-1205-F Telcons and September 4, 1991 Cabinet Meeting (Selected Files)
2000-1206-F Fang Lizhi
2000-1218-F Meeting: 1990, President Bush and Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen (November 30)
2000-1251-F[1] Indian Affairs, Selected Cliff Alderman and Mary McClure Files
2000-1251-F[2] Indian Affairs, Federal Native American/Indian Policy
2000-1291-F Untermeyer, Charles G. (Chase)
2000-1314-F Miscellaneous Investigations
2000-1332-F Aid to USSR/Russia, Freedom Support Act and the IMF Stabilization Fund for Russia
2000-1333-F Summit: Economic, 1992 Economic Summit (18th Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations) (July 5-7, 1992 at Munich)
2000-1334-F Summit: U.S.-Russia at Camp David and Washington D.C. (February 2, and June 16-18, 1992)
2000-1335-F Trip: President Bush's Trip to Hungary (July 11-13, 1989)
2000-1341-F Visit of President Kravchuk of the Ukraine (May 6, 1992)
2000-1389-F Conventional Forces in Europe and Meetings with Mikhail A. Moiseyev 3/91, 5/91, 5/20/91 and 6/91
2000-1390-F Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) (Selected)
2000-1598-F Godinez, John
2001-0010-F Peru
2001-0144-F Bahrain
2001-0145-F Visit of President César Gaviria Trujillo of Colombia (February 26, 1991)
2001-0221-F Fort Bragg Trip
2001-0238-F Japanese-American Internment
2001-0434-F Visit of President Virgilio Barco of Colombia (September 28, 1989)
2001-0668-F Riso, Gerald R. and Kimberling, C. Ronald
2001-0827-F Helms, Senator Jesse (R-NC)
2001-0870-F Wachtstetter, Reverend Stan
2001-0871-F Graham, Katherine; Harriman, Pamela and Quinn, Sally
2001-1055-F Heston, Charlton
2001-1098-F[1] Albania, Electronic Messages
2001-1098-F[2] Albania
2001-1166-F Fall of the Berlin Wall and German Unification
2001-1167-F Covenant of Civil & Political Rights
2001-1360-F President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and Dana Carvey, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger
2001-1450-F Wage and Fair Labor Standards Act
2001-1451-F Duran, Tino
2001-1703-F Korea, North and South
2001-1837-F Blount, Houston
2001-1838-F U.S. versus Marc Rich
2001-1853-F U.S.-Soviet Trade
2001-1865-F Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990
2001-1930-F Cardin, Shoshana (Letter, September 1991)
2001-1931-F Cardin, Shoshana (Correspondence)
2001-1949-F Iraq, Weapons Inspections
2001-1978-F Holmstead, Jeffrey (Selected Files)
2001-1996-F Bush Family and Friends
2001-2005-F Johnson, Claudia "Lady Bird" (Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson)
2001-2259-F Wages, Inflation, Labor Shortages
2001-2588-F Menem, Carlos S. (President of Argentina)
2001-2589-F Voting Rights Act Extension
2001-2590-F Bob Jones University, Tax Exempt Status
2002-0033-F Ireland
2002-0208-F Gun Control
2002-0243-F National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
2002-0910-F Lay, Kenneth and Enron
2002-1171-F Kopper, Phil
2002-1482-F[1] Hope, Bob (Bush Presidential)
2002-1482-F[2] Hope, Bob (Bush Vice Presidential)
2002-1567-F Ross, Dennis B.
2002-1764-F Popadiuk, Roman (Selected Interview Request Files)
2002-2036-F Summit: NATO Summit at Brussels, Belgium (May 29-30, 1989)
2002-2038-F Summit: NATO Summit at London, United Kingdom (July 5-6, 1990)
2002-2039-F Summit: U.S.-USSR at Helsinki, Finland (September 8-9, 1990)
2002-2174-F Rwandan Invasion
2003-0125-F Argentina, International Monetary Fund Loans
2003-0166-F Liberia
2003-0255-F Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), Loan Guarantees to Israel
2003-0256-F Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), Selected Sarah DeCamp Files
2003-0257-F Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), Selected James Schaefer Files
2003-0258-F Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), Selected Windy White Files
2003-0259-F Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), Selected Kathy Jeavons Files
2003-0260-F Middle East Peace Process (MEPP)
2003-0261-F Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), Israel, Gaza, Settlements, West Bank
2003-0262-F Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), Interest Group Correspondence
2003-0345-F Australia
2003-0366-F Thatcher, Margaret (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom)
2003-0367-F Meeting: 1989, President Bush and Margaret Thatcher at London, England (May 31)
2003-0368-F Please see FOIA 02-2036-F
2003-0369-F Meeting: 1990, President Bush and Margaret Thatcher at Bermuda (April 13)
2003-0370-F Summit: NATO Heads of State at London, United Kingdom (July 5-6, 1990) (Additional Files)
2003-0371-F Summit: Economic, 1990 Economic Summit (16th Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations) (July 9-11, 1990 at Houston)
2003-0372-F Meeting: 1990, President Bush and Margaret Thatcher at Aspen, Colorado (August 2-3)
2003-0373-F Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE)
2003-0614-F President's Task Force on Regulatory Relief (Reagan Administration)
2003-0716-F National Education Association (NEA) and Keith Geiger
2003-0737-F Christian Coalition, Moral Majority, Focus on the Family
2003-0791-F Schultz, Jane, Correspondence related to Pan Am 103 Disaster
2003-0906-F NAFTA
2003-1388-F Uruguay Round
2003-1478-F Media and White House Relations
2003-1894-F Savings and Loan (S&L) Crisis (Additional Files)
2003-1978-F Atheism
2004-0145-F WHORM Category CO134 (Saudi Arabia)
2004-0248-F Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) (Additional)
2004-0416-F Persian Gulf War Follow-up Request
2004-0576-F Oberwetter, James
2004-0623-F Arabian Shield Development Company
2004-0722-F Panama, U.S.-Panama Relations/Operation Just Cause (Additional Bush Presidential)
2004-0723-F Panama, U.S.-Panama Relations/Operation Just Cause (Additional Bush Vice Presidential)
2004-0724-F Panama, U.S.-Panama Relations/Operation Just Cause (Additional Quayle Vice Presidential)
2004-0728-F Nicaragua (Bush Presidential)
2004-0729-F Nicaragua (Bush Vice Presidential)
2004-0730-F Nicaragua (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2004-0731-F Chile - Bush Presidential
2004-0732-F Chile (Bush Vice Presidential)
2004-0733-F Chile (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2004-0734-F Brazil, Bush Presidential
2004-0735-F Brazil (Bush Vice Presidential)
2004-0736-F Brazil (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2004-0742-F Visit of Prime Minister Carl Bildt of Sweden (February 20, 1992)
2004-0744-F Borg, Bjorn, 1989 White House Tennis Match
2004-0745-F Visit of Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson of Sweden (September 10, 1987)
2004-0824-F Giffen, James and Kazakhstan
2004-0831-F Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of and King Hussein bin Talal (Bush Presidential)
2004-0839-F Trip: President Bush's Trip to Poland and Hungary (July 10-12, 1989)
2004-0867-F Giffen, James and Mercator Corporation
2004-0869-F Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of and King Hussein bin Talal (Bush Vice Presidential)
2004-0870-F Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of and King Hussein bin Talal (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2004-0967-F Economic Assistance to Poland and Hungary
2004-0972-F Baseball (Bush Presidential)
2004-1014-F Visit of Senator Robert Dole to Kennebunkport, Maine (August 22, 1990)
2004-1019-F Baseball (Bush Vice Presidential)
2004-1211-F Stafford, Senator Robert T. (R-VT)
2004-1280-F Flag Burning
2004-1281-F Thomas, Clarence (Supreme Court Nomination) (Additional Files)
2004-1289-F Persian Gulf Conflict (Additional Quayle Vice Presidential)
2004-1425-F Pocket Veto
2004-1443-F Cable Television Consumer Protection Act (S. 12)
2004-1517-F Meeting: 1989, President Bush and Marshall Mobutu Sese Seko, President of the Republic of Zaire at Washington D.C. (June 29)
2004-1596-F Indonesia, U.S. Ambassadors to (Selected Files)
2004-1676-F Indonesia (Selected Files)
2004-1678-F Indonesia (Selected National Security Affairs Files) (Bush Vice Presidential)
2004-1689-F Indonesia (Selected Travel and Meeting Files) (Bush Vice Presidential)
2004-1701-F Trip: Vice President Dan Quayle to Indonesia 1989 and 1991
2004-1818-F Abboud, A. Robert
2004-1890-F Lee, Burton, M.D. (Personal Physician for President Bush)
2004-1891-F Fair Housing-ISTEA-LA Riots
2004-2048-F Armenian Genocide
2004-2121-F Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) (Selected Files)
2004-2314-F Nigeria (Bush Presidential and Quayle Vice Presidential)
2004-2315-F Nigeria (Bush Vice Presidential)
2004-2331-F Trip: Vice President George Bush to Northern Europe from June 23 to July 7, 1983
2005-0052-F Afghanistan (Bush Presidential)
2005-0053-F Afghanistan (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2005-0134-F Iceland (Bush Presidential)
2005-0135-F Iceland (Bush Vice Presidential)
2005-0332-F National Science Board and Foundation
2005-0334-F President's Council of Advisor's on Science and Technology (PCAST) (Bush Presidential)
2005-0335-F President's Council of Advisor's on Science and Technology (PCAST) (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2005-0336-F OSTP (Office of Science and Technology Policy)
2005-0337-F Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) (Bush Vice Presidential)
2005-0338-F Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2005-0394-F War Scare Report
2005-0398-F Pan Am Flight 73 and the Abu Nidal Organization
2005-0439-F Election: Harris Wofford/Richard Thornburgh 1991 Special Senate Election in Pennsylvania
2005-0440-F Goodwin, Robert K.
2005-0444-F National Service (Selected Files)
2005-0445-F Petersmeyer, C. Gregg (White House Office of National Service) (Selected Files)
2005-0446-F Points of Light Foundation (Selected Files)
2005-0506-F Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
2005-0507-F Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)
2005-0508-F Guam and Palau
2005-0575-F Libya
2005-0697-F Los Angeles Riots (1992) (Selected Files)
2005-0995-F Cuba (Bush Presidential)
2005-0996-F Cuba (Bush Vice Presidential)
2005-0997-F Cuba (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2005-0999-F Somalia (Additional Files)
2005-1002-F NSC/DC Meetings Files
2005-1003-F NSC Meetings Files
2005-1005-F Summit: U.S.-USSR at Helsinki, Finland (September 8-9, 1990) (Additional Files)
2005-1006-F NSC/DC Meetings Files (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2005-1007-F Summit: U.S.-USSR at Helsinki, Finland (September 8-9, 1990) (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2005-1012-F Visit of President Boris Yeltsin of Russia (February 2 and June 16-18, 1992) (Bush Presidential)
2005-1014-F Visit of President Boris Yeltsin of Russia (February 2 and June 16-18, 1992) (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2005-1029-F[1] NSC PA Files, 1989
2005-1029-F[2] NSC PA Files, 1990
2005-1029-F[3] NSC PA Files, 1991
2005-1029-F[4] NSC PA Files, 1992
2005-1029-F[5] NSC PA Files, 1993
2005-1030-F NSC PA Limited Access Chron Files
2005-1031-F NSC Confidential Files
2005-1035-S [1989] NSC Numbered Files - 1989
2005-1036-F Veto Threats
2005-1363-F Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) (Bush Presidential)
2005-1364-F Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) (Bush Vice Presidential)
2005-1365-F Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2005-1392-F Roberts, John Glover Jr. (Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court)
2005-1464-F Flanigan, Timothy E.
2005-1502-F Marvin, Daniel Correspondence
2005-1503-F WHORM Category CO124 (Peru)
2005-1527-F Mother Teresa
2005-1617-F Alito, Samuel Anthony, Jr. (Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court)
2005-1618-F Clement, Edith (Judge)
2005-1620-F Luttig, Michael J.
2005-1659-F Somalia (Humanitarian Relief)
2006-0033-F Gonzalez, Alberto R. (former U.S. Attorney General)
2006-0040-F Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)
2006-0158-F Wanta, Leo E. (aka Lee)
2006-0257-F Disability Civil Rights
2006-0265-F Flag Desecration Amendment
2006-0280-F Disability Civil Rights/American with Disabilities Act (ADA) (Bush Vice Presidential)
2006-0281-F Disability Civil Rights/American with Disabilities Act (ADA) (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2006-0316-F White House Hauntings
2006-0348-F Selected Rwanda Files
2006-0361-F Vice President Quayle's Address at the U.S. Naval Academy, 1990
2006-0575-F Hutchings, Robert, Files (NSC Files on Germany and German Reunification)
2006-0581-F North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and Free Trade (Selected Files)
2006-0613-F School Choice / School Vouchers
2006-0620-F NSR-3, NSR-4, and NSR-5 (February 15, 1989, Comprehensive Review of U.S.-Soviet Relations; February 15, 1989, Comprehensive Review of U.S.-East European Relations; and February 15, 1989, Comprehensive Review of U.S.-West European Relations)
2006-0645-F Soviet Economy Meeting
2006-0668-F Selected Records on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB)
2006-0673-F Cooke, Terence Cardinal
2006-0701-F NSR-28 (June 2, 1991, U.S. Policy Toward North Korean Nuclear Weapons Program)
2006-0892-F Executive Order 12740, Waiver of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment
2006-0927-F Wallace, Michael (Legal Services Corporation)
2006-1073-F Liberia (Selected Files)
2006-1073-S WHORM Category CO088 (Liberia)
2006-1149-F Catholic Issues (Bush Presidential)
2006-1150-F Catholic Issues (Bush Vice Presidential)
2006-1151-F Catholic Issues (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2006-1173-F X-29A Roll-Out Ceremony at Calverton, New York, August 27, 1984
2007-0079-F Trip: Vice President George Bush to Germany 1983
2007-0107-F Education Summit and Secretary of Education Lauro Cavazos
2007-0142-F Moghadam, Khosro
2007-0176-F Gates, Robert M. (Schedule)
2007-0265-F Robert Gates
2007-0348-F White House Tea Receptions
2007-0456-F NSD-39 (May 1, 1990, CoCom Policy Towards Eastern Europe and Soviet Union)
2007-0458-F NSR-22 (January 12, 1990, CoCom Policy Towards Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union)
2007-0470-F Scowcroft, General Brent (April 1989 Schedule)
2007-0480-F Kaufman, Irving R. (Judge)
2007-0490-F Popadiuk, Roman (1989 Appointment Schedule)
2007-0491-F October Surprise
2007-0515-F President's Commission on Organized Crime (Bush Vice Presidential)
2007-0577-F Bush, Barbara (Selected Speeches)
2007-0601-F Meeting: 1987, President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev (December 7-10)
2007-0621-F Clinton, President William J. (Selected Files on Transition)
2007-0640-S Riordan, Mary Beth (Counsels Office)
2007-0672-F Kilberg, Bobbie (Environmentalist Meeting) (Selected Files)
2007-0673-F Acid Rain (Bush Presidential)
2007-0674-F Acid Rain (Bush Vice Presidential)
2007-0743-F Environmental Defense Fund
2007-0753-F Advance Office Manuals (Bush Presidential)
2007-0754-F Advance Office Manuals (Bush Vice Presidential)
2007-0761-F Krupp, Dudek, Goffman-Environmental Defense Fund
2007-0768-F Rangos, John
2007-0814-F Office of Political Affairs (Selected Files)
2008-0030-F Franco-American Relations
2008-0059-F Allen, William Barclay (Commission on Civil Rights)
2008-0060-F Anderson, Carl A. (Commission on Civil Rights)
2008-0062-F Buckley , Esther G. (Commission on Civil Rights)
2008-0063-F Chan, Sherwin T.S. (Commission on Civil Rights)
2008-0064-F Fletcher, Arthur A. (Chairman, Commission on Civil Rights)
2008-0066-F George, Robert P. (Commission on Civil Rights)
2008-0067-F Horner, Constance (Commission on Civil Rights, Selected Files)
2008-0068-F Redenbaugh, Russell G. (Commission on Civil Rights)
2008-0069-F Reynoso, Cruz (Commission on Civil Rights)
2008-0070-F Wang, Charles Pei (Commission on Civil Rights)
2008-0130-F Tiananmen Square (Additional)
2008-0379-F Bilderberg Meetings
2008-0422-F Manufacturing Decline in the United States
2008-0429-F Tomsen, Peter (Ambassador to Afghanistan)
2008-0430-F Afghanistan (Selected Meetings)
2008-0431-F Select Records on Afghanistan
2008-0551-F Armenian Resolution
2008-0872-F New World Order
2008-0892-F Princess Margaret (England)
2008-0903-F Total Force Policy and National Guard
2008-1027-F Committee on International Science, Engineering and Technology (CISET)
2008-1087-F Zelikow, Philip (Western Europe NSRs) (Selected Files)
2008-1088-F Tobey, William (NSRs 3, 12 and 14) (Selected Files)
2008-1089-F Kanter, Arnold (NSR 12 and Open Skies) (Selected Files)
2008-1090-F Dyke, Nancy and Wilson, Heather (NSRs 4, 5, 12 and 24) (Selected Files)
2008-1091-F Patterson, Torkel; Poneman, Daniel and Rademaker, Stephen (NSDs) (Selected Files)
2008-1147-F Furse, Austen H. III (Selected Files)
2008-1178-F Mongolia (Selected Files)
2008-1179-F Cambodia
2008-1190-F Herres, General Robert (USAF)
2008-1191-F Powell, General Colin L. (Selected Files)
2008-1192-F Cheney, Richard (Secretary of Defense) (Selected Files)
2008-1193-F WHORM Category FG013-06 (Joint Chiefs of Staff)
2008-1193-F WHORM Category FG036-04 (Senate Committee on Armed Services)
2008-1253-F Telcons and Memcons (Selected Files)
2008-1257-F September 1989 Baker-Shevardnadze Wyoming Ministerial Meeting
2008-1258-F Rice, Condoleezza (ESSG) (Selected Files)
2008-1259-F Meeting: 1990, Baker/Shevardnadze New York Ministerial (September 26-October 5)
2008-1274-F Baker, James, Trip to the Soviet Union (August 1-3, 1990)
2008-1277-F Yeltsin, Boris, Selected Telcons/Memcons with President George Bush
2008-1278-F Meeting: 1989-1990, U.S. Official Meetings with Soviet Marshal Sergey Feodorovich Akhromeyev
2008-1280-F Bush-Gorbachev Communications
2008-1295-F Summit: U.S.-USSR at Washington D.C. (May 31 to June 2, 1990) (Additional Files)
2009-0116-F Skull and Bones Society
2009-0166-S Daily File, Bush Presidential - January 20, 1989 to January 19, 1992 (1st, 2nd, and 3rd years)
2009-0275-S Scowcroft, General Brent (Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs)
2009-0292-F Nationalist Movements in Chechnya, 1989-1990
2009-0293-F Summit: U.S.-USSR at Malta (December 2-3, 1989) (Additional)
2009-0294-F Ethnic Conflict in Georgia/War in Abkhazia, 1991-1992
2009-0322-F Lubavitch Movement
2009-0364-F Senegal (Selected Files)
2009-0483-F Baker, James, Trips to Mongolia
2009-0704-F Venezuela
2009-0705-F Kenyan Government Ministers/National Prayer Breakfast 1990
2009-0782-F Select NSC Files on NATO
2009-0783-F Germany (Selected NSC Files)
2009-0785-F European Community (Selected NSC Files)
2009-0786-F United Kingdom (Selected NSC Files)
2009-0788-F Germany (Selected NSC Numbered Files)
2009-0789-F NATO (Selected NSC Numbered Files)
2009-0791-F European Union (Selected Files)
2009-0798-F Former U.S. Presidents, Selected Meetings and Correspondence
2009-0800-F Former U.S. President, Ronald Wilson Reagan
2009-0801-F Former U.S. President, Richard Milhous Nixon
2009-0802-F Former U.S. President, James Earl Carter
2009-0803-F Former U.S. President, Gerald Rudolph Ford
2009-0806-F Siljander, Congressman Mark D.
2009-0812-F Homoki, Zeda and Elizabeth
2009-0854-F Backes, David J.
2009-1274-F Open Skies Treaty
2009-1275-F Bush Vice Presidential Trip Files (Europe, Andropov/Chernenko Funerals) (Selected Files)
2009-1278-F National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
2009-1293-F United Kingdom
2009-1404-F People to People International
2009-1432-F U.S.-Soviet Space Cooperation
2009-1442-F Project 908
2010-0086-F WHORM Categories ND004-01, ND009-01, ND009-02 and ND009-03
2010-0107-F Pope John Paul II
2010-0140-S WHORM Category PE (Personnel Management)
2010-0141-S WHORM Category PE001 (Personnel Management - Employee Relations - Activities - Federal)
2010-0156-F Rice, Condoleezza, Files
2010-0254-S WHORM Category PE002-01 (Schedule C Appointments)
2010-0284-S WHORM Category PE003 (Health and Safety)
2010-0297-S WHORM Category PE004 (Hours of Duty, Federal Employees)
2010-0298-S WHORM Category PE010 (Training - Orientation)
2010-0577-F NSD-64 (November 5, 1991, Nuclear Weapons Deployment Authorization for FY 1991 and FY 1992)
2010-0601-F Meeting: 1989, President Bush and Yugoslav President Ante Markovic (October 13)
2010-0602-F Meeting: 1990, General Brent Scowcroft and Croatian President Franjo Tudjman (September)
2010-0603-F Meeting: 1990, President Bush and Yugoslav President Borisav Jovic (October 1)
2010-0604-F Meeting: 1991, President Bush, Jacques Santer and EC President Jacques Delors (April 11)
2010-0605-F Yugoslavia Transformed
2010-0606-F Meeting: 1991, North Atlantic Council Meeting at Rome, Italy (November 7-8)
2010-0624-F Seitz, Raymond G.H. (Ambassador to the United Kingdom)
2010-0625-F Catto, Henry E. (Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Director of USIA)
2010-0790-F White House Fellows Program (Quayle Vice Presidential)
2010-0791-F White House Fellows Program (Bush Presidential)
2010-0793-F White House Fellows Program (Bush Vice Presidential)
2010-1073-F National Drug Control Strategy Policy
2010-1074-F MacDonald, Dr. Donald Ian
2010-1182-F Burma
2010-1632-S National Security Directive (NSD) Files
2010-1703-F White House Menus
2010-1754-F Geisel, Theodor, aka Dr. Seuss
2010-1804-F Buckley, William F.
2010-1845-F Grenada, Operation Urgent Fury, Maurice Bishop, and OECS
2010-1890-S WHORM Category AT (Atomic-Nuclear Energy)
2010-1892-S Memcons and Telcons, 1992 to 1993
2010-1893-S Summit Briefing Books (Selected Files)
2010-1895-S Messages, Presidential (via State Department Channels)
2010-1896-S Privacy Channel Messages
2010-1901-S Higgins, Lt, Col., Incident Files
2010-1905-S National Security Review (NSR) Files
2010-2421-F Meeting: 1991, President Bush and Prince Andrew Bertie (April 19)
2010-2612-F European Strategy Steering Group (ESSG)
2010-2613-F NATO, Strategic Nuclear Forces, President's Nuclear Initiative
2010-2614-F Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE)
2010-2615-S WHORM Category CO (Countries)
2010-2616-S WHORM Category CO001 (Continental-Geographic Areas)
2010-2617-S WHORM Category CO001-01 (Africa)
2010-2651-F Shattan, Joseph, Files
2011-0002-F European and Eurasian Directorate Chron Files
2011-0003-F European and Soviet Directorate Files
2011-0004-F Chellis, Craig and Fry, Michael D., Selected Chronological Files
2011-0256-F Graham, Billy
2011-0282-F Gompert, David C., Selected Chronological Files
2011-0283-F Gompert, David C., Selected Subject Files on CFE
2011-0284-F Wilson, Heather, CFE Chron Files
2011-0285-F Wilson, Heather, Chron Files
2011-0286-F Wilson, Heather, Selected Country Files
2011-0287-F Wilson, Heather, Selected Subject Files on CFE
2011-0288-F Hutchings, Robert L., Chronological Files
2011-0289-F Hutchings, Robert L., Selected Country Files
2011-0290-F Hutchings, Robert L., Selected Subject Files
2011-0293-F Rodman, Peter W., Chron Files
2011-0294-F Rodman, Peter W., Selected 1989 Subject Files
2011-0295-F Rodman, Peter W., Selected 1990 Subject Files
2011-0296-F Burns, Nicholas, Chron Files
2011-0297-F Burns, Nicholas and Hewett, Ed A., Selected Subject Files
2011-0298-F Blackwill, Robert, Chron Files
2011-0300-F Zelikow, Philip, Selected Subject Files on CFE
2011-0313-F Iran (Selected Files)
2011-0467-F Steel VRAs (Voluntary Restraint Agreements)
2011-0520-F Ghana (Bush Vice Presidential Files)
2011-0570-F Straight, Inc.
2011-0974-F Policy Coordinating Committee, United Nations (Selected File)
2011-1013-S Perina, Rudolph, Files
2011-1028-F Ross, James L.
2011-1037-F Huntsman, Jon, Jr.
2011-1164-F Ailes, Roger and Roger Ailes & Associates
2011-1177-F Taylor, Sherril W.
2011-1277-S WHORM Category CO001-04 (Communist Bloc)
2011-1278-F WHORM Category CO001-05 (Europe)
2011-1280-S WHORM Category CO001-08 (North America)
2011-1285-S WHORM Category CO006 (Angola)
2011-1289-S WHORM Category CO012 (Commonwealth of the Bahamas)
2011-1294-S WHORM Category CO018 (Bermuda)
2011-1295-S WHORM Category CO019 (Bhutan)
2011-1312-S WHORM Category CO034 (China)
2011-1313-S WHORM Category CO034-02 (China, Peoples Republic of)
2011-1324-S WHORM Category CO040 (Czechoslovakia)
2011-1330-S WHORM Category CO049 (Ethiopia)
2011-1342-S WHORM Category CO064 (Haiti)
2011-1345-S WHORM Category CO0071 (Iran)
2011-1444-S WHORM Category CO080 (Kenya)
2011-1446-S WHORM Category CO087 (Lesotho)
2011-1493-F Goodman, Paulette
2011-1494-F WHORM Category PP005-01 (Selected Files)
2011-1612-F Boskin-Porter Energy
2011-1613-F Oil, Gas and Energy Policy
2011-1613-F[2] Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
2011-1614-F Oil and Gas Industries (Bush Vice Presidential)
2011-1802-F U.S. Secret Service White House Gate Lists, 4/89
2011-2116-F Immigration from Central America and the Caribbean
2011-2184-F Iran-Contra
2011-2187-F Kissinger, Henry
2011-2270-F Korea, North and South (Additional Files)
2011-2504-F Romney, George
2011-2509-F Allen, Steve (Selected File)
2011-2546-F Rostow, Nicholas (Selected Files)
2011-2566-F Brady, Nicholas F. (Secretary of Treasury)
2011-2567-F Greenspan, Alan (Chairman of the Federal Reserve)
2011-2568-F Baker, James (Chief of Staff, Additional Files)
2011-2569-F Economy, U.S. (Selected Files)
2011-2570-F Darman, Richard (Office of Management and Budget, OMB)
2011-2571-F Federal Reserve
2011-2572-F David Mulford
2011-2573-F Taylor, John (Council of Economic Advisors)
2011-2574-F Treasury Department, U.S. (Selected Files)
2011-2575-F Sununu, John (Selected Files About)
2011-2576-F Boskin, Michael, PhD (Council of Economic Advisers)
2011-2577-F Council of Economic Advisors
2012-0050-S WHORM Category CO143 (Namibia)
2012-0071-S WHORM Category CO165 (Russia)
2012-0081-F Yugoslavia Follow-Up
2012-0121-F Sachs, Jeffery
2012-0157-F Zionism (Selected Files)
2012-0176-F Cabranes, Jose, Judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut
2012-0215-F Davis, John (Ambassador to Poland)
2012-0360-F Estonia, Latvia, and Lithunia
2012-0636-F Angola, Namibia, UNITA, Herman Jay Cohen
2012-0637-F South Africa (Additional Files)
2012-0638-F Horn of Africa
2012-0679-F Palmer, Mark (Ambassador to Hungary)
2012-1098-F China Most Favored Nation (MFN) Status (Bush Presidential)
2012-1099-F China Most Favored Nation (MFN) Status (Bush Vice Presidential)
2012-1110-F Blake, Nicholas
2012-1671-F Rodriguez, Cleto
2012-1796-F WHORM Category IT086 (International Organizations, UN Secretariat)
2012-1797-F WHORM Category IT086-12 (International Organizations, UN General Assembly)
2012-1798-F WHORM Category IT086-13 (International Organizations, UN Commission on Human Rights)
2012-1799-F WHORM Category IT086-14 (International Organizations, UN Court of Justice)
2012-1800-F WHORM Category IT086-15 (International Organizations, UN International Law Commission) (Empty)
2012-1801-F WHORM Category IT086-18 (International Organizations, UN Peace Observation Commission) (Empty)
2012-1802-F WHORM Category IT086-22 (International Organizations, UN Security Council)
2012-1803-F WHORM Category IT086-27 (International Organizations, U.S. Mission to the UN)
2012-1804-F WHORM Category IT086-29 (International Organizations, U.S. Comm. on Improving the UN)
2012-1805-F WHORM Category IT0109 (International Organizations, U.S. Mission to the OAS) (Empty)
2012-1806-F WHORM Category IT0110 (International Organizations, U.S. Mission to the IAEA) (Empty)
2012-1807-F WHORM Category IT0112 (International Organizations, U.S. Mission to European Office of the UN)
2012-1808-F WHORM Category IT0113 (International Organizations, U.S. Mission to the European Commission)
2012-1931-F Japan/Korea, Selected Trade Files
2012-2216-F U.S.-Japan Relations (Selected Files)
2012-2217-F Family Planning
2012-2218-F Abortion (Selected Files)
2012-2230-F Haass, Richard, Meeting Files
2012-2319-F Housing (Selected Files on Fair Housing)
2012-2320-F Yeutter, Clayton (Selected Files)
2012-2321-F Scully, Thomas (Selected Files)
2012-2322-F Thornburgh, Richard (Selected Files)
2012-2323-F Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA)
2012-2324-F Medicare (Selected Files)
2012-2325-F Monks, Robert
2012-2327-S WHORM Category CO006 (Angola) (Bush Vice Presidential)
2012-2328-S WHORM Category CO143 (Namibia) (Bush Vice Presidential)
2012-2662-S Memcons, 1981 to 1982 (Bush Vice Presidential)
2012-3070-F WHORM Category FG479 (Resolution Trust Corporation)
2012-3085-F Simpsons and Murphy Brown
2012-3089-F Colombia and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) (Selected Files)
2012-3100-S Melby, Eric, Chron Files
2012-3110-F European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
2012-3121-S Pastorino, Robert, Files
2012-3122-S Pacelli, David, Files
2012-3124-S Lehr, Deborah, Files
2012-3125-S Keith, James, Files
2012-3126-S Hull, Edmund, Files
2012-3127-S Howe, Rear Admiral Jonathan T., Files
2012-3128-S Fry, Michael D., Files
2012-3129-S Hughes, G. Philip, Files
2012-3130-S Blackwill, Robert D., Files
2012-3131-S Welch, David C., Files
2012-3134-S Basora, Adrian, Files
2012-3135-S Haass, Richard, Files (Selected Files)
2012-3136-S Hutchings, Robert L., Files
2012-3137-S Kansteiner, Walter H., Files
2012-3138-S Lowenkron, Barry F., Files
2012-3139-S African Affairs Directorate, Ordway, John, Files
2012-3140-S Leach, Jerry, Files
2012-3144-F Chronological Files, Presidential (October 1990)
2012-3161-S WHORM Category FG006-06 (National Security Council)
2012-3211-F Barco, Virgilio and Gaviria, Cesar (Presidents of Colombia)
2012-3228-F Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program
2013-0062-F Bush, Dorothy Walker, Condolence Files
2013-0065-S WHORM Category FO006-05 (Drug Summit, Cartagena, Columbia, February 15, 1990)
2013-0066-S WHORM Category FO006-11 (Economic Summit, London, United Kingdom, July 14-18, 1991)
2013-0068-F Banks/Bankers (Selected Files)
2013-0078-S WHORM Category FG017-06 (Law Enforcement Assistant Association)
2013-0232-F British Embassy, Mr. and Mrs. Bush Visits to, 1981-1993
2013-0362-S Quayle National Security Affairs Files
2013-0362-S[1] Quayle, Vice President James Danforth, National Security Affairs Correspondence Files
2013-0362-S[2] Quayle, Vice President James Danforth, National Security Affairs Country Files
2013-0362-S[3] Quayle, Vice President James Danforth, National Security Affairs Foreign Travel Files
2013-0362-S[4] Quayle, Vice President James Danforth, National Security Affairs Meetings Files
2013-0362-S[6] Quayle, Vice President James Danforth, National Security Affairs Subject Files
2013-0362-S[7] Quayle, Vice President James Danforth, Nancy Clark and John Glassman Files
2013-0362-S[8] Quayle, Vice President James Danforth, Carnes Lord and Karl Jackson, Working Files
2013-0363-F USS San Jacinto, Commissioning of, 1988
2013-0520-S NSC Executive Secretary Chron Files
2013-0696-F Tanzania
2013-0721-F Meeting:1991, President Bush and Finnish President Mauno Koivisto (May 7)
2013-0843-F Telecommunications and Information Policy & Technology
2013-0857-F Kaufman, Ronald C., Files
2013-1012-S NSC Executive Secretary Files
2013-1026-F Acland, Antony (British Ambassador to the U.S., 1986-1991)
2013-1196-S Fuller, Craig, Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1198-S Gregg, Donald P., U.S.-Soviet Exchange Program Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1200-S Gray, C. Boyden, Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1201-S Japan Economic Summit, Follow-up Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1202-S Gregg, Donald P., Outgoing Cables Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1203-S Mattke, Terry, POW-MIA Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1204-S Schmitz, John, Reports Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1205-S Foreign Travel Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1206-S Collamore, Thomas, Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1207-S Khedouri, Frederick, Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1208-S Counsellor's Office, Miscellaneous Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1209-S Schmitz, John, Iran-Contra Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1210-S Murphy, Daniel National Narcotic Border Interdiction System (NNBIS) Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1211-S Watson, Samuel J., Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1212-S Gregg, Donald P., Meetings with Americans Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1213-S Armstrong, Meredith, Task Force on South Florida [NNBIS] Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1214-S Terrorism, Task Force for Combating Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1215-S Menarchik, Dougles, Chronological Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1216-S John Keller VP Foreign Trips
2013-1217-S Task Force on Border Control, McMunn, David, Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1218-S Bush, Barbara, Foreign Trip Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1219-S Gregg, Donald P., Meetings with Foreigners Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1220-S Gregg, Donald P., Subject Files, 1981-1989 (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1221-S National Narcotics and Border Interdiction System Files (NNBIS)
2013-1222-S Gregg, Donald P., Foreign Travel Files (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1223-S Gregg, Donald P., Country Files, 1981-1989 (Bush Vice Presidential)
2013-1260-F Croatia and Bosnia, U.S. Recognition of
2013-1261-F American Spectator; Tyrrell, R. Emmett (Bob), Jr. and Brock, David
2013-1749-F Citizens Democracy Corps
2013-1755-F Galas, Assorted (Selected Files)
2013-1784-F Executive Orders
2013-1997-F Bush, Barbara, Commencement Address at Bennett College 5/14/89
2013-2016-F Heckler, Margaret
2013-3065-F Meeting with Lithuanian Prime Minister Prunskiene
2013-3075-F VP Bush Trip to San Diego MCRD, June 4, 1987
2013-3123-S Morley, Robert Files
2014-0315-F Spain
2014-0495-F Tennis at the White House
2014-0624-F Citizens for a Free Kuwait
2014-0695-F Prince of Wales, HRH Charles
2014-0829-F Endicott, James Ashley, Jr., (Department of Veterans Affairs)
2014-0869-S Beers, Randy Meeting Files
2014-0870-S Childress, Richard, Files
2014-0871-S Craner, Lorne, Files
2014-0872-S Davis, Richard, Files
2014-0873-S Curtin, Jeremy Chronological Files
2014-0874-S Vail, Joan Chronological Files
2014-0875-S Tice, Donald Chronological Files
2014-0876-S Eugene Ebner Files
2014-0877-S Gompert, David Subject Files
2014-0879-S Col. Michael Hayden Files
2014-0880-S Head of State Correspondence, Summary Files
2014-0881-S Martha Hill Files
2014-0882-S Deane Hoffmann Files
2014-0883-S LaMagna, Richard, Files
2014-0884-S Lundsager, Meg, Files
2014-0885-S Mahley, Donald Chronological Files
2014-0887-S Miskel, James, Files
2014-0888-S David Passage Files
2014-0889-S Primosch, William Chronological Files
2014-0890-S Riedel, Bruce, Files
2014-0891-S Sheehan, Michael, Files
2014-0892-S Walsh, Helen Subject Files
2014-0893-S Rodman, Peter S., Subject Files
2014-0898-S Woolsey, Jim Memo Files
2014-0901-S Carney, Timothy M., Files
2014-0902-S Captain Hahn, Keith D.
2014-0903-S Jones, Colonel Jeffrey B, Files
2014-0904-S McCue, James, Files
2014-0905-S Pilling, Donald, Files
2014-0906-S Sanner, Beth, Files
2014-0907-S Farrar, Stephen, Files
2014-0981-F John Major, Prime Minister
2014-0982-F Lantos, Tom, et. al.
2014-1017-F Poland
2014-1085-F Nunn-Lugar Act
2014-1126-F 1992 Visit of President Nazarbayev
2014-1250-F Bailey, Pearl Mae
2015-0008-S Defense Policy and Arms Control (John A. Gordon and Arnold Kanter Files)
2015-0017-S Latin American Affairs Directorate
2015-0018-S Gillespie, Charles A.
2015-0019-S Pryce, William T., Files
2015-0020-S Rostow, Nicholas
2015-0052-S Popaduik, Roman
2015-0099-S Brooks, Linton, Files
2015-0141-F Wetlands
2015-0242-F Dr. Machain, Humberto Alvarez Rendition
2015-0268-F Alphabetical Files, Miscellaneous Individuals Related to United Kingdom
2015-0316-F SEC & SIPC
2015-0423-F Society of Exploration Geophysicists
2015-0655-F Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991
2015-0709-F Motorola, Inc.
2015-0755-F Special Government Employees
2015-0799-F Selected Advance Manuals
2015-0982-F White House Photo Office
2015-1015-F Olympics
2015-1016-F Codina, Armando
2015-1037-S [1989] NSC PRS Files - 1989
2015-1374-F Selected Bolivia and National Security Council Files
2015-1459-F WHORM Category FG002-13 (Health Care Financing Administration)
2015-1460-F Presidential Medal of Freedom and Presidential Citizen's Award Ceremony
2015-1461-F National Sheriff's Association
2015-1495-F Bush, Marvin P.
2015-1533-F Kemp, Jack
2015-1867-F Recarey, Miguel
2016-0015-S Walsh, Sean, Files VP Tax Return Files
2016-0074-S Literacy Act Bill Signing
2016-0078-F Selected Usher's Office Files
2016-0079-S Susan Porter Rose (Selected Files)
2016-0108-F NSD 79-Approval and Review of Covert Action
2016-0137-F Camp Merritt Memorial Monument
2016-0520-F Foreign Relations of the United States
2016-0811-S Usher's Office
2016-2202-F Katie Beckett Medicaid Benefits
2016-2328-S Contact Books - 1991
2016-2352-F William, Louis Alan
2016-2354-F Trump, Donald
2016-2424-F Fair Housing Amendments Act 97
2016-2519-F Federal Express
2016-2614-F Chinese Student Protection Act
2016-2628-F Selected Records on Presidential Transition
2016-2675-F September 28, 1992 Anti-Crime Events
2016-2690-F Mutual Legal Assistance
2016-2775-F Appointment and Organization of US Inspectors General
2016-2776-F Specific US Inspectors General resignations in 1989
2016-2777-F Specific Appointments of Inspectors General - Senate Confirmed (PAS)
2016-2778-F Selected Record on Isolationism vs. Internationalism
2016-2779-F Appointment of Specific Inspectors General to Designated Federal Agencies
2017-0002-F 25th Amendment
2017-0080-S Boskin, Michael, Files
2017-0098-F Denmark
2017-0099-F Records on New Zealand
2017-0100-F Records on Norway
2017-0114-F Luthringer, Paul
2017-0212-F Selected Records on President Koivisto of Finland
2017-0233-S Bradford, David, Council of Economic Affairs
2017-0310-F Selected Records on Global Climate Change
2017-0338-F Congress on Racial Equality
2017-0341-S Hill, French
2017-0354-S Saxonhouse, Gary Files
2017-0355-S Wonnacott, Paul
2017-0371-F Selected Records on Voice of America
2017-0382-S Taylor, John, Files
2017-0401-F Selected State Dinner Programs
2017-0651-F U.S. Economic Policy Toward Latin America
2017-0789-F Records on Child Support
2017-0894-F Boesch, Paul
2017-1101-F Graham, Martha
2017-1390-F ABC Film The Day After
2017-1404-F Ethiopian Jews
2017-1695-F Johnson, Dan
2017-1735-F Dawkins, Maurice
2017-1750-F Records on the British Royal Family
2017-1772-F Selected Records on VA Secretary Derwinski
2017-1773-F Selected Records on the Department of Veterans Affairs
2017-1932-F Manafort, Paul
2017-1962-F Direct Loans for Higher Education
2017-2002-F Selected WHORM Files Related to Business
2017-2015-F Chennault, Anna
2017-2037-F Man-Kit Lam, Dominic
2017-2149-F Selected Records on Food Stamps
2017-2161-F Selected Records on Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Gorbachev
2017-2162-F Graves' Disease
2017-2163-F Mrs. Bush's Wellesley Commencement Speech
2017-2164-F Barbara Bush's Speech to the 1992 Republican National Convention
2017-2165-F Mrs. Bush's 1988 RNC Speech
2018-0018-F Perkins, Swing, Lyman
2018-0038-F Public Mail Files on Drug War
2018-0111-F Unauthorized Disclosure_Whistleblowers
2018-0387-F Chosin Few
2018-0468-F Selected Records on Vice President Bush's 1986 Trip to Canada
2018-0469-F Selected NSC Records on Algeria
2018-0667-F Correspondence between Barbara Bush and Raisa Gorbachev, 1988-1992
2018-0690-F Gillespie V. (Sonny) Montgomery
2018-0721-F Radiation Exposure Compensation
2018-0722-F Selected Records on Japan and Puerto Rico
2018-0765-F RENAMO & Mozambique
2018-0818-F Records on Make Way for Ducklings Statue - Moscow
2018-0838-F Records Related to the Term Crazy
2018-0847-F Selected 1986 Schedule Files
2018-0877-F Reduction in Force
2018-0885-F European Community
2018-0914-F Mrs. Bush's Trip to Sharpsville, PA
2018-0937-F Records Related to Paul Weyrich, Robert Krieble, Krieble Institute, Council for National Policy, and Free Congress International
2018-0942-F National Prayer Breakfast
2018-0974-F Presidential Emergency Action Directives (PEADs)
2018-0984-F William and Nackey Scripps Loeb and the Manchester Union Leader
2018-1073-F Selected Judicial Candidate Files
2018-1093-F Ryan White
2018-1094-F Selected Records Related to RNC Chairman Richard N. Bond
2018-1099-F Bush Vice Presidential Daily File - November 1988 through December 1988
2018-1294-F Senator Edward M. Kennedy
2018-1296-F US Women's Ice Hockey Team Letter
2018-1326-F VP Action Staffing Memo: Document 530128VP
2018-1371-S Presidential Email
2018-1416-S Situation Room
2018-1433-F Flying Tigers
2019-0004-S Attempted Assassination of President Reagan
2019-0064-F Operation Sea Angel and Bangladesh
2019-0084-F Hazardous Materials Transportation
2019-0085-F Selected Files on Computing
2019-0104-F Selected Records on Trade and Agriculture
2019-0114-F Dalai Lama, Tibet, Immigration Act 1990
2019-0156-F Selected Records on Ronald Reagan
2019-0328-F Records Related to Admiral Husband Kimmel and General Walter Short
2019-0343-S William Pelham Barr
2019-0505-F Autopen
2019-0519-F Selected Records on China and Taiwan
2019-0542-S NSC Intel (IFG IFM NS) Files
2019-0607-F Selected Records on The Houstonian Hotel
2019-0617-F Rush Limbaugh
2019-0643-F Selected Records Leigh Ann Metzger
2019-0669-F Lane Kirkland
2019-0703-F Diana Ravitch and Education
2019-0732-S Susan Griffith Files
2019-0774-F Selected Records Related to Portland Oregon
2019-0904-F White House 200th Anniversary Art Exhibition
2019-0929-F Selected Legislative Affairs Files
2019-1026-F Emoluments Clause
2019-1028-F Bush Vice Presidential Press and Scheduling Office Files
2019-1029-F Emperor Hirohito's Funeral
2019-1043-F UN Peacekeeping
2019-1044-F Selected Records on Boutros Boutros-Ghali
2019-1045-F Selected Records on the United Nations
2019-1046-F Selected United Nations Files
2019-1136-F Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) and Drug Education
2019-1158-F Selected Records on New World Order
2019-1163-F Selected Records on Deng Xiaoping
2019-1260-F James Rill-General Electric-Tungsram
2019-1314-F Beckett, Tuake, and TEFRA
2019-1340-S Barbara Lezette Leary Collection
2019-1346-F Mary Davis Fisher
2019-1405-S Damiana Chavez Collection
2019-1406-F US-Soviet Issues and General Perroots
2019-1467-F Eugene Scalia
2019-1493-S NSC IF Transition Files
2019-1517-F James Brown
2019-1528-F Selected Records on Vietnam
2019-1613-S Karl Jackson
2020-0019-F Freedom of Information Act and Executive Privilege
2020-0079-S Douglas Paal
2020-0097-F National Rifle Association
2020-0155-S Arnold Kanter
2020-0191-F Selected Records on Hong Kong
2020-0208-F Strategic Petroleum Reserve Follow-up
2020-0268-F Newberry National Volcanic Monument
2020-0360-S Thomas E. (Ted) McNamara
2020-0365-F Military Preparedness and Rapid Response
2020-0388-F Selected Records on Billy Graham
2020-0415-F Selected WHORM FG Categories
2020-0431-F Selected WHORM Records on Congress
2020-0560-F Romania
2020-0670-F Dr. Anthony Fauci
2020-0702-F Panama Situation Reports
2020-0757-F Portugal
2020-0779-F Eduard Sheverdnadze
2021-0023-F Panama
2021-0031-F President's Nuclear Initiative (PNI)
2021-0032-F Selected Italy Records
2021-0033-F Selected Records on Germany
2021-0034-F Selected Records on Turkey
2021-0094-F Selected Richard Porter Files
2021-0173-F Cold Fusion
2021-0175-F Postal Rate Commission
2021-0193-F USS Sequoia (Presidential Yacht)
2021-0212-F Barbara Walters
2021-0217-F Charles Scott Hughes (Vice President Dan Quayle Correspondence)
2021-0222-F Records on Gerhard Stoltenberg
2021-0286-F Armand Hammer
2022-0090-F John Lehman (Secretary of the Navy)
2022-0167-S Nancy Bearg Dyke
2022-0234-F White House Viewing of The Hunt for Red October
2022-0260-F Tom Ridge Correspondence
2022-0474-S Torkel Patterson
2022-0545-F Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
2022-0645-F Glazer, Guilford
2022-0699-F Selected Records on Colombia Drug Policy and Luis Arce-Gomez
2022-0746-S Barth, Richard
2022-0759-S Richard Clarke
2022-0797-F The Decade of the Brain
2022-0849-F NSR-13 (International Narcotics Activities)
2022-0885-S Christopher Needels
2022-0896-S Virginia Lampley
2022-0906-S Blair Dorminey
2022-0915-S Carolyn Stettner
2022-0925-S Richard Canas and Carolyn Stettner
2022-0927-S Richard Canas
2022-0954-S Office of First Lady Chief of Staff
2022-0981-S Chellis, Craig
2022-0989-F Austrian Consul General John R. Hecht
2022-1038-F Surgeon General C. Everett Koop
2023-0001-S Office of First Lady Advance (Jane Moore Files)
2023-0015-S Office of First Lady Scheduling (Ann Brock Files)
2023-0016-S Craig Chellis and Michael Fry
2023-0019-F WHORM Categories FG122 and FG487
2023-0025-S Robin Frank
2023-0039-S Holl, Jane
2023-0071-F WHORM Categories FG122, FO006-17, and IT097
2023-0111-S Legislative Affairs (James W. Dyer Files)
2023-0133-S Records on Cabinet Affairs (Gary R. Blumenthal)
2023-0174-F Truman Strategy
2023-0193-S Korfonta, Paul
2023-0525-S Warren H. Maruyama Subject Files
2023-0667-S Jane Leonard
2023-0678-S James Schaefer
2023-0682-S Rogich, Sig
2023-0693-S Wilson, Heather
2023-0705-F The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)
2023-0832-S Stephen Studdert
2023-1068-S Stephen Studdert
2023-1094-S Koch, Susan
2023-1125-F Lawrence (Larry) E. King, Jr.
2023-1135-S McShane, John F.
2023-1138-S McMunn, David, J.
2023-1193-S Von Lembke, Ronald
2023-1197-S Wayne, Earl Anthony
xxxx-xxxx-x Sununu, John (Chief of Staff) (Complete List of Records)
xxxx-xxxx-x Persian Gulf Crisis Consolidated Finding Aid